Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brad Baker named football coach at North Mecklenburg High

North Mecklenburg High's new football coach is former Mooresville assistant Brad Baker.

Baker replaces Mike Bradley.

Bradley coached the Vikings for three seasons. In January, he announced plans to retire from teaching and coaching.

Bradley's teams were 10-24 in his three seasons. He has more than 30 years teaching and coaching experience.

Baker has spent the past six seasons at Mooresville. Before coming to Mooresville, Baker taught and coached for four years at Reidsville. This is his first head coaching job and he will teach history at North Mecklenburg.

Baker will start in April in his new position.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team of tomorrow? It might be South Meck

If you're looking for a state title contender for 2013, you can start with South Mecklenburg. The Sabres have a keeper of a coach in Fitch and a returning front court of 6-foot-9 Philip Reed and 6-9 Malcolm Mathews.

Mathews, especially, looks like a player. He needs to get stronger, but he has an amazing post presence and is a great shot-blocker.

He caused lots of problems for West Charlotte center Kennedy Meeks for most of Friday's game.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/02/26/3046116/lions-hope-higher-power-is-on.html#storylink=cpy

Saturday, February 25, 2012

N.C. Western Regional Basketball Pairings

Western Regional Boys Pairings
4A at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:
Olympic (28-1) vs. W. Charlotte (25-5), Tuesday, 7 p.m.; Davie County (22-6) vs. Greensboro Page (23-5), 8:30 p.m.
3A at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center: Hickory (26-3) vs. Freedom (24-2), Friday, 7 p.m.; Concord (27-2) vs. North Forsyth (24-4), Friday, 8:30 p.m.
2A at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center: East Rutherford (23-3) vs. Shelby (19-5), Thursday, 7 p.m.; Cuthbertson (29-1) vs. West Stokes (24-5), 8:30 p.m.
1A at UNC-Greensboro: Hayesville (29-0) vs. Highland Tech (20-6), Wednesday, 7 p.m.; Monroe (19-10) vs. W-S Prep/South Davidson, Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.
NCISAA 1A Boys final: Greenfield (30-5) vs. Trinity/Flora MacDonald, late
NCISAA 2A final: Davidson Day (31-3) vs. Northside Christian, late
NCISAA 3A final: Greensboro Day (31-3) vs. Ravenscroft, late
4A at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:
Alexander Central (21-7) vs. Myers Park (30-0), Wednesday, 7 p.m.; SW Guilford (25-4) vs. West Forsyth (23-3), Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.
3A at UNC-Greensboro: R-S Central (24-1) vs. Hickory (28-1), Tuesday, 7 pm.; Harding (23-3) vs. Berry (25-3), Tuesday, 8:30 p.m.
2A at UNC-Greensboro: East Burke (20-9) vs. Wilkes Central (28-1), Friday, 7 p.m.; Bandys (27-2) vs. North Surry (28-2), 8:30 p.m.
1A at UNC-Greensboro: Cherokee (24-5) vs. Murphy (15-14), Thursday, 7 p.m.; River Mill (25-3) vs. Bishop-McGuinness (24-5), Thursday, 8:30 p.m.
NCISAA 1A final: Trinity Christian (16-4) vs. Statesville Christian (18-9), late
NCISAA 2A final: Carolina Day (29-2) vs. Carolina Friends (31-3), late
NCISAA 3A final: Providence Day (28-4) vs. Greensboro Day (28-4), late

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oak Hill, N.C. State recruit Tyler Lewis, run Kennedy Charter

National No. 1 Oak Hill beat Kennedy Charter 119-72 Friday on Senior Night in Mouth of Wilson, Va. The Eagles had to play without starting point guard Jalen White (abdominal strain) forcing shooting guard Donte’ Clark into the role.

Clark had 28 points and 10 rebounds, but Kennedy Charter also lost starter Julius Hamilton who fouled out early in the third quarter in a game where N.C. State recruit Tyler Lewis had 12 points for the Warriors. Lewis is from Statesville. Kennedy Charter center J.J. Douglas also struggled with foul trouble all game.

Kennedy Charter coach Ed Addie took some positives from the loss. The Eagles are 24-3.

“One of the biggest things we took from playing them was seeing the differences in our bodies and their bodies,” Addie said. “They are very muscular and strong. They are built like college ball players. Our guys all commented on how strong they were and how it posed such a big problem for us. We learned what we’ve got to to do in the offseason to get better.”

Live from state wrestling finals Friday


Class 2-A: 1st round consolations

106 Lbs:           
281: David Niemitalo     Wheatmore MAJOR Nathon Bautista     Surry Central   10-0
282: Sam Murph     Salisbury DEC Braulio Rayo     Louisburg   12-8
283: Raymond Washington     Trinity FALL Kendric Greene     Cuthbertson   Pin 4:52
284: Bryan Mol     Swansboro DEC Nathan Propst     Central Davidson   7-1
113 Lbs:           
285: Jason Hamby     Wheatmore MAJOR Kevin Pack     Surry Central   10-2
286: Lance Johnson     Chase FALL David Guevara     Tarboro   Pin 1:46
287: Kirby Haigler     Piedmont FOR Denny Chilton     Bartlett Yancey   Forfeit
288: Dustin Brennan     Corinth Holders DEC Winston Lee     North Stanly   10-5
120 Lbs:           
289: Garrett Hinson     Bandys DEC Dustin McCaw     Croatan   6-2
290: Eric Smith     Beddingfield DEC Gabriel Self     North Brunswick   9-8
291: Dyllan Creech     North Johnston DEC James Daniel     East Lincoln   7-4
292: Jack Snow     Graham FALL Taylor Webster     Topsail   Pin :36
126 Lbs:           
293: Johnny Deveaugh     Topsail FALL Cooper Rogers     Cedar Ridge   Pin 1:00
294: Jacob Hewitt     Maiden FOR Jake Villabona     South Lenoir   Forfeit
295: Joshua Hattaway     Cuthbertson FALL Zach Neal     Wheatmore   Pin 1:49
296: Daylan Conner     Piedmont DEC Cody Dobbins     Bunker Hill   3-2
132 Lbs:           
297: Curtis Seay     Wheatmore FALL Joshua Markham     Northeastern   Pin 4:36
298: Tavarius Hall     St. Pauls DEC Camron Crowe     Bandys   OT 5-3
299: Ribyan McClain     Carver MAJOR Matt Lafferty     Northside   12-0
300: Hunter Mease     Pisgah DEC Eric Hasenkopf     Cuthbertson   7-4
138 Lbs:           
301: Zach Houston     North Henderson DEC Darrian Brown     Louisburg   8-2
302: Thomas Mattingly     Pisgah DEC Caleb Kneiper     First Flight   7-5
303: Steven Bunch     Piedmont FALL Daniel Foushee     Northwood   Pin 2:47
304: Logan Quiney     Bunker Hill FALL Eric Joyner     North Johnston   Pin 2:14
145 Lbs:           
305: Landon Leithauser     First Flight DEC Lucas Smith     Piedmont   8-1
306: Tevin Suggs     North Pitt DEC Tyler Ward     Wilkes Central   2-1
307: Cory Check     Cuthbertson FALL Juan Ramos     Northside   Pin 2:13
308: Jaret Grady     South Lenoir MAJOR Samuel Griffin     Randleman   10-0
152 Lbs:           
309: Smith Logan     Trinity FALL Wesley Gordon     West Stanly   Pin 2:20
310: Aaron Reeves     Thomasville TF McCackney Jeffrey     Richlands   16-1 TF 4:40
311: Chase Saunders     Wheatmore DEC Shane Hemmings     West Davidson   OT 6-5
312: Matthew Maske     Piedmont TF Derrick Conception     Swansboro   17-1 TF 5:00
160 Lbs:           
313: Darrel Martin     Lexington DEC Nathan Bizzell     Granville Central   10-5
314: Kelvin King     Beddingfield FOR Adam Howard     Cedar Ridge   Forfeit
315: Daquan Suddreth     West Caldwell DEC Rob Bunch     Holmes   OT 6-2
316: Mark Lovelace     Reidsville Senior DEC Chris Peterson     Clinton   3-2
170 Lbs:           
317: Andrew Colborn     Croatan FOR Lucas Miller     Ashe County   Forfeit
318: Jordan Rodrigues     First Flight FALL Gabe Brockett     Thomasville   Pin 4:33
319: Levi Slate     North Surry FALL Colton Wallace     Richlands   Pin 1:31
320: Brett Carlile     Maiden MAJOR Homero Segura     North Brunswick   13-3
182 Lbs:           
321: Caleb Simmons     Randleman FOR Caleb Carpenter     Croatan   Forfeit
322: Trevor Hoyle     East Burke FOR William Miller     Ashe County   Forfeit
323: Nick Heyn     Eastern Randolph FALL Matthew Matthis     Clinton   Pin 4:33
324: Alex Williams     First Flight DEC Michael Mastriani     Cedar Ridge   8-5
195 Lbs:           
325: Austin Riggs     North Surry MAJOR Dane Marino     Cedar Ridge   16-7
326: Peter Guiraud     Bandys FALL Timothy Daniel     West Stokes   Pin 4:07
327: Hunter Spainhour     Randleman MAJOR Jon Suggs     Topsail   16-6
328: Raymond Martin     Carver DEC Patrick Helms     Piedmont   4-3
220 Lbs:           
329: Darren Maracin     Randleman FALL Trey Eason     Northside   Pin 4:12
330: Elijah Harris     Corinth Holders DEC Jourdon Blackmon     Northwood   3-1
331: Kenneth Walls     South Granville FALL Tywon Bond     Holmes   Pin 1:21
332: Efrain Reynoso     North Johnston FALL Jerry Brown     Andrews - T.W.   Pin 2:27
285 Lbs:           
333: Noel Helms     West Stokes FOR David Brookshire     Pisgah   Forfeit
334: Dominic Melvin     Clinton TF Thaddeus Tallman     Northwood   16-0 TF 3:00
335: Brenden Lindsay     First Flight FALL Joseph Byrd     East Rutherford   Pin 4:29
336: Demarcus Whitehurst     North Pitt FALL Dominique Walker     Cummings   Pin 1:57

