Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mecklenburg County high school all-conference teams

All-Conference Teams
ME-GA 7 Soccer
 First Team: Pablo Orozco - Garinger; Brendan McDonough - Char Catholic; Fabrizzio Fernandez - Olympic; Jose Vargas - Garinger; Matt Lauder - Char Catholic GK; Diego De La Cruz - PO Berry; Deon Davis - Olympic; Muhammed Freeman - West Meck; Mika Ria’Yang - West Meck; Teaj Patel - Olympic; Jack Miller - Char Catholic; Jorge Perez - East gaston
 Second Team: John Duffy - Char Catholic; David Huerta - Olympic; Laich Sache - Garinger; Anthony Rodriguez - Olympic; Rory Quigley - Char Catholic; Yeng Xiong - West Meck; Chris Ocasio - East Gaston; Edwin Solorio - Olympic; Spain Niemer - Char Catholic; Miles Morrow - Harding; Luis Aguilar - Berry; Kevin Lynch - Char Catholic
 Coaches of the year: Oscar Del Pino - Char Catholic (3A); David Garrett - Garinger (4A)

ME-GA 7 Girls Tennis
Grace Deering, Caroline Smith, Rachel Tomchin, Christine Kessel, Catholic; Erica Noblett, Jodi Winchester, East Gaston; Jaycie Loud, Chelsea Thompson, Nikki Roach, West Meck; Shanel Smith, Michelle Anderson, Olympic; Janay Carrothers, Harding; Malysia Mitchell, Berry
Player of the year: Grace Deering, Catholic; Devanshi Patel, Olympic
Coach of the year: Don Abernathy, West Meck

ME-GA 7 Volleyball
Kaitlyn Massey, Molly Lindway, Emma Mitchell, Cara Toebbe, Catholic; Milan Quinn, Jamyah Fuller, Malaaka Hart, Berry; Carly Klutz, Lauren Abernathy, Kelsey Hayes, East Gaston; Shyla Mobley, Harding; Grace Beatty, Tori Cordova, Olympic; Lakesha Moss, West Meck
Players of the year: Milan Quinn, Berry; Kaitlyn Massey, Catholic
Coach of the year: Jessica Banks, Berry

Southwestern 4A girls cross-country
Sydney Foreman, Aleisha Murrell, Samantha Teague, Sydney Teague, Ardrey Kell; Charotte Deiss, East Meck; Anna McElrath, Independence; Sonia Payerpaj, Mary Prouty, Myers Park; Bianca Bishop, Kayla Glova, Helen Griffth, Kayce Ransone, Providence
Runner of the year: Sidney Foreman, Ardrey Kell
Coach of the year: Kurt Niedenzu, Providence

Southwestern 4A boys cross-country
Ian Barclay, Dyllan Moss, Ryland Peele, Jason Port, Harrison Saint, Ardrey Kell; Fisher Ramsey, East Meck; Corey Garagiola, Independence; Dylan Cohen, Umang Damani, Wyatt Maxey, Joe Sullivan, Providence
Runner of the year: Wyatt Maxey, Providence
Coach of the year: Steven Touranjoe, Providence

Southwestern 4A girls golf
First Team:
Allyson Markiewicz, Emily Stinson, Megan Cullip, Ardrey Kell; Meredith Nelson, Devon Garenza, Providence
Second Team: Lauren Tinkey, Olivia Lynch, Myers Park; Melissa Manderbach, Jackie Fogarty, Providence; Alexis Whitney, Ardrey Kell
Players of the year: Allyson Markiewicz, Emily Stinson, Ardrey Kell
Coach of the year: Bart Whitney, Ardrey Kell

Southwestern 4A girls tennis
Havyn Colon, Jasmine Woods, Lydia Yuan, Sarah Yuan, Ardrey Kell; Hollie Champion, Butler; Charlotte Deiss, East Meck; Catherine Neilson, Myers Park; Bridgette Hickey, Cammie Hobson, Chandler Hobson, Abby Scheper, Haley Tan, Providence
Player of the year: Hollie Champion, Butler
Coach of the year: Laura VanVeen, Ardrey Kell

Southwestern 4A volleyball
Rachel Eppley, Caitlin Watkins, Sarah Wyczawski, Madison Wauchope, Ardrey Kell; Annaka Beatty, Maxine Glenn, Butler; Ashley Johnson, Independence; Katie Tylmam, Virginia Humphries, Myers Park; Casey Rieger, Emily Franklin, Providence; Michal Ann Williams, South Meck
Players of the year: Rachel Eppley, Ardrey Kell; Casey Rieger, Providence
Coach of the year: Zoe Bell, Ardrey Kell

CISAA Field Hockey
(*denotes made all-state team)
Caroline Allbert, Country Day; Sarah Barry, Latin*; Mary Corbin Burlingame, Latin; Mackenzie Busby, Providence Day*; Meredith Clay, Providence Day*; Cannon Clough, Latin*; Beth Erb, Country Day*; Lelia Evans, Latin; Becca Jones, Latin; Kate Lorenz, Providence Day; Lauren McFayden, Country Day*; Arielle Massilon, Providence Day*; Madison Penegar, Country Day; Stephanie Pham, Providence Day; Ellie Shields, Latin*; Princess Sutherland, Country Day; Maggie Whitley, Country Day*

CISAA Soccer
Tim Abrams, GK, Providence Day; Chuka Anyafo, F, Latin; Bradley Barnhardt, D, Cannon; Reed Dowdy, F, Latin; Nick Gardner, GK, Latin; Will Kendall, MF, Country Day; Danny Khardehforus, D, Providence Day; James Mingoes, D, Latin; Tyler Perper, F, Country Day; Xavi Torres Reyes, MF, Christian; Mario Rosano, D, Country Day; Jack Shannon, D, Providence Day; Patrick Shearer, MF, Providence Day; Jack Siman, MF, Country Day; Nikolas Stylianou, MF, Cannon; Mark Taylor, D, Charlotte Latin

CISAA Volleyball

Eve Davis, Emma Price, Kellie Williams, Brooke Brown, Charlotte Latin; Mattie Nelson, Megan Lewis, Taylor Portland, Katharine Franz, Country Day; Sydel Curry, Charlotte Christian; Jessie Penner, Providence Day


michelle said...

The Southwestern 4A All Conference Cross Country Boys team is incorrect. You omitted Shad McGrew (Butler) who came in 11th (before Dyllan Moss). He was the only freshman to make the All-Conference Team and we would like to see him recognized. Here is the link from milesplit for confirmation: http://nc.milesplit.com/meets/117989/results/222826