Saturday, December 6, 2014

Concord Robinson to leave MECKA 8 conference in 2015-16

The N.C. High School Athletic Association has granted a request from Concord’s Robinson High to leave the MECKA 8 conference and move down to Class 3A and join the South Piedmont conference in the 2015-16 season. Robinson’s enrollment has dipped well into 3A levels. That will leave the MECKA conference with seven teams: A.L. Brown, Hopewell, Hough, Mallard Creek, North Mecklenburg, Vance and West Charlotte.

It will also leave scheduling issues, particularly in football. With Robinson leaving and creating essentially a bye week for each team, the remaining MECKA schools may have difficultly adding a non-conference game later in the season when most other conferences have begun league play. It may cause teams to only play 10 games, whereas other schools can play 11 games to earn more money and potentially drop a non-conference game for playoff seeding purposes.

“It causes a bit of a quagmire,” said conference spokesperson Jamie Billings, athletics director at Hopewell. “We’re going to look at options. We’re going to have to have a conference call to try to figure it all out.”

Billings said other sports won’t be affected as much as football.

“It won’t impact other sports as much,” he said. “There’s so much flexibility in the schedule that it’s easy to pick up non-conference games in other sports besides football. We hate losing (Robinson) but we’ve got to look at what’s right for kids and not the conference. They have JV in all sports, which is a plus and they travel well, but they are almost a 2A school in a big 4A conference.”


Anonymous said...

Since when is this allowed? When Weddington was 4A and Marvin Ridge opened up the enrollment dropped to 1200 and they were not allowed to get out of the SW4A. They had to stay 4A for 2 years with 1200 students.

Anonymous said...

The school has to petition the NCHSAA
Did Weddington petition them to move down.

Anonymous said...

Who cares ?

On another note ...

"Butler beat Wake Forest 44-0 in the 2010 state finals."

More head scratching logic by Langley Worstz on 14-1 Mallard Creek Ducks vs 15-0 Wake Forest 4AA state game at Wake Forest U after they barely quacked a win vs Norman Lake.

Lake Norman got scalped 40, 50 pts in 2010 so whats the point?

No way coach choke wins a deuce. Knotts he is not even with a stacked team.

Duck HS is not a Butler or old IHS but everybody knows its teams get stacked every yr although nobody checks since Gorman over 5 yrs ago.

Wake Forest will go 16-0 and its back to deja vu for 14-2 coach choke.

Anonymous said...

Good move - They got waxed in football all year. Play some teams now close to them in size and proximity