1    54    Trinity    5    3
2    43    North Surry    3    4
3    42    Andrews - T.W.    4    1
4    39.5    Piedmont    3    5
5    35    Croatan    3    3
6    33    Wheatmore    3    4
7    31    Newton Conover    3    2
8    25    North Henderson    2    2
9    24    West Lincoln    1    4
10    21    Eastern Randolph    2    1
11    20    North Pitt    2    2
11    20    Owen    1    3
13    19.5    East Rutherford    2    -
14    19    Ashe County    2    1
14    19    North Johnston    2    2
14    19    Randleman    1    4
17    18.5    Bandys    1    3
17    18.5    Pisgah    1    4
19    18    Maiden    1    3
20    17    West Caldwell    1    3
21    16    Durham S of A    2    1
22    15.5    Thomasville    1    2
23    15    Cuthbertson    1    2
23    15    Surry Central    1    1
25    14    Polk County    1    1
26    12    Beddingfield    -    4
26    12    East Burke    1    1
26    12    First Flight    -    5
26    12    Lexington    1    2
30    11    Providence Grove    1    -
31    10    Chase    -    4
32    9    Forbush    1    -
33    8    Brevard    1    -
33    8    West Davidson    -    3
35    7    Central Davidson    1    -
35    7    East Davidson    1    -
37    6.5    North Brunswick    -    2
38    6    Corinth Holders    -    3
38    6    South Lenoir    -    2
40    5    East Lincoln    -    2
40    5    West Stokes    -    2
42    4    Louisburg    -    1
42    4    North Lincoln    -    1
42    4    Salisbury    -    2
45    3    Bunker Hill    -    1
45    3    Carver    -    2
45    3    Graham    -    1
45    3    South Granville    -    1
45    3    Starmount    -    1
45    3    Swansboro    -    2
45    3    Topsail    -    1
52    2.5    Clinton    -    1
53    2    Carrboro    -    1
53    2    Northeastern    -    1
53    2    South Iredell    -    1
53    2    Tarboro    -    1
53    2    West Stanly    -    1
58    1    Reidsville Senior    -    1
58    1    St. Pauls    -    1
60    0    Bartlett Yancey    -    -
60    0    Cedar Ridge    -    -
60    0    Cummings    -    -
60    0    Granville Central    -    -
60    0    Holmes    -    -
60    0    North Stanly    -    -
60    0    Northside    -    -
60    0    Northwood    -    -
60    0    Richlands    -    -
60    0    Wilkes Central    -    -

END 2-A 1st Round Consolations


Class 3-A: Quarterfinals

106 Lbs:
743: Noell Carrillo, Hunt DEC Blake Rogers, St. Stephens   5-4
744: Kevin Gilliard, Ashbrook DEC Taylor Cockerham, North Iredell   6-5
745: Arturo Aguirre, Southern Lee DEC Ronnie Dellinger, West Brunswick   4-3
746: Hunter Billings, Enka FOR Corey Johnson, Northern Nash   FORFEIT

113 Lbs:
747: Bradley Bader, St. Stephens DEC Jonathan Ruiz, South Rowan   10-9
748: Jake Britt, Hunt DEC William Riley, Orange   4-2
749: Troy Gregor, Hickory Ridge FALL Thomas Mumford, Charlotte Catholic   PIN 3:47 *
750: Jake Smith, Havelock DEC Ernesto Lupercio, Hunter Huss   7-0

120 Lbs:
751: Jordan Baker, Orange DEC Jesus Vera, West Henderson   7-1
752: Tyler Ross, Jacksonville FALL Matthew Newman, Mt Pleasant   PIN 4:48
753: Mark Almeida, East Rowan DEC Austin Elfers, Rutherford.-Spin.   6-5
754: Philip Mondi, Union Pines DEC Ryan Davis, Havelock   3-1

126 Lbs:
755: Josh Moses, Freedom DEC Demetrice Taylor, Nash Central   5-3
756: Dillon Sulkosky, Morehead FALL Joaquin Harris, White Oak   PIN 2:53
757: Garrison White, Robinson - Jay M. FALL Tevin Baysa, Williams   PIN 1:35
758: Jaiden Lindsey, Union Pines DEC Patrick Brown, Northeast Guilford   8-1

132 Lbs:
759: Ben Pitts, Fred T Foard DEC Ryan Hull, Union Pines   7-6
760: Payton Shuford, West Iredell DEC Jack Twomey-Kozak, Orange   11-7
761: Max Parsons, West Carteret DEC Taylor Souther, North Iredell   7-0
762: Matthew Williams, Cardinal Gibbons MAJOR Hunter Riles, Patton   9-0

138 Lbs:
763: Anderson Pope, Orange DEC Chris Halstead, West Carteret   4-0
764: Matt Millaway, Northeast Guilford DEC Garnett Bullock, Ashbrook   7-1
765: Patrick ONeill, Cardinal Gibbons MAJOR Charles Bryant, South Brunswick   13-5
766: Ian Martin, St. Stephens DEC Shabaz Butt, Ledford Senior   4-1

145 Lbs:
767: Alexander Knight, Rocky Mount DEC Brantley Scott, Western Alamance   OT 7-5
768: Michael Zak, Western Harnett MAJOR Chase Hayes, Charlotte Catholic   10-2
769: Zach Rimmer, Orange DEC Jeremy Fredell, Fred T Foard   8-3 *
770: Luwolf Sanderson, South Brunswick FALL Justin Anderson, SW Randolph   PIN 5:06

152 Lbs:
771: John Wiley, South Brunswick TF David Peters-Logue, Orange   TF 16-0 5:32
772: Collin Munson, Forestview DEC Brandon Sloop, Carson - Jesse   10-5
773: Tre Young, Williams FALL Khaleil Owens, Aycock   PIN 2:39
774: Kenan Robertson, Robinson - Jay M. DEC Brandon Chancy, Rutherford.-Spin.   10-3

160 Lbs:
775: John Thornburg, Asheboro DEC J. D. Wynn, Orange   4-3
776: Markel Hemphill, Kings Mountain DEC Trequanman Crandall, D.H. Conley   OT PIN 6:46
777: Brandon Smith, Anson FALL Michael Thomas, Williams   PIN 1:46
778: Hayden Albert, Fred T Foard DEC Devonte Dickens, Fike   4-2

170 Lbs:
779: Jaquan Bullock, Anson DEC Robert Jackson, Overhills   6-3
780: Markus Cromwell, Statesville DEC Austin Dixon, Rockingham County   9-2
781: Jordan Billings, SW Randolph FALL Janicento Williamson, Rocky Mount   PIN 1:42
782: Robert Smith, Brown - A L FALL Darious Cox, Douglas Byrd   PIN 3:00

182 Lbs:
783: Reggie Huff, Southern Nash DEC Brandon Dills, Enka   7-1
784: Ryan Johns, Mt Pleasant DEC Tiqeece Brown, Burns   7-2
785: Michael Brennan, Union Pines MAJOR Josh Childress, Jacksonville   14-2
786: Collin Johnson, North Gaston FALL Michal Dickens, Northern Nash   PIN 1:09

195 Lbs:
787: Kacee Hutchinson, Enka FALL Jordan Taylor, Robinson - Jay M.   PIN 1:41
788: Jarrel Lea, Orange FALL Brian Capps, South Brunswick   PIN :27
789: Cole Wyrick, Northeast Guilford DEC Brandon Rodriguez, BPO Academy   14-7
790: Zack Edwards, Fred T Foard FOR Wood Mancuso, West Carteret   FORFEIT

220 Lbs:
791: Craig Bailes, Concord FALL Kyle Dubois, Morehead   PIN 5:27
792: Jacob McCann, Northeast Guilford DEC Wesley Dawson, Orange   5-3
793: Josh Huskey, Union Pines DEC Holden Bohannon, Cleveland   6-4
794: Chase Warren, Ashbrook MAJOR Josh Vivod, Ledford Senior   12-1

285 Lbs:
795: James Passmore, North Gaston DEC Josh Chapman, Hickory Ridge   3-2
796: Tamaris Lane, Nash Central FALL Andrew Franklin, Enka   PIN 4:21
797: Daniel Carroll, West Henderson FALL Danny Edwards, Parkwood   PIN 5:23
798: Derrick Nelson, Havelock FALL Michael Dotterer, Ashbrook   PIN 4:26

Plc    Points    Team    CH    CONS
1    50    Orange    4    7
2    37    Union Pines    4    1
3    30    Enka    2    4
3    30    Northeast Guilford    3    1
5    28    Fred T Foard    3    2
6    26.5    Robinson - Jay M.    2    3
6    26.5    South Brunswick    2    3
8    23.5    Ashbrook    2    2
9    21    Cardinal Gibbons    2    1
10    20.5    North Gaston    2    2
11    20    Havelock    2    1
11    20    St. Stephens    2    1
13    18.5    Jacksonville    1    3
14    18    Anson    2    -
15    16    West Carteret    1    2
16    15.5    Morehead    1    4
17    15    Concord    1    2
17    15    Hunt    -    1
17    15    West Henderson    1    1
20    14.5    Williams    1    2
21    13    Hickory Ridge    1    1
21    13    Nash Central    1    1
21    13    SW Randolph    1    1
21    13    Western Harnett    1    2
25    12    Brown - A L    1    1
25    12    Forestview    1    1
25    12    Rocky Mount    1    2
28    11    Asheboro    1    2
28    11    East Rowan    1    1
28    11    Mt Pleasant    1    1
31    10    Kings Mountain    1    1
32    9    North Iredell    -    3
32    9    Southern Lee    1    -
32    9    Southern Nash    1    -
32    9    Statesville    1    1
36    8    Patton    -    3
36    8    South Rowan    -    3
36    8    West Iredell    1    1
39    7    Freedom    1    -
39    7    Ledford Senior    -    3
39    7    Rutherford.-Spin.    -    3
42    6    D.H. Conley    -    2
42    6    Northern Nash    -    3
44    5    Charlotte Catholic    -    2
44    5    Cleveland    -    2
46    4    Hunter Huss    -    3
46    4    Parkwood    -    1
46    4    West Rowan    -    2
46    4    Western Alamance    -    2
50    3    BPO Academy    -    2
50    3    Grays Creek    -    1
50    3    Southern Vance    -    1
50    3    West Craven    -    1
54    2    Aycock    -    1
54    2    Burns    -    1
54    2    Carson - Jesse    -    1
54    2    Chapel Hill    -    2
54    2    Currituck County    -    2
54    2    Douglas Byrd    -    1
54    2    Fike    -    1
54    2    Overhills    -    1
54    2    Rockingham County    -    1
54    2    West Brunswick    -    1
54    2    White Oak    -    1
65    1    Clyde A. Erwin    -    1
65    1    Hibriten    -    1
65    1    North Buncombe    -    1
65    1    Northern Vance    -    1
69    0    Asheville    -    -
69    0    Cox Mill    -    -
69    0    Eastern Alamance    -    -
69    0    Eastern Guilford    -    -
69    0    Franklin    -    -
69    0    Hertford County    -    -
69    0    JF Webb    -    -
69    0    Marvin Ridge    -    -
69    0    Northern Guilford    -    -
69    0    South Central    -    -
69    0    Southern Guilford    -    -
69    0    Triton    -    -
69    0    Washington    -    -
69    0    Weddington    -    -
83    -3    Westover    -    -

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Live from NCHSAA wrestling championships

From NCHSAA reports:

GREENSBORO -- The North Carolina High School Athletic Association state wrestling championships at the Greensboro Coliseum got underway on Thursday evening with the first round of competition in three classifications.

