Thursday, August 29, 2013

Did Butler run up the score in last week's 80-20 win over West Charlotte

One of the more shocking scores in the first week of the high school football season was Butler 80, West Charlotte 20.

In the fourth quarter, ahead 73-20, Butler put some offensive starters in the game and scored a final touchdown, which set a school-record for points.

Twitter was on fire after the game and all week, as were some sports talk radio shows. But Bulldogs coach Brian Hales told the Observer this week that he didn't look at it as running up the score.

"Did we put the starters back in? We put two kids in for two plays (QB Anthony Ratliff and RB Benny LeMay)," Hales said. "I felt we needed a little bit of work throwing. We had a short throw called and protection broke down and Anthony ran out. Then we called a base dive for Benny and he ran a 40-yard touchdown."

Hales said his team, which graduated 16 starters from the 2012 state champion, hasn't settled on a true starting lineup just yet. He said the score got out of hand because of how easily Butler scored. He said the Bulldogs -- ranked No. 3 in the Observer's Sweet 16 poll -- returned a kick for a touchdown, an interception for touchdown and had two special teams return inside the West Charlotte 10.

And he said Butler had the ball for less than 13 of the game's 48 minutes on offense and only ran 40 offensive plays. With a tough game with Mallard Creek coming Friday, he was concerned his offense hadn't gotten enough work and was upset at the play of some of his reserves.

"I don't want to get into too great detail because I don't want to sell out kids who had issues Friday," Hales said. "Do I regret the scenario getting to what it did? Of course I did because of the perception of it....I had no intention of running up the score and making anybody look bad. The last time we had the ball, we ran some plays with the backups and we had a kid a step away from scoring and I was thinking about running out there and tackling him myself. I said, 'This is bad enough.' We needed to take a knee and get out of there."

West Charlotte coach Marcus Surratt said a lot of his parents were concerned about the score, but he said he didn't pay a lot of attention to it.

"They (Butler) put a team out there and my job is to stop their team," Surratt said. "I don't expect them to not play their starters. You start with the starters and you have to assume you'll end with them. The whole sportsmanship thing is for other people to decide. My young guys didn't play at the level I expected them to and I have to correct that."

Surratt said he told his parents that playing time, and playing or not playing key players, is up to the coaches' discretion.

"That's their team and that's their coaches' choice," Surratt said. "If that guy plays those kids and one of those starters gets hurt, you have to ask yourself, 'What did I waste my guy for?' Fortunately, that didn't happen, but if it did, he would have to answer to his parents. But I told my kids, 'You have to understand you have to play better.'"


Anonymous said...

WC coach took that game as a man and isn't crying about it and I thank him for it, most of you have never coached football in hs, you don't know what happens and you can all look back with your magic power of hindsight and say shame shame. people say this is the worst they have ever seen it, HA I remember tommy knots never taking his stars out....I was in the STANDS when tommy put 88 points on a helpless Harding rams team when he was at west charlotte. I myself was on the receiving end of a cpl of 50 point plus losses and it ticked me off and made me want to work harder in hopes I could meet them again. people just need to calm down and read the stats...13 minutes out of 48 butler had the ball...that's a lot of big runs and scores not a team that took its time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes ...

We know West Charlotte NEVER EVER ran up the score against anyone did they?

Gee whiz we recall tons of 50 pt, 60 pt, 70 pt, 80 pt wins in the past 40 years.

But DubC was the premier winner for MeckCo for 40 yrs so they get a free pass.

Why was nothing ever said about Independence running it up 60 70 80 pts and Knotts never taking stat chaser Chris Leak out because daddy wanted all those national records busted?

But then again it was a record run at 7 consecutive state 4AA titles
and 109 consecutive wins in a row by Indy never to be duplicated by a public high school so they get a free pass too plus put MeckCo on the map.

Leak had over 16,000 pass yards and over 160 pass tds at Indy for national records plus 4 state titles and 4 time all county, all state, all american and #1 player of the year in 2003. He had a NCAA title at Florida in his 4 ys with a 3.5 GPA and BA degree.

By complete total laughable contrast Panther QB Newton with all his amazing hype by Disturber idiots in his 2 yrs of HS had an amazing 3000 passing yards and 25 tds and never went to a playoff game with a 11-11 record. Wow !!!

Completely unknown lowly Newton never broke any records county state or national and was never all anything even on a county level. Hilarious.
Westlake area residents say preachy daddy put the mojo on Urban Meyers to get a UF ride that saw him play behind the immaculate conception all time greatest QB Tebow 2 time NCAA champ and Heisman winner but after caught cheating 3 times and 3 felonys in his only fall semester, he was kicked out of the state to go to a community college and then take 200,000 payola in his only fall semester at AU totally on steroids big time and roiding the past 2 yrs as a lowly Panther.

Noticeably Newton has lost weight and muscle mass and off the roids after all these baseball roiders were caught including AROD.
Newton may be be dumb but he is not stupid.

Many are wondering why Newton has avoided being tested for roids his past 2 yrs as a CP. Obv he wasnt tested at AU.

Many in Meck Co are wondering why the Disturber and Panthers would stab Leak in the back even today who never took a drop of steroids and was a stellar academic and athletic student thru hS and D1A Florida.

Leak and Tebow were both discriminated against by the NFL because of being Florida Gator great QBs plain and simple.
NYC NFL Commish Roger Goodell obviously HATES Gator QBs being a former US Senator son and attending some rich kid private college only never playing football but HATED the north Florida Gainesville Gators.
Sorryass PUNK !!!

The Disturber and Panthers are equal PUNKS for ignoring local home boy Leak.

Newton off the juice gonna be funny as hell ...


Anonymous said...

Florida Gator CooCoo bird, are you off your meds?

Trill Azz said..., what ya'll are saying is, because WC has been good over the past 40years, and because they too in the past, blew out teams in a similar fashion, Butler and every other school around here should be able to run up the score on them now?? Up 73-20, in the 4th, and you put your starters back in?? Yeah.....The coach at WC took that one like a man......yet.....wrong is wrong. Because I do remember all the parents of the other schools whining in the same exact fashion, when WC was beating them in a similar fashion. I guess WC is gonna have to suffer because all the men who played on these teams they blew out are now coaching or in charge of something.....LOL smh

Trill Azz said...

Smh.....and I remember the parents of all those other schools WC use to blow up, whining in similar fashion, about WC "Running Up The Score". So we're supposed to be hush about it now, because of the past?? LOL Up the fourth, with the other team in no way, shape, form or fashion about to come back....and you put your starters back in?? i will admit to playing on one of those WC teams that gave out spankings in the past, so I'm not mad about it in return, but like I said, I do remember all the whining that happened when we did blow teams out. I guess now it's ok to do.

Anonymous said...

Is this football or ballet? did people's feelings get hurt?...gimme a break. It wasn't like this was Butler vs Tutor Time Day Care Center. Same size schools, same Class, playing the same game, on the same size field, same football, same # of kids on each side.

Anonymous said...

everybody at florida knew newton was on the smack but its didnt help. auburn? lol the whole team was on smack down.
newton off the juice now is funny as hell. he will get hurt bad
and will look as bad as tiger woods who admitted he mainlined 15 yrs in the pga and now looks a like some weakling runt and sucks.

as far as butler running it up?


we want to see somebody light up the board with 100 ..

take no prisoners ...
who gives a fuck? just do it .. no mercy ..

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as running up the score!!! You're scheduled to play and you play 4 quarters. Each team has an end zone. The object of the game is to cross into the