Monday, August 20, 2012

Rock Hill Northwestern jumps into Observer Sweet 16 football poll

Rock Hill’s Northwestern High joins the Sweet 16 in the first regular-season poll of 2012.
Northwestern went on the road Friday and beat nationally ranked Gaffney 49-19.

“We felt that if we came in and just focused on our game plan we could take care of business,” Northwestern coach Kyle Richardson told the Rock Hill Herald. “We hit ‘em early and just kept on them. We felt like we were going to be in better shape, and that showed.”

Northwestern (1-0) had multiple sacks of Gaffney’s QB, three interceptions and a kickoff return for a touchdown. It also got 282 yards passing and two touchdowns from junior quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Elsewhere in the poll, there wasn’t much movement.

No. 2 Mallard Creek fell three spots after Friday’s spotty 27-6 loss to No. 1 Butler. That allowed Rock Hill South Pointe (new No. 2), Crest and Porter Ridge to each move up one spot.

Providence Day, the reigning N.C. Independent Schools champ, had an eight-point lead at No. 10 Belmont South Point Friday but ulimately gave up 21 unanswered points and lost 34-21. The Chargers fell out of the poll, from No. 15. That allowed 2A South Iredell to move up one spot, to No. 15, and allowed Northwestern to jump in at No. 16.

Rk.    School (Class)    Record    Prev.
1.    Butler (4A)    1-0    1
2.    Rock Hill South Pointe (4A)    1-0    3
3.    Crest (3A)    1-0    4
4.     Porter Ridge (4A)    1-0    5
5.    Mallard Creek (4A)    0-1    2
6.    West Rowan (3A)    1-0    6
7.    Charlotte Catholic (3A)    1-0    7
8.    A.L. Brown (3A)    1-0    8
9.    Independence (4A)    1-0    9
10.    South Point (3A)    1-0    10
11.    Statesville (3A)    1-0    12
12.    Vance (4A)    1-0    13
13.    Concord (3A)    1-0    14
14.    Burns (3A)    0-1    11
15.    South Iredell (2A)    1-0    15
16.    Rock Hill Northwestern (4A)    1-0         NR
Dropped Out: Providence Day (0-1, IND).


Anonymous said...

Would probably put Northwestern quite a bit higher since they beat the crap out of Gaffney. 16th is way too low...

tfroning86 said...

Sad to see the state of the Providence High football program. Used to be a legitimate contender under Bruce Hardin. Time for a replacement for Coach Long.

Anonymous said...

Was Providence not a contender under Long for a couple of seasons? They took Indy to the very edge a couple of times. Has the redistricting (AK opening and some shifting of lines for other changes) hurt them also?

Anonymous said...

Burns vs Crest
Burns lost on a missed two point coversion att. for the win.
cramps,lungs burning ,up and down that field.

Anonymous said...

Time for Providence to get a new coach.......

Anonymous said...

The word "Poll" should be removed from this since there is no voting other than by the lone reporter.

Anonymous said...

Providence High won last week beating Hopewell. Why would you replace a coach when they won ????

Anonymous said...

It was Hopewell give it a couple of weeks.........