Friday, October 31, 2014

Postponed prep football soccer games

Here are games that were postponed Friday. 


AL Brown at W. Charlotte, Mon, 7

Carson at Hickory Ridge, Mon, 7

East Lincoln at Maiden, Mon, 7:30

East Meck at Porter Ridge, Mon, 6:30

Hunter Huss at Forestview, Mon, 7

Lake Norman Charter at Ashbrook, Mond, 6

North Gaston at South Point, Mon, 7

North Meck at Hough, Mon, 6

Statesville at N. Lincoln, Mon, 7

Stuart Cramer at East Gaston, Mon, 7

Sun Valley at Cuthbertson, Mon, 7

West Meck at Berry, Mon, 6


Cuthbertson at Statesville, Mon, 6

Forest Hills at Lake Norman Charter, Mon, 6:30

Marvin Ridge at Carson, Mon, 6

Porter Ridge at Lake Norman, Mon, 6

Shelby at Central Academy, Mon, 6

South Meck at Myers Park, Mon, 6


Anonymous said...

they need to hire new sports reporters. this half azz reporting SUX like the whole sports dept especially with all those stupid trashy articles they always print.

Anonymous said...

lol Some of these punks need a good Steve Smith pop upside their noggin.
SS knew how to get production & only a pint sized 5 ft tall.

In our hood it was called SAW ...

Serious Ass Whippin' ... 4 real