Monday, December 26, 2011

Could UNC Charlotte host NC High School championship games?

Recently, I started thinking about how good it would be for the annual Shrine Bowl football game, played between the best high school seniors in the Carolinas, to come back to Charlotte. The game should be played at UNC Charlotte. You can read more about that here.

But the possibility of using UNC Charlotte's upcoming 15,000 seat facility to host the prep all-star football game got me to thinking:

It would also be great to use it to host a N.C. state championship football game or two. Currently, the N.C. High School Athletic Association holds its championship games at Wake Forest, North Carolina and N.C. State.

Those three venues split eight championship games.

Adding Charlotte to the mix would allow each venue to host two games, and Charlotte is probably the most "right sized" venue of the quartet. The others swallow up the crowd, and coming to UNC Charlotte's campus would add a more western site to the mix, where most title games in all sports are held up east, near Raleigh-Durham.

And Charlotte would be great for basketball, too. The 9,000 seat Halton Arena is just perfect for the state championship basketball games. Currently, they're at the Dean Smith Center and Reynolds Coliseum. Smith Center is huge, but nice, and Reynolds is more the right size. Charlotte is the right size and the 49ers fans love basketball; and of course, the 49ers athletics staff probably wouldn't be too upset about the prospect of some of the state's top players coming to play on their campus and some of the state's best players coming to watch the games in their pretty facility.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Halton is nicer than Reynolds Coliseum. Much nicer. The Dean Dome is too big and all that ugly baby blue can give fans headaches too. Joel Coliseum is nice, but a little too big.

The city of Charlotte can benefit nicely if/when these games are played on Charlotte's campus.

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea, Langston! I posted this idea on the NINER NATION.NET message board after I read your suggestion to host the Shrine Bowl. Hope it gets some traction. Hosting a b-ball championship would be great too.

49RFBN said...

Nice ideas; like UNC Charlotte getting a much needed medical school, Chapel Hole will never allow any of this to happen. All must worship at the fairy blue Well.

Event company said...

Great and nice idea...