Saturday, November 10, 2012

Davidson Day's Will Grier sets national record with 837-yard passing night

Davidson Day junior QB Will Grier threw for a national record 837 yards in Friday's 104-80 win over Harrell's Christian.

Yes, you read the right: 104-80.

In a high school football game.

Grier's 837 yards passed the old national mark of 764 was set by Pacific Palisades (CA) QB David Koral in 2000. Friday night, Grier completed 35-of-42 passes and threw for a new N.C. record 10 touchdowns. The 10 touchdowns ties six other players for the national record, originally set in 1990.

Early reports had Grier throwing for nearly 800 yards and 11 scores, but Davidson Day coaches carefully reviewed the film to confirm the passing totals.

Grier, who is 6-3 and 190 pounds, now has 5,294 passing yards for the season, breaking former Independence QB Chris Leak’s 10-year-old N.C. and Mecklenburg County mark of 5,193 (Unofficially Raleigh Wakefield’s Connor Mitch threw for 643 yards Friday in a 76-34 loss to Garner which would give him 5,344 passing yards for the season).

Grier has 64 touchdown passes this season, just two short of former Independence QB Joe Cox’s eight-year-old county and N.C. record. Grier’s 64 TD passes ties Leak for sixth-most in national history.

Grier has scholarship offers from East Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wake Forest. Duke coach David Cutcliffe was on campus Friday, and Chad Grier said his son is being heavily recruited by Alabama, Duke, N.C. State and Oregon.

There's been a lot of conjecture about Grier's age this season, something that his father, Chad, has heard about. Chad Grier, a former East Carolina QB, is the Davidson Day coach.

Chad Grier said his son turns 18 next April and that he repeated half a year in sixth grade when the family moved him from public to private school.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing this team can score 104 points in a game when they only scored 15 against a team that couldn't get past the first round in the Division 1 playoffs.

Anonymous said...

The Kid is genuinely good. I think that he can still do well in 4AA, but he would not put up those same numbers. The question now is can he do that against "real competition?" This is a concern to coaches recruiting him. They are asking themselves "Is this kid for real or is he simply just dominating in a weak conference?"

Anonymous said...

What I see here are 2 teams with weak defense. How can any team allow that many points. This is not basketball.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the kid and he's probably a great person, but I have a hard time taking this score serious.

184 total points??!!? Gimme a break. Neither team had any defense. They just let both offenses run/pass down the field.

I've never heard of Davidson Day or Fat Harrell's Christian School. This record should have a big ol asterisk.

Anonymous said...

It is actually a little embarrassing. The kids dad is coach and intent on getting him every passing record possible. Even if it includes throwing every down and playing the worst possible competition. Would not be surprised if he let the other team score just so his kid could keep throwing. Still trying to figure out who the back up is. They can win by 50, yet no one else takes a snap. Very transparent to say the least. Hopefully someone who manages the record books takes notice.

Anonymous said...

I have seen coaches pull this kind ofthing before, but but this guy at DD has taken it to a whole new level. The guy should have quit while he was ahead.ayone who can't see through this is blind.

Anonymous said...

Be careful not to judge a book by its cover. I was a the game. Davidson Day has a good football team and a few very good athletes. Yes, Coach Grier's tactics can be held in question. Why did he let his kid drop back 40 seconds to go in the game and launch another deep ball for a score when he had the first down and could have simply knelt the ball down and end the game with class is a question only he can answer. After the kick off, Harrells took the ball, knelt it down and conceded the victory to Davidson Day. A classy move by the Harrells coach in my opinion. Never heard of Harrells. They happen to be a very popular private school in Eastern NC that has been playing football since 1972. They have won 15 state championships in that span of time. Have been coached by some of the best high school coaches to coach in this state. Bob Lewis (Clinton HS); Jack Holley (Tabor City, South Columbus, Wallace-Rose Hill); now Brian Aldridge (Whiteville, East Duplin)and a guy years ago named Gary Lewis who happen to coach Harrells when they went toe to toe with the likes of Charlotte Country Day and Ravenscroft for years; back in the day before the NCISAA had divisions set up for playoff seedings by school size. Oh, and by the way, you have heard of Ravenscroft haven't you? One of the finest schools (literally) in the Raleigh area. Bill Cowher's children go there. Over a 1000 students and little ol Harrells Christian Academy from south Sampson County laid 89 on them in the conference championship two weeks ago. Will Grier might have to live with the fact that his dad's reputation could be called in to question, but most likely not this kid. With so many school's looking at him and all the camps and visits he has probably made over the last few summers, coaches have probably taken notice that this kid is a good looking athlete and he has the poise and presence to stand in the pocket and deliver the football. I saw him play. He can make it at the next level. Might need to sit a year or so and let the speed of the college game come to him, but I think from what I have seen in watching him for 3 games now, he can perform at the next level. If David Cutcliffe gets a hold of him, one day you all of you naysayers might have a change of heart. One final thing, boarding school somewhere next year like Hargrove might really set everyone on edge. Let him go somewhere like that and prove himself. Who knows, playing at that level and getting away from his conceited father, might do him more good than anything else.