           The 3-A wrestlers were the first ones to compete on the opening day, followed by the 4-A and then the 2-A competitors.

            Orange, which won the 3-A dual team championship a couple of weeks ago, leads the team standings after one round with 24 points to 16 for Cameron Union Pines. Northeast Guilford is third with 15 and Enka fourth with 14. There are 83 3-A schools represented in the championships.

            Southern Pines Pinecrest leads the way after one round of 4-A wrestling with 23 team points, with Asheville T.C. Roberson in second with 16. Then comes defending champion Winston-Salem Parkland with 15 and Southern Alamance with 12.5.  A total of 77 4-A schools have wrestlers in the championships.

             The 2-A, 3-A and 4-A classifications will begin competition Friday morning with the first round of consolations starting at 9 am. The 1-A class, with a smaller field of wrestlers, will start Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. with quarterfinals.

            The championship matches in all classifications are scheduled for Saturday evening, starting at 5 p.m. with the Parade of Champions.



106 Lbs:
981: Irvin Enriquez, Pinecrest FALL Reggie Turman, Dudley   Fall 1:29
982: Chris Kimmerly, Leesville Road FALL Mark Townsend, Watauga   Fall 3:05
983: Phazon Roddy, Parkland FALL Tony Jimenez, West Johnston   Fall 1:38
984: Kush Shah, Butler DEC Chase Gentry, Person   10-5
985: Josh Brown, No Durham DEC Conner Kominek, Lake Norman   16-9
986: Andrew Wanovich, Britt - Jack FALL Lake Billings, Davie   Fall 4:35
987: Samuel Crisp, Mooresville DEC Nick Tarvin, Cary   4-1
988: Richard Tolston, Hoke County FALL Austin Comeford, NW Guilford   Fall 2:53

113 Lbs:
989: Gus Coffey, Watauga DEC Victor Sosa, Ashley   9-3
990: Robbie Tomasic, Jordan DEC Trevor Albarron, Davie   4-1
991: Cody Karns, Lake Norman TF Joshua Greene, Terry Sanford   16-0
992: Mitchell Goldbach, WF-Rolesville MAJOR Tristan Dean, NW Guilford   11-0
993: Baffour Atakora, Middle Creek MAJOR Peter Becher, SW Guilford   18-5
994: Garret Hinton, Britt - Jack TF Austin Randall, Hopewell   16-0
995: Drew Turner, Parkland DEC Parker Ragsdale, Holly Springs   7-0
996: Zac Lupien, Pinecrest DEC Jose Cadena, Myers Park   11-5

120 Lbs:
997: Austin Jamison, NW Guilford MAJOR Kieran Hunt, Britt - Jack   13-2
998: Wesley Petrick, Hopewell DEC Joseph Furtick, Apex   13-7
999: Malaak Harris, Cape Fear Senior DEC Ivan Gonzalez, Parkland   3-2
1000: Michael Bedard, E Gaston FALL Donovan Heath, Jordan   Fall 1:06
1001: Alexander Battaglia, Middle Creek FALL Antonio Patterson, West Charlotte   Fall 3:28
1002: Trent Little, West Forsyth MAJOR Jamad Cradle, JH Rose   11-2
1003: Asher Goodwin, Olympic MAJOR Francisco Jimenez, Person   12-1
1004: Saul Gonzalez, Western Guilford DEC Harley Silver, South View   6-4 OT

126 Lbs:
1005: Ryan Smith, Davie DEC Xavier Martinez, South View   9-5
1006: Willie Hayes, So Durham MAJOR Jonathan Zuniga, Alexander Central   21-7
1007: Andre Nie, Dudley TF Malik Harris, JH Rose   15-0
1008: Adam Nivens, Hough DEC Matthew Stober, Panther Creek   12-5
1009: Howard Earl, Riverside FALL Matt Krider, Mooresville   Fall 4:57
1010: Jeremy Ward, Parkland MAJOR Cory Maxwell, Britt - Jack   11-1
1011: Jacob Grigg, E Gaston TF Tiu Rahlan, Broughton   17-2
1012: Jake DeAngelo, So Alamance MAJOR Azzam Dhamra, East Wake   11-1

132 Lbs:
1013: John Grigg, E Gaston MAJOR Michael Palmer, Britt - Jack   15-4
1014: Matt Cesari, Leesville Road DEC Marcus Cross, Parkland   7-5
1015: Luke Ludke, Clayton DEC Akio Fujiwara, Ardrey Kell   8-5
1016: Joey Tastet, Page DEC Javon Johnson, Holly Springs   3-1
1017: William Scott, West Forsyth DEC Alex Ynoquio, Cary   5-3 OT
1018: Dallas Roemer, Pinecrest DEC Tanner Russ, Hough   7-4
1019: Terrence Moore, Jordan DEC Marshall Stookey, SW Guilford   4-3 OT
1020: Demetre Kostis, Watauga DEC Robert Council, Swett - Purnell   6-0

138 Lbs:
1021: Casey Belville, Independence DEC Gerald Whitaker, Davie   5-2
1022: Phillipe Frederick, Hoggard DEC Kevin Ruiz, Panther Creek   6-3
1023: Tony DeAngelo, So Alamance TF Anthony Bowman, Alexander Central   18-2
1024: Grant Spurney, Jordan DEC Eric Milks, New Bern   4-3
1025: Garrett Bateman, Pinecrest FALL Marklin Bailey, No Durham   Fall 4:48
1026: Ryu Ballard, West Forsyth DEC Michael Huntley, Mooresville   4-2
1027: Blane McElreath, Sanderson FALL Petelo Mikaele, Britt - Jack   Fall 2:19
1028: Jonathan Bennett, SE Guilford FALL Sean Faro, S Caldwell   Fall 2:46

145 Lbs:
1029: Matthew Kamisol, TC Roberson FALL James Ryan, SE Guilford   Fall 4:49
1030: Jarel Orr, Clayton MAJOR Mark Mulligan, Cary   14-0
1031: Joey Moon, So Alamance FALL Patrick Devlin, Lake Norman   Fall 5:48
1032: Logan Martini, Sanderson DEC Schyler Wagner, Laney   11-6
1033: Aaron Dickson, Britt - Jack FALL Jeremiah Humphrey, No Durham   Fall 0:57
1034: Jacob Efird, Hough FALL Evan Jeter, Dudley   Fall 0:49
1035: Brandon Harris, Millbrook FOR Maxwell Stout, New Bern   FORFEIT
1036: Josh Dula, McDowell DEC Norbet Webb, Parkland   6-4

152 Lbs:
1037: Rodney Shepard, No Durham MAJOR Chris Rhone, Sun Valley   13-5
1038: JacQuan Ethridge, Clayton FALL Hunter Moody, W Mecklenburg   Fall 3:09
1039: Ian Clark, Sanderson DEC Taevon Hoskins, Parkland   4-2
1040: Kadar St. Phard, SE Raleigh DEC Eddie McGrail, Lake Norman   4-2
1041: Dustin Roemer, Pinecrest FALL Scott Snyder, S Mecklenburg   Fall 2:32
1042: Adam Kugler, Cary DEC Joshua Thomas, Dudley   10-6
1043: Jordan Thompson, Hough DEC Tyler Dennis, Scotland   14-7
1044: Anthony Holder, So Durham MAJOR Duncan Lewis, E Forsyth   18-9

160 Lbs:
1045: Bo Mulligan, Cary TF Trevon Faulkner, Davie   16-0
1046: Rider Excell, Pinecrest FALL Will Greene, Lake Norman   Fall 3:16
1047: Cody Boswell, So Alamance DEC Eric Wilberg, Fuquay Varina   6-2
1048: Nick Colucciello, Providence DEC LeVincent Clark, SE Raleigh   13-7
1049: Adrian Soto-Perez, Scotland MAJOR William Ramos, TC Roberson   9-1
1050: Faris Teia, Page DEC Dominique Alford, No Durham   6-2
1051: Palmer Maples, Hough DEC Cullen Casper, East Wake   12-5
1052: Chris Williams, Millbrook FALL Caleb Starnes, Western Guilford   Fall 1:59

170 Lbs:
1053: Tyrece Jones, Jordan FALL Isaac Starnes, Western Guilford   Fall 3:31
1054: Dontrez Patterson, Mooresville DEC Russell Thrasher, Clayton   8-5
1055: Patrick Camp, SW Guilford MAJOR Nick Giamoni, Apex   11-0
1056: Tyler Jones, TC Roberson DEC Anthony Gonderman, Lumberton   5-0
1057: Nick Kee, Scotland TF Keelan Bozman, S Mecklenburg   16-0
1058: Colton Meadows, Reagan DEC Jonathan Gomez-Monzon, Sanderson   9-2
1059: Daniel Hardison, JH Rose FALL Corvarious Hellams, Olympic   Fall 4:36
1060: Alex Gobble, Davie TF Kevin Stiles, Enloe   16-0

182 Lbs:
1061: Dakota Tysinger, N Davidson TF DeAndre Jones, New Bern   16-0
1062: Jonathan DiBernard, Lake Norman DEC Jake Castagnero, Apex   9-4
1063: Jay Speight, JH Rose FALL Jack Robertson, Davie   Fall 3:17
1064: Phillip Koob, TC Roberson FALL Seth Hampsey, Middle Creek   Fall 0:56
1065: Brian Tiderman, Independence DEFAULT Marvin Vazquez, Sanderson   INJURY DEFAULT
1066: Michael Macchiavello, Sun Valley FALL DeJon McClean, Hoke County   Fall 1:01
1067: David Crouch, S Caldwell FALL Matt Powell, Panther Creek   Fall 0:51
1068: Alex Brunsman, Parkland DEC Malik McDonald, South View   9-3

