Friday, September 19, 2014

Butler-Richmond Sr postponed to Saturday

Due to poor field conditions at Providence High, Friday's highly anticipated showdown between Richmond Senior and Butler has been postponed.

The teams will kickoff Saturday at 7 at Providence.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Athletics director Sue Doran said heavy rains in south Charlotte Thursday night had left Providence's field very wet. School officials didn't think it was playable.

The game has been moved from Butler because it's 2500 seat stadium isn't large enough for the anticipated crowd. Providence's stadium sits about 6,000.

Doran said all other CMS games would be played and that could mean an even larger crowd Saturday since Butler-Richmond would be the only local prep football game.


Anonymous said...

Or not. Many high school kids work on weekends and college football rules on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I thought CMS didnt play games on weekends...hence the Monday games this past week. Kinda looks like Butler angling for an extra day

Anonymous said...

from what i heard a raider fan called providence hs ad and he said that he was not informed about the postponment. so actually butler can get in trouble for not reporting to another ad of the postponment

Anonymous said...

We are very disappointed with the lack of communication regarding the postponement of the football game between Butler and Richmond Sr. As we sat in the parking lot at Providence High trying to figure it why there was not a game being played, many families (fans) without knowledge of the cancellation drove up expecting to attend the game. Several families from Richmond county also expressed their were disappointment with lack of communication. It appears that the decision to postpone the game could have been made earlier and communicated more effectively though the media, internet., etc. At least, there should have been a sign in the parking lot at Providence to indicate that the game was postponed. Moving forward, please consider canceling or postponing games earlier to avoid unnecessary time and expense associated with fans traveling to games.

Anonymous said...

We were near Monroe when we found out the game was postponed. The only game in the area postponed....?

Anonymous said... about it is Monday and I haven't even heard of a score mentioned. Was this game ever played,or are they talking about Saturday sept 27?