Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Myers Park boys, Hough girls hit first place in conference with big wins Tuesday

Myers Park stops East Meck in battle for first place in SW4A first place teams
Myers Park helped break a four-way tie for first place in the Southwestern 4A with a 60-52 win over East Mecklenburg.

The Mustangs (12-7, 7-2) won for the fourth straight time and kept up with South Meck (15-4, 7-2) and Butler (11-7, 7-2) in the league championship race. Patrick Wallace had 24 points for Myers Park and teammate Alex Garner finished with 15.

East Mecklenburg (11-7, 6-3) had a six-game win streak snapped, but the Eagles – who got 14 points from Miles Leathers Tuesday and 12 from Jaye Hunt – can get right back into the league championship race with a win at Butler Friday in another huge conference game.

Hough girls stop Hopewell, take over first place in I-Meck 4A

Hough’s girls held Hopewell to only six points in the first half and won 39-31 Tuesday night. The win put Hough (12-6, 8-1) alone in first place in the I-Meck 4A. Hopewell (12-6, 7-2) fell into a second place tie with Mallard Creek (14-3, 7-2).

Hough got 12 points each from Kelsey Dean and Julia Brown. Hopewell’s Sharee Boyd had a game-high 15 points.


Anonymous said...

That Patrick Wallace can play! He is undoubtedly the best passer in the city, and his 3 pt. shot is impressive as well...I heard he beat one of the Currys in a FT shooting contest.

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