195 Lbs:
1069: Malcolm Blackmon, Mt Tabor MAJOR Saetyre McDowell, Britt - Jack   11-3
1070: Ian Callahan, Green Hope FALL Drew Barrett, E Mecklenburg   Fall 3:30
1071: Charles Williard, Glenn DEC DeMitrieus Davenport, New Bern   2-1
1072: Antonio Vanderburg, Mooresville DEC Jacob Baum, Middle Creek   11-10
1073: Keemar Noble, Olympic FOR Kaleb Walker, Wakefield   FORFEIT
1074: Terry Caldwell, Hoggard DEC Curtis Smith, NW Guilford   6-2
1075: Coburn Burroughs, TC Roberson DEC Zachary Tousignant, Fuquay Varina   4-1
1076: Jared Key, Terry Sanford DEC Zachary McLean, High Point Central   5-2

220 Lbs:
1077: Tyler Radford, McDowell TF Austin Smith, East Wake   15-0
1078: Teejona Hines, Glenn DEC Aaron Blomberg, WF-Rolesville   5-1
1079: Luke Fetla, Pinecrest MAJOR Cody Miles, TC Roberson   17-5
1080: Jason Leonard, NW Guilford DEC Corey Daniels, Cary   8-4
1081: Denzel Dejournette, R J Reynolds FALL Dylan Krauss, Middle Creek   Fall 1:29
1082: Matthew Bennett, Butler DEC Chris Waters, New Bern   7-0
1083: Lewis Crumsey, Millbrook DEC Patrick Phillips, Porter Ridge   5-1
1084: Troy Cain, South View DEC Jackson Dowless, Lake Norman   1-0

285 Lbs:
1085: Aaron Jefferson, Broughton MAJOR Rodney Allen, SE Guilford   13-1
1086: Marvin Pridgen, Cape Fear Senior FALL Robert Dinkins, Olympic   Fall 5:43
1087: Christopher Walker, Parkland FALL Alex Reams, No Durham   Fall 1:55
1088: Larry Williams, Laney DEC Demetree Hardison, Independence   5-4
1089: Jeffrey DeLeon, TC Roberson FALL Storm Stevens, West Johnston   Fall 3:12
1090: Devan Caldwell, Wakefield FALL Eddie Kelly, Sun Valley   Fall 4:39
1091: Zach Brown, Mooresville DEC Isaiah Davis, Smithfield-Selma   7-4
1092: David Moore, Dudley FALL Mike Sutton, Panther Creek   Fall 4:34

Plc    Points    Team    CH    CONS
1    23    Pinecrest    7    -
2    16    TC Roberson    5    2
3    15    Parkland    5    4
4    12.5    So Alamance    4    -
5    11.5    Britt - Jack    3    5
6    10.5    E Gaston    3    -
7    10    Hough    4    1
7    10    Jordan    4    1
7    10    Millbrook    3    -
10    9    Clayton    3    1
11    8    JH Rose    2    2
11    8    Mooresville    4    2
11    8    Sanderson    3    2
14    7.5    Dudley    2    3
15    7    Middle Creek    2    3
15    7    Olympic    2    2
15    7    West Forsyth    3    -
18    6.5    Scotland    2    1
19    6    Cape Fear Senior    2    -
19    6    Independence    2    1
19    6    Leesville Road    2    -
19    6    So Durham    2    -
23    5.5    Cary    2    4
23    5.5    Davie    2    5
23    5.5    Lake Norman    2    5
23    5.5    McDowell    2    -
27    5    No Durham    2    4
27    5    NW Guilford    2    3
29    4    Butler    2    -
29    4    Glenn    2    -
29    4    Green Hope    1    -
29    4    Hoggard    2    -
29    4    Hoke County    1    1
29    4    Page    2    -
29    4    R J Reynolds    1    -
29    4    Riverside    1    -
29    4    S Caldwell    1    1
29    4    SE Guilford    1    2
29    4    Sun Valley    1    2
29    4    Wakefield    1    1
29    4    Watauga    2    1
42    3.5    N Davidson    1    -
43    3    Broughton    1    1
43    3    Mt Tabor    1    -
43    3    SW Guilford    1    2
43    3    WF-Rolesville    1    1
47    2    Hopewell    1    1
47    2    Laney    1    1
47    2    Providence    1    -
47    2    Reagan    1    -
47    2    SE Raleigh    1    1
47    2    South View    1    3
47    2    Terry Sanford    1    1
47    2    Western Guilford    1    2
55    0    Alexander Central    -    2
55    0    Apex    -    3
55    0    Ardrey Kell    -    1
55    0    Ashley    -    1
55    0    E Forsyth    -    1
55    0    E Mecklenburg    -    1
55    0    East Wake    -    3
55    0    Enloe    -    1
55    0    Fuquay Varina    -    2
55    0    High Point Central    -    1
55    0    Holly Springs    -    2
55    0    Lumberton    -    1
55    0    Myers Park    -    1
55    0    New Bern    -    5
55    0    Panther Creek    -    4
55    0    Person    -    2
55    0    Porter Ridge    -    1
55    0    S Mecklenburg    -    2
55    0    Smithfield-Selma    -    1
55    0    Swett - Purnell    -    1
55    0    W Mecklenburg    -    1
55    0    West Charlotte    -    1
55    0    West Johnston    -    2

END NCHSAA 4-A 1st Round


106 Lbs:
575: Noell Carrillo, Hunt MAJOR Logan Durham, South Rowan   12-4
576: Blake Rogers, St. Stephens FOR Aaron Feinberg, Chapel Hill   FORFEIT
577: Taylor Cockerham, North Iredell FOR Chase Gaskins, West Craven   FORFEIT
578: Kevin Gilliard, Ashbrook MAJOR Martin Carreon, Orange   14-6
579: Arturo Aguirre, Southern Lee FALL Billy Ferris, Charlotte Catholic   PIN 5:20
580: Ronnie Dellinger, West Brunswick DEC Avery Clinding, Brown - A L   4-0
581: Hunter Billings, Enka FALL Jamir Hart, Northern Guilford   PIN 3:27
582: Corey Johnson, Northern Nash FALL Jonah Swinson, Robinson - Jay M.   PIN :22

113 Lbs:
583: Bradley Bader, St. Stephens FALL Zac Ragan, Western Alamance   PIN :44
584: Jonathan Ruiz, South Rowan MAJOR Latrone Evans, Jacksonville   17-8
585: William Riley, Orange DEC Jeremy Guinn, Patton   3-0
586: Jake Britt, Hunt DEC Matthew Tutterrow, North Iredell   9-6
587: Troy Gregor, Hickory Ridge FALL Jason Gardner, Washington   PIN 1:35
588: Thomas Mumford, Charlotte Catholic FALL Travis Heath, Northern Vance   PIN 1:40
589: Jake Smith, Havelock DEC Jason Deutsch, East Rowan   6-2
590: Ernesto Lupercio, Hunter Huss DEC Samuel Bartram, Union Pines   6-2

120 Lbs:
591: Jesus Vera, West Henderson FALL Jordan Decosse, Southern Nash   PIN :37
592: Jordan Baker, Orange DEC Matt Herring, Concord   8-3
593: Tyler Ross, Jacksonville TF Dalton McGalliard, Freedom   TF 19-4 3:20
594: Matthew Newman, Mt Pleasant MAJOR Alexander Boyd, Western Harnett   15-3
595: Mark Almeida, East Rowan FOR Moses Richardson, Southern Vance   FORFEIT
596: Austin Elfers, Rutherford.-Spin. DEC Chester Ward, West Craven   11-6
597: Philip Mondi, Union Pines DEC Tyler Hinch, Ledford Senior   6-1
598: Ryan Davis, Havelock DEC Caleb Griffin, Fred T Foard   7-5

126 Lbs:
599: Josh Moses, Freedom DEC Collin Smith, Orange   5-4
600: Demetrice Taylor, Nash Central DEC Stuart Todd, Marvin Ridge   6-4
601: Dillon Sulkosky, Morehead TF Chris Richards, Franklin   TF 15-0 5:29
602: Joaquin Harris, White Oak DEC Austin Deberry, Ledford Senior   17-10
603: Garrison White, Robinson - Jay M. TF Xavier Cox, South Central   TF 15-0 2:51
604: Tevin Baysa, Williams TF Chris Bess, Forestview   TF 19-2 3:45
605: Patrick Brown, Northeast Guilford FALL Tanner Stephens, Currituck County   PIN 1:30
606: Jaiden Lindsey, Union Pines FALL Corey Correll, Hibriten   PIN 3:49

132 Lbs:
607: Ben Pitts, Fred T Foard DEC Jaymes Fairbank, West Rowan   3-2
608: Ryan Hull, Union Pines DEC Rayshawn Elliot, Rocky Mount   6-2
609: Payton Shuford, West Iredell DEC Joseph Hammond, North Buncombe   10-3
610: Jack Twomey-Kozak, Orange DEC Josh Wiley, South Brunswick   7-0
611: Max Parsons, West Carteret MAJOR Willis Booth, Morehead   11-1
612: Taylor Souther, North Iredell DEC Ben Litton, Charlotte Catholic   1-0
613: Matthew Williams, Cardinal Gibbons FALL Daniel Romo, Aycock   PIN 2:46
614: Hunter Riles, Patton DEC Hamilton Jones, Robinson - Jay M.   2-1

138 Lbs:
615: Chris Halstead, West Carteret FALL Anthony Pfeiffer, Robinson - Jay M.   PIN 2:34
616: Anderson Pope, Orange MAJOR Larry Gibson, BPO Academy   9-1
617: Matt Millaway, Northeast Guilford MAJOR Xavier Anistead, Northern Nash   13-0
618: Garnett Bullock, Ashbrook DEC Paul Biggs, Morehead   7-5
619: Patrick ONeill, Cardinal Gibbons FALL Kent Craig, Rutherford.-Spin.   PIN 5:11
620: Charles Bryant, South Brunswick FALL Kyle Deacon, Weddington   PIN 5:45
621: Ian Martin, St. Stephens DEC Peter Dreher, Chapel Hill   2-1
622: Shabaz Butt, Ledford Senior DEC Corey Detres, Jacksonville   8-2

