Wednesday, October 23, 2013

East Lincoln football to forfeit 3 games

East Lincoln football will forfeit its first three football games due to the participation of an ineligible player, according to a release from athletic director and head coach Mike Byus.

The Mustangs, ranked No. 16 in the Observer's Sweet 16 poll and the defending N.C. 2A state champions, will now have a record of 4-4, 4-0 in conference play. East Lincoln was 7-1.

A "clerical error" led to the the participation of the player, according to the release, and the eligibility issue centered around "the local promotions standard as set by each county throughout the state."

Byus didn't name the player in the release and didn't say what role he played on the team, just that "the player in question did dress out for three games."

The school notified the N.C. High School Athletic Association immediately and made every appeal allowable.

"No rule was intentionally broken," Byus said in the release. "In fact, he would be eligible in many districts across the state. I feel terrible for all the young men who have put in many of hours of hard work to achieve this level of success only to have it taken away. It's very disappointing, however, the only alternative we have is to accept it and move on."

The games in question were against East Gaston, Q Foundation and North Lincoln.

-Corey Inscoe


Anonymous said...

Nice try coach. We heard it all now.

Anonymous said...

How bad will Brown whip Mallard Creek? 3 tds?