Friday, June 13, 2014

Major coaching shakeup at Ardrey Kell High

There has been a major coaching shuffle at Ardrey Kell High School:

-- After helping open the school eight years ago, athletics director Cheryl Feeney is resigning. Under Feeney’s leadership, Ardrey Kell won five straight Wachovia Cups for athletic excellence and quickly developed one of the area’s top overall sports program. The school is currently accepting applications for her replacement, via principal David Switzer.

-- After a year at Charlotte Latin, volleyball coach Zoe Bell is returning to Ardrey Kell, which she led to a N.C. 4A state championship in 2012.

-- Brian Thompson, a member of the Winston-Salem Parkland powerhouse teams, is the school’s new wrestling coach. He was a four-year starter and captain at UNC-Pembroke.

-- Junior varsity girls basketball coach Jeff Buseick is the new varsity girls coach. Rachel Isenhour is the new cheerleading coach. She was junior varsity coach last year.


Craig Smith said...

I worked closely with Coach Feeney when AK hosted Regional tournaments. No athletic director was ever more accommodating and professional to visiting coaches. She is a true model for all aspiring athletic directors.

Anonymous said...

Show her the door.

AK should be destroying Providence and Catholic.

Anonymous said...

high school sports has always been politics having little to do with the job but whether you are liked by the so called powers that be

when the honeymoon is over its always time to move on anyway

Anonymous said...

Providence has not been relevant with the AD and sports for at least the past 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Question …Name the only sport in the fell and spring that didn't have s a all conference player at Charlotte Catholic……BASEBALL …….NEED A NEW COACH ….OUT OF HIS LEAGUE

Anonymous said...

Can East Meck give her a call?

Anonymous said...

AK has had some really great coaches over the past 8 years. Feeney like most AD's is overworked and underappreciated. She is a tireless worker but under a great deal of pressure to perform at a high level with every team. Word from insiders is that she tried to make some moves with staff and administration got in the way. A great example was A few years back, they had a really great girls basketball coach (Tate) and let her go to Hough (Parents got her removed). Her replacement (Lawerence) was equally as good and again the parents and the fact that she was a non CMS full time teacher got her removed. A move that most ADs and faculty viewed as underhanded. This year, AK removed another girls bball coach that went 59-6 in two seasons and again, the parents got her removed. Until the coaches are allowed to coach and the parents forced to cheer and support, this carousel may continue at many of our High Schools.