145 Lbs:
623: Alexander Knight, Rocky Mount FALL Brandon Bruce, Hunter Huss   PIN 4:35
624: Brantley Scott, Western Alamance MAJOR John Glunt, Robinson - Jay M.   14-2
625: Chase Hayes, Charlotte Catholic FALL Thomas Remick, Washington   PIN 2:56
626: Michael Zak, Western Harnett DEC Austin Holbrook, South Rowan   6-5
627: Zach Rimmer, Orange TF Arley Flores, Brown - A L   TF 15-0 3:45
628: Jeremy Fredell, Fred T Foard DEC Dashawn Taylor, Northern Nash   7-4
629: Justin Anderson, SW Randolph DEC Alex Palinski, Cardinal Gibbons   7-6
630: Luwolf Sanderson, South Brunswick DEC Gilbert Brooks, Burns   5-1

152 Lbs:
631: John Wiley, South Brunswick FALL Trevor Cook, Fred T Foard   PIN 4:44
632: David Peters-Logue, Orange TF Jared Nicholson, West Iredell   TF 22-7 5:25
633: Collin Munson, Forestview FOR Germiane Jordan, Hertford County   forfeit
634: Brandon Sloop, Carson - Jesse DEC Dakota Roberts, Western Harnett   4-3
635: Tre Young, Williams DEC Randy Gardner, SW Randolph   7-0
636: Khaleil Owens, Aycock DEC Quincey Toms, Kings Mountain   OT 7-5
637: Kenan Robertson, Robinson - Jay M. MAJOR Devontay Thomas, Eastern Guilford   14-1
638: Brandon Chancy, Rutherford.-Spin. FALL Elliot Whitehead, Rocky Mount   PIN 3:46

160 Lbs:
639: John Thornburg, Asheboro FALL William Wright, Triton   PIN 5:02
640: J. D. Wynn, Orange MAJOR Leonel Martell, North Gaston   11-2
641: Trequanman Crandall, D.H. Conley MAJOR Ruben Jurado, Concord   15-2
642: Markel Hemphill, Kings Mountain FALL Michael Reives, Southern Lee   PIN 5:05
643: Michael Thomas, Williams DEC Norquan Otis, Hunter Huss   6-0
644: Brandon Smith, Anson FALL Ben Davis, Hunt   pin :48
645: Hayden Albert, Fred T Foard FALL Roscoe Burnette, Chapel Hill   PIN 2:55
646: Devonte Dickens, Fike DEC Drake Patrum, Southern Guilford   8-4

170 Lbs:
647: Jaquan Bullock, Anson DEC Aaron Brooks, North Gaston   10-6
648: Robert Jackson, Overhills DEC Kyle Larson, Currituck County   4-3
649: Markus Cromwell, Statesville MAJOR Lee White, Enka   11-1
650: Austin Dixon, Rockingham County DEC Demion Tanquay-Penn, West Carteret   10-4
651: Janicento Williamson, Rocky Mount DEC Jacob Scarlett, Eastern Alamance   4-1
652: Jordan Billings, SW Randolph FALL Schafer LeMieux, Clyde A. Erwin   PIN 1:59
653: Darious Cox, Douglas Byrd DEC Blaine Bryant, Cleveland   12-5
654: Robert Smith, Brown - A L FALL Tyler Buff, Patton   PIN 1:29

182 Lbs:
655: Reggie Huff, Southern Nash FALL Tanner Small, Cox Mill   PIN 4:32
656: Brandon Dills, Enka DEC Avery Hazzard, Morehead   7-5
657: Ryan Johns, Mt Pleasant MAJOR Aubrey Browning, South Brunswick   13-4
658: Tiqeece Brown, Burns DEC Raymond Garrison, Douglas Byrd   8-7
659: Michael Brennan, Union Pines FALL Hunter Penley, Hibriten   PIN 3:45
660: Josh Childress, Jacksonville DEC Tyler Robbins, SW Randolph   5-1
661: Collin Johnson, North Gaston TF David Matheney, Overhills   TF 15-0 2:36
662: Michal Dickens, Northern Nash DEC Steven Strickland, Asheboro   10-5

195 Lbs:
663: Kacee Hutchinson, Enka FALL Jamarkus Swinson, Westover   PIN 1:00
664: Jordan Taylor, Robinson - Jay M. DEC Chance Wallace, Cleveland   5-2
665: Jarrel Lea, Orange MAJOR Joshua Sansbury, Asheville   11-0
666: Brian Capps, South Brunswick DEC Desean Pannell, Asheboro   7-2
667: Cole Wyrick, Northeast Guilford FALL Jeremy Tart, Triton   PIN 1:11
668: Brandon Rodriguez, BPO Academy DEC Michael Maness, Western Alamance   7-2
669: Wood Mancuso, West Carteret FALL Demetrey Benton, Hickory Ridge   PIN 3:12
670: Zack Edwards, Fred T Foard DEC Xavier Gregory, Southern Vance   2-1

220 Lbs:
671: Craig Bailes, Concord DEC Denzel Perry, Northern Nash   8-4
672: Kyle Dubois, Morehead DEC Mitchell Barker, Enka   6-4
673: Jacob McCann, Northeast Guilford FALL Thomas Wilt, Jacksonville   PIN 1:00
674: Wesley Dawson, Orange DEC Jake Copper, Hibriten   10-5
675: Josh Huskey, Union Pines FALL Nick Rotenberry, Fred T Foard   PIN 5:22
676: Holden Bohannon, Cleveland FALL Sharif Humes, Statesville   PIN 3:05
677: Chase Warren, Ashbrook TF Arthur Colson, Chapel Hill   TF 18-2 3:50
678: Josh Vivod, Ledford Senior MAJOR Sterling Mills, D.H. Conley   17-8

285 Lbs:
679: Josh Chapman, Hickory Ridge DEC Michael Doherty, Currituck County   3-0
680: James Passmore, North Gaston DEC Brinson Allen, JF Webb   4-1
681: Tamaris Lane, Nash Central FALL Joseph Lancaster, North Iredell   PIN 1:00
682: Andrew Franklin, Enka FALL Andreas Berryman, Union Pines   PIN 3:59
683: Daniel Carroll, West Henderson FALL Elijah Buxton, Grays Creek   PIN 4:43
684: Danny Edwards, Parkwood FALL Mathew Reed, Jacksonville   PIN 2:04
685: Michael Dotterer, Ashbrook FALL Alex Vazquez, Williams   PIN 1:59
686: Derrick Nelson, Havelock FALL Tre Sheppard, West Rowan   PIN 5:33


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No. 1 Olympic rebounds from slow start, bounces East Gaston in 4A playoffs

Olympic is one game away from a N.C. 4A Western Regional appearance.

The Trojans overcame a slow start to beat ME-GA 7 conference rival East Gaston 69-54 in the second round of the playoffs Friday. Olympic will play Alexander Central in Friday’s sectional championship game at home. Tip-off is likely to be 7 p.m.

Olympic got 17 ponits from Trey Mitchell, 14 from Josh Smith, 12 from Austin Dasent and 10 from D’Riece Parks. Nationally ranked junior recruit Allerik Freeman finished with seven.

East Gaston got 13 points from DeSean Murray.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Charlotte Latin's boys and girls finish runner-up at NCISAA swim championships

Charlotte Latin’s boys and girls finished runner-up in the N.C. Independent Schools’ 3A championships at the Greensboro Aquatic Center Tuesday.

Charlotte Latin’s girls finished with 247 points, just four behind winner Forsyth Country Day. Charlote Country Day was fourth (216) and Providence Day fifth (201).

The Latin boys (247) finished behind winner Greensboro Day (275). Country Day was third (202) and Providence Day sixth (152).

Latin got individual state championships from its boys 200 medley relay team, its girls 400 freestyle relay team, Hayes McCullagh (200 free, 100 butterfly), Michael Chadwick (200 IM) and Hope Dragelin (girls 100 butterfly).

Mecklenburg County individual winners included: Providence Day’s Bailey Burt (500 free), SouthLake Christian’s Austin Meletio (boys 100 breast), Cannon’s Maija Roses (girls 200 IM and girls 100 breast) and Covenant Day’s Kate Carter (500 free).

Monday, February 20, 2012

West Charlotte, Harding kick off playoffs with easy wins

West Charlotte, the defending N.C. 4A champion, beat I-Meck 4A conference rival Mooresville 77-52 in the first round of the N.C. 4A playoffs Monday.

The Lions led 24-11 after the first quarter and 39-24 at halftime en route to the easy win. West Charlotte center Kennedy Meeks finished with 20 points, 16 rebounds, four assists and two steals.

Michael Brown, a Western Carolina recruit, had 14 points, six assists, five rebounds and three steals.

-- Harding upset Sweet 16 No. 1 Olympic Friday and backed that win up Monday in the first round of the N.C. 3A playoffs.

The Rams, No. 3 in the Sweet 16, beat A.L. Brown 81-55. The Rams led 28-9 after the first quarter.

Harding star Jarvis Haywood had 27 points, five rebounds and teammates Emmanual Patton (23 points) and Tony Lowery (13 pionts, 10 rebounds, four steals, three assists) also had big games.

A.L. Brown got 12 points from Tevin Stark and 12 from Derrick Copeland.

Read more here: http://obsprepspot.blogspot.com/2012/02/harding-starts-playoffs-with-easy-win.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why losing could be good for No. 1 Olympic

The 1986 West Charlotte Lions can rest a little easy for another year.

There won't be another unbeaten 4A team from Mecklenburg County, at least not this year. The Lions, who won the '86 state title, were the last boys public school team from Mecklenburg to finish the season unbeaten.

This year, Olympic was having the greatest season -- in any sport -- the school had ever had and it was mounting a serious challenge to the Lions 26-year-old record.

Olympic's unbeaten dream ended Friday night.

Harding High, No. 3 in the Sweet 16, beat No. 1 Olympic Friday night in a thrilling ME-GA 7 championship game 61-55. The overtime loss ended Olympic's 52-game win streak against conference opponents.

But is losing good for the Trojans?

I was interviewing Olympic coach Ty Baumgardner Friday afternoon for an upcoming story and asked him if he felt losing before the playoffs might help take some of the pressure off.

