Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garinger fires football coach

Garinger High athletics director Tony Huggins said the school has removed football coach Ryan Alston and is immediately beginning the search for a replacement.

Alston coached at Garinger for two seasons, going 0-20. Garinger was 0-11 this season.

Since 2004, Garinger has had six different football coaches and had five seasons without a win. The Wildcats last winning season was in 2010, when it finished 7-5.

Check back for more on this breaking story as well as in Thursday's Observer print editions.


Anonymous said...

What? I thought it wasn't about winning or losing, but how you play the game! I'm sure we gave the players a trophy every year for trying hard!

Anonymous said...

who cares? its high school football

Anonymous said...

According the the Charlotte Observer, Garinger's overall pass rate for the recently released common core tests results was 19.4 percent. Only one in five students passed on the averaged basis. As I recall, the math pass rate was only around 8 percent. And they're worrying about a losing football team?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone in that school play anything?

How many teachers are "giving grades" for their students to receive a 2.0 ?

That entire school , students and staff, should be put on probation.

Anonymous said...

I thought 'students' couldn't play sports unless they maintain a "C" average? With a school score of 19% passing, that would mean that the entire team averages a "F".

Anonymous said...

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live football scores said...

According to the Charlotte Observer, recently published the results of tests for the overall rate of adoption of Common Core Ga ringer 19.4 percent. Only one in five students in an average basis. If I remember correctly, the pass frequency around 8 percent in math.