Monday, October 15, 2012

Butler still reigns atop Sweet 16, but lots of movement and Hickory Ridge joins in

There’s serious movement all around the Observer’s Sweet 16 football poll, but not much at the top.

No. 1 Butler is still lodged at the same place it started the season. The Bulldogs, No. 1 in the Associated Press N.C. 4A  poll last week, moved up two spots to No. 8 in USA Today’s national poll this week. Butler is also No. 8 in the ESPN national poll. The Bulldogs are the highest ranked Carolinas’ team and are making the run without All-American quarterback Riley Ferguson, who has missed more than a month with a broken hand.

New to the poll this week is Harrisburg’s Hickory Ridge High, which pulled off one of the season’s biggest upsets Friday, taking down A.L. Brown for the first time in school history. Hickory Ridge won its seventh straight game by a wild score of 63-42 over the Wonders last week.

A.L. Brown fell from No. 8 to No. 13 in this week’s Sweet 16 poll. That loss -- coupled with former No. 5 Porter Ridge’s upset loss to Weddington and former No. 12 York’s loss to Nation Ford -- saw many teams move up in the rankings. Porter Ridge dipped from fifth to ninth.

This week, Hickory Ridge can lock up at least a share of the league title against No. 13 Concord in one of the week’s top games.

Rk. School (No. 1 votes) Cl    Rec    Pts    Prv
1. Butler (3)    4A    8-0    48    1
2. RH South Pointe     4A    8-0    45    2
3. Mallard Creek    4A    7-1    42    3
4. Crest    3A    8-1    35    6
T5. Rock Hill Northwestern    4A    6-2    34    4
T5. Charlotte Catholic    3A    7-1    34    7
7. South Point    3A    8-0    33    9
8. Statesville    3A    8-1    27    10
T9. Independence    4A    8-1    23    11
T9. Porter Ridge    4A    7-1    23    5
11. Hough    4A    8-1    18    14
12. East Lincoln    2A    9-0    13    15
T13. Concord    3A    8-1    10    T16
T13. A.L. Brown    3A    7-2    10    8
15. South Caldwell    4A    9-0    9    16
16. Hickory Ridge    3A    8-1    2    NR

Dropped Out: York (4A, 7-1); Charlotte Country Day (IND, 7-1). For rules on the poll and eligible teams visit; a three-man panel of Observer sportswriters voted


Anonymous said...

Where is Weddington?

Anonymous said...

A.L. Brown is tied for 13 & Hickory Ridge is 16??????

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited this poll is a joke and always has been ! Hickory Ridge got beat by 2A Cuthbertson. Then blow out AL Brown and are still behind a 2 loss Brown. Brown has a great history but they are not that good this year.

V said...

No Weddington? What do those kids have to do, besides be 7-1 and shut down and shut out Porter Ridge last week.

Observer Sports said...

@Anonymous 4:58. Hickory Ridge was unranked before this week and got into the poll. AL Brown was top 10 and fell. You are looking at two teams, not an entire poll.

I remember last year, I invited three readers, like yourself, who feel the poll is not very good to vote. That readers poll for four weeks was one or two spots off of the poll we voted for each time.

@V, Weddington very well could've gotten in. There was a spot. Hickory Ridge jumped on it, but you never know what will happen down the road. It was a great win for the program Friday. That's for sure. I'm glad we had someone there to chronicle it. -- Langston

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Butler : ) Make you wonder why Newsome really left.I would bet my last he got caught up in something and to save face was forced to walk away.He never relocated to Kannapolis.Don't be surprise if he return one day : ) they are letting something die down : ) Still a very good program Newsome built.HE DID NOT JUST WALK AWAY : ) KNOW WAY .....LOL

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. Newsome would kick a scrawny punkazz if they said that to his face. Why move when its less than 20 miles away from his home?

Ridge is stacked and its HC played at and was trained by CHS and Smith/Fleming.

Cox Mill was up 21-7 on ALB at the half who scored 2 tds in the 4th to barely win by 3.

Ridge nipped Cox by 2 in a come from behind in the late 4th. Cox beat Conc but Beecher had a hurt shoulder and main RB Reid was out injured.

Newsome facing strong competition in 3A but loaded with talent but knows his Wonders would rip Butler.

Anonymous said...

Re: Weddington and being ranked. The only true way to ensure you are ranked, or move up in the rankings is to beat Davidson Day or to beat a team that has previously knocked off the private school juggernaut. I would suggest to either schedule Davidson Day or Providence Day next year. Both would be an infinitely more impressive win than a measly Porter Ridge team.

Anonymous said...

U can take down other comments if want, but indy ad needs to go!

Anonymous said...

THANK GOODNESS Geiler is leaving. Now please take the silly old lady who runs around like an fool shouting 1 2 3 BOOM after touchdowns. She hasn't had a kid at Indy in years. She is a joke like the coach.

Anonymous said...

Agreed nobody will miss Geiler and his best friend ad if he left, talented group coming up we need responsible adults who let these kids talent shine......

Anonymous said...

Wake up indy parents and mobilze to principal so our kids get what is best!

Anonymous said...

The WHOLE football coaching staff and AD needs to go with Geiler.
Bring in new blood who cares about the kids and is not there just because it HAD a winning win. Indy got a new principal now its time to get a new AD and start fresh. After this year all the kids that transfered when RR opened are going to be gone.
A FRESH START is needed.

Anonymous said...

a winning run not winning win

Anonymous said...

I agree 220 about the fresh start with Geiler and ad being gone but my kids are very fond and would do anything for some of the assistant coaches who have done a great job of holding this thing together against some bad odds dealt out by the school leadership structure...