Thursday, May 22, 2014

SoMeck 8 all-conference softball team

SoMeck 8 All-Conference softball

Hannah Davis, Haylee Ewert, Jessey Haasl, Erin Powers, Sterling Strickland, Ardrey Kell; Samantha Bates, Venus Gonzalez, Lori McCoy, Brooke Sanford, Lauryn Whitted, Olympic; Wyeth Folmar, Haley Reid, Kim Miramontes, Providence; Carrie Eberle, Callie Wiese, Charlotte Catholic; Jordan Harmon, Stephanie Mortensen, South Meck; Megan Hooper, Jill Sprague, West Meck; AJ Jenkins, Berry.

Player of the year: Grace Beatty, Olympic

Coach of the year: Rachel Dorr, Olympic


Anonymous said...

Charlotte Catholic baseball coach Randy Belk to announce he is steping down.

Francis Backon said...

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