His answer was emphatic -- and quick.

"No," he said. "I understand people's train of thought. They think that (losing) will get you refocused. Not with this group. I'm telling you. This group is special. They have been focused every single game and they are so locked in and so tight, it's a really tight group. I don't know if they know what pressure is to be honest with you. We're going to try to win the next game, then the next game. We've just been fortunate that we've won a lot of next games."

I remember Hopewell was similarly unbeaten, and similarly challenged, a few years ago when Harvard point guard Brandyn Curry was a junior in high school and the Titans were rolling like Olympic is now. Hopewell coach Eric Davis said to me then all the same things that Baumgardner said this afternoon.

He didn't want to lose either.

Hopewell was as talented as any Mecklenburg County team in the past 10 years, and the Titans played so loose and free in the regular-season. In the postseason, they played tighter and tighter as the playoffs wore on and the pressure of The Unbeaten Season grew. Ultimately, Hopewell lost in the regional championship against a team it should've beaten, looking like a shell of its former self.

This Olympic team, as Baumgardner said, is tough. It's got one of the best players, potentially, in Mecklenburg County history in junior Allerik Freeman, ranked No. 9 in America by ESPN. This loss should naturally refocus the Trojans as well as free them up. And there is no shame in losing to Harding, which has beaten reigning N.C. 4A champ West Charlotte at home and will now probably be elevated to a favorite's role in the 3A state championship race.

Here's where this could help Olympic, which lost in the state quarterfinals last year.

The players don't have to worry about being the guy who blows The Streak -- at the same time they're already worried about being the guy who blows a shot at states. Winning state is pressure enough. Also now, other teams won't come at Olympic with the same ferocity the Trojans have faced every night up to now.

I don't think Olympic's any worse now than they were Thursday afternoon. They'll probably fall out of USA Today's top 25 and drop from the top perch in the state polls and the Sweet 16, but they'll still be on a short list of the top teams in the state. And if you can go unbeaten -- when you're everybody's Super Bowl and get everyone's best effort -- what happens when you're not?

We're about to find out. The playoffs await. Olympic's new journey starts Monday night.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New conference realignment proposal for CMS released

The N.C. High School Athletic Association released its latest conference realignment proposal to area schools Thursday.

Here are the proposed, and now probable Mecklenburg County conferences:

Conference 6C: Butler, East Meck, Garinger, Independence, Myers Park, Porter Ridge, Rocky River

Conference 4C: Ardrey Kell, Berry, Charlotte Catholic, Harding, Olympic, Providence, South Mecklenburg, West Mecklenburg

Conference 5C: A.L. Brown, Hopewell, Hough, Mallard Creek, North Mecklenburg, Robinson, West Charlotte, Vance

To see the entire realignment proposal click here

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

West Charlotte holds off Vance again, plus buzzer beating video

Less than a week ago, West Charlotte guard Mike Brown dribbled nearly the length of the court before hitting a pull up jump shot to beat Vance 57-55 in a big regular-season game.

Wednesday night in the I-Meck 4A semifinals, the Lions needed some more late heroics to turn away Vance.

This time, Trey Foster made a three-point shot with 35 seconds left for a 62-59 lead and then hit two free throws for the Lions final points that sealed the win.

Here is video of Mike Brown's game-winner from a week ago. Here's a link to a feature on Brown.

A look at tonight's Meck County boys tournament semifinals

Tonight's Mecklenburg County boys semifinal matchups look pretty good on paper. A quick peek:

(at Mallard Creek)
No. 2 West Charlotte (21-5) vs Vance (14-10), 6 p.m.:
The Cougars have played the Lions close this year and it's a matchup of two of the area's top guards -- Vance's Derick Brewer (click here for more on Brewer) and West Charlotte's Mike Brown (click here for more on Brown).
Mallard Creek (17-6) vs No. 7 North Mecklenburg (21-4), 7:30 p.m.: North beat Mallard Creek by 22 at home but lost to Mallard Creek by five. The Vikings need to beat Mallard Creek on the road tonight to advance to Friday's championship.

ME-GA 7 3A/4A
(all games at Berry Academy)
No. 3 Harding (20-4) vs. No. 15 Charlotte Catholic (20-5), 6 p.m.: Harding has won eight of nine games, but split two games with Catholic. Each team won at home. Catholic has won three of four.
No. 1 Olympic (24-0) vs. Berry (18-7), 7:30 p.m.: Olympic jumped to No. 25 in USA Today's national poll this week. Berry, for now, is out of the playoffs and must win the tournament to ensure a postseason bid in 3A.

(at Ardrey Kell)
Myers Park (16-9) vs. Butler (15-10), 6 p.m.: The teams split the regular season meetings, but Myers Park has lost two of its past four games. Butler has won three of four behind the Observer's Southwestern 4A player of the year pick, guard Zach Ferguson (click here to read more on Zach). Click here to see the Observer's picks.
No. 4 South Mecklenburg (21-4) vs. E. Mecklenburg (14-10), 7:30 p.m.: South has won eight straight games, including a 57-50 win on Senior Night at East Mecklenburg that the Eagles haven't forgotten about. East star guard Jerrin Morrison returned in that game after missing five games with a knee sprain. He should be close to 100 percent tonight.

See complete coverage from Tuesday's games. Click here

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/02/15/3013912/area-high-school-basketball-tournaments.html#storylink=cpy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maiden High hires former Clemson OL coach Buddy King as new football coach

Former Clemson offensive line coach Buddy King was named Maiden High's head football coach Tuesday.

King coached on Danny Ford's 1981 national championship Clemson team and also had jobs at Arkansas, LSU, South Carolina, Wake and Wofford.

King is a 1974 Clemson graduate, where he played on the team.

Most recently, King was an offensive line coach at Goose Creek (S.C.) High.

King replaces Brian Brown, who resigned last year. Brown coached Maiden for four years

Monday, February 13, 2012

Butler QB Riley Ferguson gets Auburn offer

Butler High QB Riley Ferguson, a 6-foot-3 junior, picked up an offer Auburn Friday He picked up three last week, his mother told the Observer.

Last week, Ferguson got offers from national champion Alabama, North Carolina and South Florida.

Ferguson threw for 3,345 yards and 48 touchdowns last season, leading Butler to the N.C. 4AA quarterfinals. As a sophomore, he led the Bulldogs to the N.C. 4AA championship.

Ferguson previously had offers from Clemson,  Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

High School Conference Tournament Pairings

I-Meck 4A
(all games at Mallard Creek)
 Monday's first round: No. 7 Lake Norman vs. No. 2 North Meck, 4 p.m.; No. 6 Hopewell vs. No. 3 Mallard Creek, 5:20 p.m.; No. 5 Vance vs. No. 4 Mooresville, 6:45 p.m.; No. 8 Hough vs. No. 1 West Charlotte, 8 p.m.
Wednesday's semifinals: W. Charlotte/Hough winner vs. Mooresville/Vance winner, 6 p.m.; Mallard Creek/Hopewell winner vs. Lake Norman/North Meck winner, 7:30 p.m.
Friday's championship: semifinal winners, 8 p.m.

ME-GA 7 3A/4A
(all games at Berry)
Monday's first round: No. 7 Garinger vs. No. 2 Charlotte Catholic, 5 p.m.; No. 6 West Meck vs. No. 3 Harding, 6:30 p.m.; No. 5 East Gaston vs. No. 4 Berry, 8 p.m. (No. 1 Olympic, bye)
Wednesday's semifinals: Garinger/Harding winner vs. West Meck/Harding winner, 6 p.m.; Olympic vs. East Gaston/Berry winner, 7:30 p.m.
Friday's championship: semifinal winners, 8 p.m.
Northwestern 3A/4A
Monday's first round pairings: No. 5 South Caldwell at No. 4 Watauga, 7 p.m.; No. 7 Hibriten at No. 2 Alexander Central, 8 p.m.; No. 6 Foard at St. Stephens, 7 (No. 1 Hickory, bye)
Wednesday's semifinals at Hickory: No. 1 Hickory vs. Watauga/S. Caldwell winner, 6:30 p.m.; Foard/St. Stephens winner vs. Alexander/Hibriten winner, 8 p.m.
Friday's champonship at Hickory: semifinal winners, 8 p.m.
Southwestern 4A
Monday's first round pairings at South Meck: No. 5 Rocky River vs. No. 4 East Meck, 6 p.m.; No. 8 Independence vs No. 1 South Meck, 7:30 p.m.;
Monday's first round pairings at Myers Park: No. 3 Butler vs. No. 6 Ardrey Kell, 6 p.m.; No. 2 Myers Park vs. No. 7 Providence, 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday's semifinal pairings at Ardrey Kell: Providence/Myers Park winner vs. Butler/Ardrey Kell winner, 6 p.m.; South Meck/Independence winner vs. E. Meck/Rocky River winner, 7:30 p.m.
Friday's championship at Ardrey Kell: semifinal winners, 8 p.m.
Big South 3A
Monday’s first round at higher seeds: No. 7 North Gaston at No. 2 Hunter Huss, 7 p.m.; No. 6  Kings Mountain at No. 3 Ashbrook, 7:30; No. 5 Crest at No. 4 South Point, 7:30; No. 1 Forestview, bye
Wednesday’s semifinals at Forestview: KMountain/Ashbrook winner vs. N. Gaston/Huss winner, 6; Crest/South Point winner vs. Forestview, 7:30 p.m.
Friday’s championship at Forestview: Semifinal winners, 7:30

I-Meck 4A
(all games at Mallard Creek)
Tuesday's first round:
No. 7 Vance vs. No. 2 Hough, 4 p.m.; No. 6 Lake Norman vs. No. 3 Mallard Creek, 5:20 p.m.; No. 5 North Meck vs. No. 4 West Charlotte, 6:45 p.m.; No. 8 Mooresville vs. No. 1 Hopewell, 8 p.m.

Thursday's semifinals: Hopewell/Mooresville winner vs. W. Charlotte/N. Meck winner, 6 p.m.; Mallard Creek/Lake Norman winner vs. Hough/Vance winner, 7:30 p.m.
Friday's championship: semifinal winners, 6:30 p.m.

