Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Florida bill could lead to "unlimited" high school transfers

A Florida bill being proposed could lead to rampant high school athletic transfers, reports the Tampa Tribune.

Under the "Extracurricular Activities Bill," which is working its way through the Florida House of Representatives, students would be able to play sports outside of their designated zones or school district so long as they were enrolled at the new school by the start of practice for their sport.

Eligibility would be determined by GPA. The law could go into effect July 1.

The bill also would remove the Florida High School Athletic Association as the sole governing body for the state's high school athletics and allow the Commissioner of Education to select a non-profit to replace it. Schools would have the option to join the state association, or others, by sport. So a school's football team could choose to join and a basketball team from the same school could opt not to do so.