Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Greensboro Dudley punted from NCHSAA 4A playoffs, causing major shakeup

The Greensboro News & Record is reporting today that Greensboro Dudley has been removed from the N.C. High School Athletic Association 4A playoffs.

Dudley (10-0) is the reigning N.C. 4A state champion and has won 25 straight games. Dudley is appealing the decision and hopes for a ruling today.

Guilford County reported four ineligible Dudley players to the NCHSAA who dressed out for Friday's game with Southeast Guilford. That was Guilford's final regular-season game.

Here is a statement from Guilford County Schools:

Guilford County Schools reported four ineligible players to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) on Monday, Nov. 10. All four players dressed out for the Dudley High varsity football game against Southeast High on Friday, Nov. 7. One of the players actually played in the game, which Dudley won 50-21.

The four players were on the junior varsity team; that season ended on Thursday, Nov. 6. When that season is over, players may be moved up to the varsity level and may play in the playoffs.

However, according to NCHSAA rules, student-athletes may not participate in more than one game within one week. Even though only one of the four students played in the game, NCHSAA rules say students who dress for a game are considered participating.

The penalty for the violation is a $500 fine and Dudley must forfeit the Nov. 7 game. In addition, Dudley is not permitted to participate in playoffs.

Here’s why: A new NCHSAA rule says any game forfeiture that impacts a team’s record and seeding will also impact its participation in playoffs, if brackets are already finalized. Dudley’s forfeiture of the Nov. 7 game impacts its record and seeding, and since playoff brackets were finalized over the weekend, Dudley may not participate in the playoffs.

GCS and the school will consider any options available to appeal the NCHSAA decision.

If the ruling holds, Dudley will forfeit its first round game Friday against Jamestown Ragsdale (6-5). Dudley is the No. 1 overall seed in the West. Ragsdale is 16th, or last.

Ragsdale would then advance to play the winner of Friday's Vance-Mooresville game, opening up the bracket for the two Charlotte-area teams and everyone else in the West.

The NCHSAA will hold a special conference call this afternoon to make a decision on Dudley's appeal.


Anonymous said...

A reseed is more sensible than kicking the best team from the tournament for an error committed in a regular season game. The player in question was in for the final two downs of a game Dudley won 50-21 over Southeast Guilford.

A reseed is not necessary. Let the brackets stay as they are. The other coaches know that Dudley has still earned the #1 seed.

Anonymous said...

Only the NCHSAA would make a big deal over this. If they kick Dudley out of the playoffs over this, they should be crucified

Anonymous said...

The rules are the rules. The rules were in place before the season started. The coach(es) should know these rules before they take the field for the first game. The head coach should be fired for such a flagrant violation. It was four players not one player so that is insulting to the rules of the game.