ME-GA 7 3A/4A

(all games at Berry)
Tuesday's first round: No. 7 Garinger vs. No. 2 Harding, 5 p.m.; No. 6 Olympic vs. No. 3 Charlotte Catholic, 6:30 p.m.; No. 5 East Gaston vs. No. 4 West Meck, 8 p.m. (No. 1 Berry, bye)
Thursday's semifinals: Harding-Garinger winner vs. Olympic-Catholic winner, 6; Berry vs. East Gaston-West Meck winner, 7:30  p.m.
Friday's championship: semifinal winners, 6:30 p.m.
Northwestern 3A/4A
Monday's first round: No. 5 Watauga at No. 4 Foard, 7 p.m.; No. 7 St. Stephens at No. 2 Alexander Central, 6:30 p.m.; No. 6 Hibriten at No. 3 South Caldwell, 7 p.m. (No. 1 Hickory bye)
Tuesday's semifinals at Hickory: Hickory vs. Foard/Watauga winner, 6:30 p.m.; Alexander/St. Stephens winner vs. S. Caldwell/Hibriten winner, 8 p.m.
Friday's championship at Hickory: Semifinal winners, 6:30 p.m.
Southwestern 4A
Tuesday's first round at Myers Park: No. 5 Independence vs. No. 4 Rocky River, 6 p.m.; No. 1 Myers Park vs. No. 8 South Mecklenburg, 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday's first round at Ardrey Kell: No. 3 Butler vs. No. 6 Providence, 6 p.m.; No. 2 Ardrey Kell vs. No. 7 East Mecklenburg, 7:30 p.m.
Thursday's semifinals at Ardrey Kell: Butler/Providence winner vs. Ardrey Kell/East Meck winner, 6 p.m.; Myers Park/South Meck winner vs. Rocky River/Independence winner, 7:30 p.m.
Friday's championship at Ardrey Kell: semifinal winners, 6:30 p.m.
Big South 3A

Monday’s first round: No. 7 Hunter Huss at No. 2 Crest, 6 p.m.; No. 6 Kings Mountain at No. 3 South Point, 6  p.m.; No. 5 North Gaston at No. 4 Ashbrook, 6 p.m.; No. 1 Forestview, bye
Thursday’s semifinals at Forestview: KMountain/S. Point winner vs. Huss/Crest winner, 6; N. Gaston/Ashbrook winner. Forestview, 7:30 p.m.
Friday’s championship at Forestview: Semifinal winners, 6

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Top Performers

Brooke Brown, Charlotte Latin girls: 27 points (teammate Austin Garland had 20) in a 62-58 overtime win oer Cannon School.
Steven Burrough, Harding: 15 points, nine rebounds in 58-57 win over Berry that may seal up MEGA 7’s final 3A playoff spot. Teammate Tony Lowery had 12 points and 13 rebounds plus Aaron Linton had 14 points, six assists, five rebounds, three steals.
Mikalia Butler, Highland Tech girls: 35 points in 59-55 win over Cherryville
Gregory Childress, Albemarle: 26 points in 78-57 win over Chatham Central.
Donte’ Clark, Kennedy Charter: 6-4 junior guard had 16 assists plus 10 points, eight rebounds and two steals in 102-49 win over Durham’s Kestral Heights. Teammates J.J. Douglas (20 points, 12 rebounds), Che Bob (19 points, six rebounds, four steals) and B.J. Gladden (20 points, eight rebounds) played well. Clark, a natural shooting guard, played point in place of Jalen White (groin).
Dustin Dodd, Hickory Grove: 29 points, 11 rebounds in 67-60 win over SouthLake Christian.
Zach Ferguson, Butler: 29 points, 12 rebounds, three steals and two assists in 65-62 win over rival Independence.
Jaymee Fisher-Davis, Butler girls: 19 points, seven steals, four assists in 56-36 win over arch rival Independence.
Anika Jones, Shelby: 26 points, nine assists, seven rebounds, two steals in 70-48 win over Burns.
Jayla Joyner, Hickory Grove girls: 21 points, 12 rebounds, two steals in 66-58 win over SouthLake Christian. Teammate Hannah Griffin had 13 points and 15 rebounds.
Shawn Lester, Mooresville: Scored his 1,500th career point in 72-51 win over rival Lake Norman. Lester is a  Charlotte 49ers signee. Lester had 20 points and teammate Brandon Bego had 15 and 10 rebounds.
Maryah Mazyck, Charlotte Christian girls: 12 points, 10 rebounds, six steals, two assists in 54-42 win over rival Country Day. Christian played without star center Gigi Bailey, who is sick.
Tiffany Mitchell, Providence Day girls: 22 points, seven rebounds, four assists and three steals in 60-45 win over Carolina Day, the reigning N.C. 2A Independent Schools champs.
Raven Mobley, Northside Christian girls: 21 points, five steals, four assists, two rebounds in 52-40 win over Gaston Chrsitian. Teammates Cayla Peterson and Mary Badgett combined for 13 points and 27 rebounds.
Gabrielle McClain, West Charlotte girls: 16 points, 16 rebounds, three steals, three assists in a 56-50 win over Vance Thursday. Vance’s Diamond Foggie had 23 points.
Jevon Patton, Highland Tech: 36 points, eight assists, seven steals, seven rebounds in 72-56 win over Cherryville to win Highland’s first conference title.
Christelle Shembo, Ardrey Kell girls: 21 points, 10 rebounds, four steals in 59-38 win over Providence. Oceania Anderson had 15 points, five assists, four steals and rebounds.
Keyshawn Woods, Gaston Day: 33 points, seven rebounds, three assists, two steals in 97-78 win over Statesville Christian. Teammates Shontrell Hopper (25 points, eight rebounds) and Ray Chen (20 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, three steals) had big games.

McDonald's All American rosters announced

Here are rosters for the 2012 McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Game. The girls game tips March 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the United Center in Chicago. The boys game will follow

Boys Game

Girls Game

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prep football players must sit one play if helmet comes off

Beginning next fall, when a high school football player's helmet comes off while the ball is live, he'll be required to sit out at least one play.

This was one of eight rules approved by the National Federation of State High School Association Football Rules Committee. The N.C. High School Athletic Association, which has nearly 400 schools including the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is a member of the National Federation.

“The committee made this rules change after reviewing data from multiple states regarding the frequency of helmets coming off during live-ball play,” said Julian Tackett, chair of the Football Rules Committee and commissioner of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. “It is the committee’s hope that this serves notice for schools to properly fit players with helmets to reduce the incidence of these situations and remind the players not to take steps that alter the fit.”

Other new changes included:

-- A new interpretation of a legal catch. A receiver now will be required to establish possession of the ball and contact the ground in-bounds while maintaining possession – regardless of the opponent’s action.

“In previous years, the covering official could have ruled that an airborne player attempting to catch the ball would have come down inbounds, but was prevented from doing so because of contact by the opponent,” said Bob Colgate, NFHS director of sports and sports medicine and liaison to the Football Rules Committee. “Now, the player must establish possession and contact the ground inbounds for a legal catch.”

-- State associations and their member schools can place corporate advertising and/or commercial markings on the field of play. These types of markings previously were only allowed in the end zones and outside the field.

Rule 1-2-3l will state that while corporate advertising and/or commercial markings will be allowed, the markings may not obstruct the yard lines, hash marks or nine-yard marks.

-- A risk-minimization change was made to Rule 2-3-7 that changes an interpretation for blocking below the waist.

“The previous interpretation was that it was not a foul for a player to block below the waist if the hand(s) of the opponent was first contacted below the waist,” Colgate said. “This revision changes that interpretation and stipulates that such action is a foul.”

-- After experimentation in Minnesota and Iowa, the committee revised Rule 9-3-8 to prohibit members of the kicking team from initiating contact (blocking) against members of the receiving team until the ball has broken the plane of the receiving team’s restraining line, or until the kicking team is eligible to recover the free kick.

-- The other three rules changes approved by the committee include Rule 1-5-3c(8), which expands the list of illegal equipment to include play cards that are not worn on the wrist or arm, as well as Rule 9-4-3h, which now states that grasping the tooth and mouth protector, as well as the face mask, is a foul. Also, to provide guidance to game officials, the committee clarified Rule 9-4-3k by adding the direction in which the opponent was pulled during a horse-collar.

-- Finally, the NFHS decided to extend the effective date of its new glove rule from 2012 to 2013. During the 2012 season, both gloves meeting the current standard and gloves meeting the new standard will be legal for play.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marvin Ridge's Sara Maleski wins NCHSAA diving championship

Marvin Ridge freshman Sara Maleski won the N.C. High School 3A diving state championship Wednesday in Raleigh, running up 404.35 points.

Pikeville Aycock sophomore Devin Hall won his second straight boys 3A title.

Diving continues Thursday with the 1A/2A meet at 2:45. The 4A finals are Friday at 1:45 p.m.

The state swim championships begin with 3A competition Thursday at Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary. The 1A/2A is Friday and the 4A Saturday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

NY Giant Hakeem Nicks shares Super Bowl moment with his high school coach

Before New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was a Super Bowl champion, he was a North Carolina Tar Heel. Before he was a Tar Heel, he played for coach Tom Knotts at Independence High School.

Knotts is probably the best high school football coach in N.C. history, with teams he constructed once winning 109 games in a row and seven state championships in seven seasons.

Before Nicks' senior year, Knotts drove him two hours to Chapel Hill and basically convinced the Tar Heels coaches to offer Nicks a scholarship. And Nicks hadn't played much at all as a junior.

Knotts knew Nicks was special. Nicks became one of the best wide receivers the Tar Heels have had. Sunday night, Nicks became a Super Bowl champion when New York beat New England 21-17.

Nicks never forgot where he came from, inviting Knotts to the game. Another former Knotts' player, Cleveland Brown Mohamed Massaquoi, tweeted a photo of Nicks and Knotts after the Giants' big win.

Massaquoi said Knotts texted him Monday, saying that it was up to Massaquoi to get the Browns to the Super Bowl next -- and invite his old high school coach.

