Monday, December 22, 2014

Local Sporting Goods Company donates $25,000 in shoes to CMS schools

CHARLOTTE, NC (December 19, 2014) – BrandRPM today announced it will donate hundreds of pairs of top-brand athletic footwear to a handful of Charlotte-Mecklenburg high schools, including Garinger, Harding University, West Charlotte, and West Mecklenburg. The shoes for football, baseball and volleyball have a retail value of over $26,000.
“BrandRPM already works with numerous CMS schools providing athletic uniforms and equipment," stated BrandRPM President, David Anderson. "Student athletes and their parents usually bear the full cost of cleats and court shoes. With the increasing costs of athletic footwear, we’re thrilled to donate these shoes. We want to empower young men and women to be better athletes, and I hope these shoes will provide a tangible benefit.”
“CMS appreciates this donation from BrandRPM” said Sue Doran, CMS Athletic Director. “The generosity of BrandRPM will directly benefit several hundred student-athletes in the district by equipping them with top-brand footwear to compete in their sport. This is a big day for these student-athletes, their families and their coaches and we are thankful to BrandRPM for thinking of CMS student-athletes.”


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you put the company's name in the article's title?

This is an incredibly nice thing to do and should get some publicity.

Anonymous said...

You are asking for the people at
the Observer to have a thought process .... Good Luck

clarence johnson said...

Relax anytime a company steps up to help young folk is positive. Maybe Nike will follow the lead.

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