Anonymous said...

How many points combined did this team score on CDS and PDS? Throw Christian in there and this kid would not get recruited by Catawba. Congrats to the dad for getting his son in the spotlight. Talk to me in 3 years and let me know how the football program at DD is doing. If they have one.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the dont judge a book by its cover comment. For the most part, this wasnt completely a case of running up the score. B/c everytime DD scored, Harrells came right back down and scored again. Harrells had an incredible RB who had over 400 yds rushing and continually ran over DD players. This game was a shoot out till the end with the scoring hovering around an 18 pt difference throughout. It was a fun game to watch.

Anonymous said...

What is sad about all this is that great athletes from North Carolina genuinely worked very hard over the years against very competitive schools to set these records, and now their records go out the window, because of the system being gamed by a few apples. It's only going to get worse. There needs to be a balance. A player from a public school could never set these type of records, because a smart coach would not allow such craziness. This is a team sport. Plus this would raise so many red flags. Records and the game is being tarnished. kids don't think this stuff up, adults do.

Anonymous said...

His dad has been doing this since he was 6. He has coached every team he has played on. He never had to compete for a spot. He is a reclassed over rated brat who has had the benefit of playing week competition. He went to Bradley middle and did not get the job as qb so his dad took him to Southlake. That didn't work out so he reclassed him went to Davidson day and coached him. Butler, Mallard creek would smash Davidson day! Will should be embarrassed for the obvious push for Will. He will leave Davidson day as soon as Will does!

Anonymous said...

This is a complete Joke!!! That coach should be ashamed of himself. I was at the game and I saw who Grier had on defense. A 5'1 DB come on? A 130 pound LB come on Grier? We know Grier puts out a week defense to get his boy stats up. I agree he is a great kid. I feel sorry that he has to have a egotistical father.

It should be asterisk beside that record. It's also very disrespectful to Chris Leak. This kid should not be mention in the same breath as Joe Cox or Chris Leak. Chris and Joe played against real comp. Grier biggest comp is Country Day? LMAO

The state really needs to look at this record.

This kid has not done nothing against real comp. He gets by being a very older Jr.

Masquer said...

Some of the folks commenting on this article have actually spoken to the college coaches recruiting this kid? One or two of you may be aware that performance in the multitude of camps these elite athletes attend weighs just as heavily on recruiter's decisions as the season. They certainly take the level of competition into consideration. Also Florida, Alabama, Oregon aren't known for wasting scolarships on unproven entities.

Anonymous said...

First, Chad should be ashamed as a coach for this score. This score is clear indicator that his D is made up of scrubs and if it wasn't for big bad Will Grier that has to score 104 points they would have lost. Chad stop making these weak storylines so obvious. Dropping back with 40 seconds left in the game and throwing the ball is disgraceful. Chad claims he's all about the kids. If that was so why would you disrespect other kids like that.

Second, Chad should be ashamed as a father for letting his son play against this type of comp. If I had a son that was getting interest from all those colleges listed why would you let him play against these types of teams?

Chad knows he would never let his son face any real comp? It's not his sons faught. I believe they would want to play against Hough or Butler. But Chad wants it nice and safe for his children were they're no comp.

Chad really check. Your son is very average playing against very weak opponents.

Colleges are jumping at those playstation stats.

Now all of these comments will justify old Chad moving his son next year. Which would have taken place anyways. He already had the passing record.

Anonymous said...

Pleaseeeeeeeee ...

All private school and public school records should NEVER be put in the same record book.

Furthurmore all high school division records need to be separated since play gets stronger and better from 1A to 2A to 3A to 4A. There is no question about this.

Its no different than D1A and D1AA and DII and DIII or NAIAA in the college ranks. Records are separated not combined.

You must separate. In addition no one needs to kid themselves on these stat chasers.

