Monday, November 5, 2012

Albemarle rejoins Charlotte Observer Sweet 16 football poll

Albemarle's Bulldogs are back in the Sweet 16.

The Bulldogs (11-1) have won eight straight games since suffering a surprising 26-14 loss to 3A Mount Pleasant (3-8). Mount Pleasant lost seven straight games to end the season after the Albemarle win.

Albemarle is outscoring opponents by an average of 46.25 to 7.91. The Bulldogs have shut out three of their past four opponents. Albemarle beat South Robeson 63-0 in the first round of the N.C. 1A playoffs Friday. This week, the Bulldogs play Union Academy (5-6) in the second round.

There wasn't much movement elsewhere in the poll. The only team to lose was Hough, and the Huskies fell out, opening up Albemarle's spot.

Rk. School (No. 1 votes) Cl Rec Pts Prv
1. Butler (3) 4A 11-0 48 1
2. Mallard Creek 4A 10-1 45 2
3. South Point 3A 11-0 40 3
4. Charlotte Catholic 3A 10-1 38 3
5. Rock Hill Northwestern 4A 9-2 35 5
6. Rock Hill South Pointe 4A 10-1 34 6
7. Statesville 3A 11-1 31 7
8. Porter Ridge 4A 10-1 27 8
9. Crest 3A 10-2 25 9
10. Independence 4A 10-2 22 10
11. Hickory Ridge 3A 11-1 16 11
12. East Lincoln 2A 11-0 15 13
13. South Caldwell 4A 12-0 11 12
14. York, S.C. 4A 9-2 9 14
15. Charlotte Christian IND 8-3 5 16
16. Albemarle 1A 11-0 4 NR

Dropped Out: Hough (4A, 9-3). Also receiving votes: Vance (4A, 9-3). For rules on the poll and eligible teams, visit; a three-man panel of Observer sportswriters voted.


Anonymous said...

As a Butler fan I'm excited that we will beat Independence soundly as indy soph qb is in for long night(this isn't JV) On the other hand I'm sad that my favorite former Butler coach has put out feelers about returning to charlotte and has expressed interest in the Indy Job, say it aint so

Anonymous said...

Talk about adding to the rivalry!

Anonymous said...

What coach is that? Newsome? He better cause he won't dominate 4aa with AL Brown.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was true, loyalty is in whoever has the most young talent perceived or not I guess...........

Anonymous said...

Why would Newsome, want to leave Kannapolis for Independence? I call this garbage.

Anonymous said...

show us some facts.

Anonymous said...

Indy's coach is retiring this yr. It could be some truth in it.

Anonymous said...

Lot of fire behind this initial smoke with al brown folks unhappy already

Ricky Bobby said...

Charlotte Catholic will lose to Weddington on Friday.

Then does Weddington ever see the Sweet 16? Who cares, it isn't like the best teams from our area really make it on this year in and year out.

Anonymous said...

1 A Albemaral in the sorry 16?
now, do you know why nobody believes
in this system ?
Put little johnnies team in please! !