In a tweet, Massaquoi said Nicks told him, "You've got to make that happen."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Players of the (last) week and the top games this week

Jaymee Fisher-Davis, Butler girls: Scored 19 points Thursday to lead her team to a 48-45 win, ending No. 2 Berry's 17-game win streak. Friday, Fisher-Davis had 21 in a win against Providence. Brandi Segars, Rocky River girls: 25 points, eight rebounds, three steals in 51-47 win Friday against rival Independence. She had a team-high 15 points Tuesday against East Mecklenburg. Robbie Sterling, East Gaston boys: 24 points, 17 rebounds in 79-72 win Friday against South Point, plus 13 points and 20 rebounds Tuesday against Garinger. Sterling is a 6-foot-8 senior. Jevon Patton, Highland Tech boys: 26 points, 12 assists, seven rebounds, five steals in 60-56 win Tuesday over No. 16 Lincolnton and 31 points, 10 assists, six steals in 59-52 win against Lake Norman Charter. Shannon Hines, R-S Central girls: Scored 21 in a 71-51 win Friday over Shelby that gave R-S Central (20-1, 11-0) its first conference championship since 1988. Hines has a school-record 2,001 career points. No. 12 Charlotte Christian at Charlotte Latin boys, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.: The Knights beat Latin 84-67 last month at home. Another win likely will give Charlotte Christian (19-6, 5-0) the CISAA championship. The Hawks (14-8, 4-1) have won four of their past five games. Butler at No. 13 South Mecklenburg boys, Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: The Sabres can win a share of the Southwestern 4$ championship. South Meck (18-4, 10-2) has a one-game lead on Butler (13-9, 9-3) and Myers Park (14-8, 9-3). Mallard Creek at No. 4 West Charlotte boys, Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: The Lions (18-5, 10-2) can win the I-Meck 4A championship by beating Mallard Creek (15-5, 9-3). North Meck (18-4, 9-3) also is tied for second, but with two games to play, West Charlotte has beaten Mallard Creek once and North Meck twice. No. 7 Berry at No. 3 Harding boys, Friday, 7:45 p.m.: Only two teams in the ME-GA 7 3A/4A get two automatic 3A playoff berths. Berry (17-5, 6-4) and Harding (17-4, 6-4) are tied. Berry also will have a huge game Tuesday at home with No. 1 Olympic. The girls' game Friday also could decide the conference title. Berry (18-2, 10-0) has a one-game lead on Harding (16-2, 9-1). Carolina Day at No. 4 Providence Day girls, Friday, 6 p.m.: A rematch of perhaps the top private school teams in the state. Carolina Day, the N.C. Independent Schools 2A champ, beat Providence Day 62-52 at home last month. The Chargers are the reigning 3A state champs.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kennedy Charter adds game with national No. 1 Oak Hill Academy

Kennedy Charter has added a game at national power Oak Hill Friday Feb. 24. Kennedy Charter (15-2), which averages an Observer-area best 93.4 points per game, has won four straight games and has four double figure scorers: Javonte’ Douglas (17.4), Donte’ Clark (15.1), Jalen White (13.3) and B.J. Gladden (10.2). Each one is a junior Division I recruit.

Oak Hill, which features N.C. State recruit and Statesville native Tyler Lewis, at point guard, is 32-0 and ranked No. 1 nationally by ESPN and USA Today.

Garth Adams named new AD at Cannon School

Garth Adams has been named the new athletics director at Cannon School in Concord.

He held a similar  position for more than a decade at Kingswood Oxford School, a private school in West Hartford, Conn. During his tenure, Kingswood won 26 New England or Western New England championships and three sportsmanship awards.

Adams, who has an undergraduate and a law degree from Florida, was selected from a group of more than 180 applications in a three-month national search.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Charlotte Observer Area College Signings

Here are reported area signings to the Observer:
ALBEMARLE: Desi Dockery, Davidson (football); Steffi Dutton, Bluefield College (volleyball)
ALEXANDER CENTRAL: Lucas Hayes, Lenoir-Rhyne (football)
A.L. BROWN: Damien Washington, North Carolina (football); Gerald Holt, Liberty (football); Hunter Morris, The Citadel (football); Kaleel Hollis, Lenoir-Rhyne (football); Darius Rice, Coffeyville Community College (football)
ARDREY KELL: Romeo Okwara, Notre Dame (football); Kendall Brown, football (Charlotte)
BANDYS: Travis McCorkle, N.C. Central (football)
BERRY: Nick Dawson, football (Louisville); Kedrick Davis, North Carolina (football); Germone Hopper, Clemson (football); Cameron Hudson, East Carolina (track)
BURNS: Brandon Littlejohn, Western Carolina (football); Darius Ramsey, West Carolina (football); Whitney Wellmon, Brevard (women's soccer)
BUTLER: Zach Ferguson, Lenoir-Rhyne (football)
CHARLOTTE CATHOLIC: Mark Harrell, Notre Dame (football); Matt Cicotta, Marshall (football); David Herlocker, Richmond (football); Ryann Anderson, Air Force (women's gymnastics); Amanda Steiner, Belmont Abbey; Johnny Archer, Presbyterian (soccer)
CHARLOTTE CHRISTIAN: Erik Markwat, North Greenville University (baseball); Colin Kellermeyer, UNC-Pembroke (baseball); Devland Zakar, Louisburg Jr College (baseball)
CHARLOTTE COUNTRY DAY: Esty Byrd, William & Mary (field hockey); Raina Johnson, South Carolina (soccer); Courtney Stutts, Va Tech (women's soccer)
CHARLOTTE LATIN: Spencer Ball, Georgetown (football); Paul Griggs, Purdue (football); Brandon Jordi, Richmond (soccer); Mia Kane, Davidson (field hockey)
CHASE: Carlos Watkins, Clemson (football)
COX MILL: Kaylee Akers, Belmont Abbey (women's soccer); Travis Watkins, East Carolina (baseball)
EAST GASTON: Nathan Benfield, Lenoir-Rhyne (football)
EAST MECKLENBURG: Sam Shisso, Miami, Ohio (football)
FOREST HILLS: Matt Privette, football (App State)
FORT MILL NATION FORD: Jay Jay McCullough, Clemson (football): JT Boyd, East Carolina (football); Abri Tate, Bryant (football); Sean Potts-Harris, Southern Tech (football); Reid Grayson, Navy (soccer); Conner Agnew, N.C. State (soccer); Katie Bright, Eastern Kentucky (women's soccer); Ellen Bright, USC-Upstate (women's soccer); Payten Johnson, Anderson (women's soccer)
FRED T. FOARD: Tanner Fleming, Air Force (football)
HOUGH: Brandon Mobley, Campbell (football); Lindsey Byrne, UNC-Wilmington (women's soccer); Morgan Byrne, UNC-Wilmington (women's soccer); Allison Stearsn, UNC-Wilmington (women's soccer); Jaron Bradley, UNC-Asheville (soccer); Nathaniel Goodwin, UNC-Wilmington (soccer); Santiago Patino, soccer (UNC-Wilmington); Payton Schrum, N.C. State (swimming)
INDEPENDENCE: Austin Duke, Charlotte (football); Drew Morgan, Catawba (football); Morgan Brigman, Winthrop (women's soccer); Jessica Dellinger, Coker College (women's soccer)
INDIAN LAND: Rondreas Truesdale, Delta State (football)
KINGS MOUNTAIN: Edward Blackburn, Lenoir-Rhyne (football); Breanna Stevens, Anderson (women's soccer); Mary Kathryn Pasour, Pfeiffer (women's soccer); Shea Cogdell, USC-Salkehatchie (softball)
MAIDEN: Matt Johnson, Charlotte (football); Will Jenkins, Fayetteville State (football)
MALLARD CREEK: Takhare Donalson, Winston-Salem State (football); Jamel Harbison, Minnesota (football); Jela Duncan, Duke (football); Rendall Mash, Fayetteville State (football); Jamal Huggins, Fayetteville State (football); Corey Miller, Furman (football); Mike Savage, W. Virginia Wesleyan (football); Spencer Allen, Citadel (football); D.J. Humphries, Florida (football)
MARVIN RIDGE: Marissa Hartert, Mercer (women's soccer); Jordan Henry, Iona (women's basketball); Tyler Chadwick, Coastal Carolina (baseball); Kyle Parker, Charlotte University (soccer); Mikayla Sweeney, Virginia Tech (women's lacrosse); Kim Lippe, Charlotte University (cheerleading); Caitlyn Colo, App State (women's track/cross-country); Luke Stennett, J.C. Smith (football); Walker Bettison, Berry College (lacrosse)
MONROE: Mason Sledge, Charlotte (football)
MYERS PARK: Emmett Howle, Citadel (football); Napoleon Belk, N.C. Central (football); Mychal Turner, Mars Hill (football); Anna Gelbach, track (UNC-Asheville); Kasey Spencer, Alabama-Huntsville (track); Emily Shuler, Lipscomb (soccer)
NORTH MECKLENBURG: Terrence Clyburn, UNC-Pembroke (football)
OLYMPIC: Keith McAfee, Hampton (football); Cason Beatty, Florida State (football, now enrolled)
PIEDMONT: Alex Griffin, Catawba (cross-country and swimming)
PORTER RIDGE: Shane Burns, Davidson (football); Lee McNeill, Charlotte (football); Thomas LaBianca, Charlotte (football)
PROVIDENCE DAY: Sam Frye, The Citadel (football); Nick Velardo, Richmond (football)
PROVIDENCE: Harrison Monk, Furman (football); Xander Maddox, Richmond (football); Impa Kasanganay, Carson Newman (football); Ben Burdon, High Point (soccer); Brandon Kardos, soccer (Charlotte); Ward Garvin, soccer (Navy)
ROCK HILL SOUTH POINTE: Tay Hicklin, Ga. Southern (football); Montay Crockett, Ga. Southern (football); Corey Neely, Ga. Southern (football); JaRyan Jennings, Newberry (football)
SOUTHLAKE CHRISTIAN: Bri Mack, Western Carolina (women's basketball); Bethany Spano, UNC-Asheville (women's soccer); Taylor Jurney, Citadel (football)
SOUTH MECKLENBURG: Austin Yearwood, High Point (soccer); Bennett Yort, Furman (soccer); Casey Blaser, Duke (football)
SOUTH STANLY: Jalen Holt, Charlotte (football)
SUN VALLEY: Jared Barr, Charlotte (football); Jody Fuller, football (South Carolina); Lisolette Solo, Pittsburgh (Gymnastics)
WESTMINSTER CATAWBA: Courtney Selle, Taylor University (women's soccer)
WEST CHARLOTTE: Greg Cunningham, Charlotte (football); T.J. Mixon, football (Hampton)
WEST ROWAN: Allison Baucom, Catawba (women's soccer)
YORK: Corey Dover, Newberry (football); Andre Foulks, Wingate (football)