In the 7 state titles and 109 consecutive wins at IHS coach Knotts never took out QB or other starters allowing to chase local state and nat stats.

Running up scores by 60-70 pts is asinine and displays greed and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Football needs a rule that if a team is ahead 40 pts by the end of the 3rd quarter the game should be called. Noway can a team come back in 12 minutes therwise they wouldnt have been down that bad.

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs. Most people would never comment on anything regaridng a high school kid. That shows you how bad this is.

Hopefully the kid will go on to great things. This has nothing to do with him. It always comes down to the parents. This guy needs some help. He has to be delusional to justify all this in his mind.

Very sad. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

You have foottball the you have Scrub ball : ) If the kid is that good seem like his and himself would want to play against stiffer competion but Congratulations,I would love to see him play against better teams

Anonymous said...

First of all, saying private schools couldn't compete with publics is a tired and disproven statement. Christian, Country Day and Providence Day can compete with anybody in the area outside of some of the Rock Hill schools and Buter/Mallard Creek.

Don't try to say Davidson Day is a good team. They lost two games to Charlotte private schools. Neither game was competitive, and the quarterback wasn't terribly effective in either game.

It's a joke that legitimate records were broken in this game. I really hoped we'd be spared the Davidson Day weekly lovefest after Country Day blew them out, but that of course didn't happen

Anonymous said...

All the comments about Will grier's dad/coach working the stats??!! how about Harrells running that kid Washington 45 times to get his stats cost them the game. They have been doing that all year to make him look good...I am from N Raleigh and we played them this year when Washington had to sit out because of an ejection(we were sure we were going to win) and they had another kid that ran all over us!! In my opinion the Harrells coaches should be ashamed that they cost their team a win by over running an exhausted player when they had other talent to run.Were Washington's stats really worth a loss to the whole team!!

Anonymous said...

I think the most unbelievable thing is the amount of negativity on these posts. Back it down, folks. Sure, some of you feel that your school was tougher than theirs. We get it. But lets just sit back and enjoy the shock of such a crazy game. No one needs you to sign off on the coaching effort, or the size of the kids on defense. Its not about you. Its about the kids. And to still be playing this time of year is a gift. And congrats to them for going out there and playing there butts off (even if that was just on Offense). Get off the high horse, folks. The view is much better from down here.

Anonymous said...

Control freak idiots need to pipe down. People a million times more knowledgeable than you can say whatever they like. You are down on the ground where you belong so stay there. We like the thin air at the top.

As far as some private schools have decent teams we all know its because they recruit and pay the tuition of public student players otherwise they would be joe blow average at best.

Publics (that dont cheat) are required to take the hand they are dealt from their districts. No deviation or its disqualification and forfeits.

We all know school like Catholic pay to remain public because its much superior quality play compared to private inferior quality.

All other Catholic schools in America play in private leagues or are independent. Using the fancy "parochial" excuse is laughable. Its a religious school period with no district limitation like private, religious, or charters.

Finally its time the NCHSAA goes to 6A with 10 million NC residents after 50 yrs of 4A. Are you kidding? Whats the holdup? Just do it NOW !!! Stop delaying it. Forget 5A. Go to 6A and 6 divisions.

Football playoffs for 5 yrs have been 8 divisions. Its only fair for all sports to have equal playoff exposure.

Going to 6A adding 2 divisions would eliminate the need to have 8 playoff divisions and instead have 6 that is more logical anyway plus all other sports will have 6.

What is the NCHSAA waiting on? Why does NC seem to lag all other states in this regard plus there would be triple the money hauled in for schools and the NCHSAA.


GO TO 6A ASAP !!!!!

Stop delaying the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Providence Day and Christian recruit, and always have. Who has Country Day recruited? The only time I can recall a player leaving a public to play for them was Damian Hunter in the 90's, and after 2 games, a freshman who had been there forever (Alvin Pearman) took his spot.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Grier qb play against providence day and he was the second best qb on the field that nite. Any jv team in meck would beat them.... They have 1 big line man and 3/4 guys that play street ball....if Grier is such a good athletic why ont they let him play defense ......... Do this math. 15 min quarters x 4 = 60 minutes . Take 180 pts and divide that into 60 minutes that's. 3pts a min 30 pts every 10 minutes 60 every 20 minutes. Then the other ream passed. Only once and rushed the ball 77 if you rushed 77 times and it took 25 seconds per rush that would take 32 minutes out of the 60 minutes leaving 28 minutes to score 100 points or 3.6 pts a work the numbers. Disgrace