Monday, November 7, 2011

Marvin Ridge in, South Point slides down in Sweet 16 poll

Weddington High School pulled off what may’ve been the biggest upset of the year Friday night, winning 23-17 at Belmont South Point. That allowed Weddington’s Union County rival, Marvin Ridge, a 3A team, to move into the Observer’s Sweet 16.

Marvin Ridge, which has only lost to 4A Porter Ridge, plays at No. 3 Charlotte Catholic in a second round playoff game Friday.

South Point (10-1) was ranked No. 4 in the Sweet 16 last week, the second-highest ranked 3A team behind No. 3 Charlotte Catholic. South Point was No. 1, one spot ahead of Catholic, in the Associated Press N.C. media poll.
Weddington’s win ended South Point’s season and dropped the Red Raiders from No. 4 to No. 10.

One other Sweet 16 team fell in the first round.

No. 12 Olympic lost 28-6 to unranked Myers Park as the Mustangs avenged a 10-9 regular-season loss suffered while starting quarterback Ross Jeffries was out with an injury. Jeffries threw for 144 yards Friday and led his team to 334 total yards.

Rk. Team (Class) Rec. Pvs.

1 Mallard Creek (4A) 11-0 1
2 Butler (4A) 10-1 2
3 Charlotte Catholic (3A) 11-0 3
4 Porter Ridge (4A) 11-0 5
5 Burns (3A) 10-1 6
6 Rock Hill South Pointe (3A) 10-1 7
7 A.L. Brown (3A) 11-1 8
8 West Rowan (3A) 10-2 9
9 Independence (4A) 10-2 10
10 Belmont South Point (3A) 10-1 4
11 South Iredell (2A) 12-0 11
12 Mooresville (4A) 10-2 13
13 Lincolnton (2A) 11-1 14
14 Albemarle (1A) 11-1 15
15 South Caldwell (4A) 11-1 16
16 Marvin Ridge (3A) 10-1 16

Dropped Out: Olympic (4A, 9-3). On the bubble: Ardrey Kell (4A, 8-3); Crest (3A, 9-3); Myers Park (4A, 8-4); Providence Day (IND, 9-2); Salisbury (2A, 10-2); Weddington (3A, 7-4)
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit?


Anonymous said...

It's a shame it took until now to get Marvin Ridge into your poll. Probably a product of Union County bias, since you were still picking Berry to beat them last Friday. A thorough beatdown like 31-12 (and it wasn't even that close) might finally provide a wake-up call that Meck County isn't the only place where good football gets played.

Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out that South Point, Belmont, suffered a crushing blow in the 2nd quarter last Friday night when their starting QB's ankle was broken after being tackled. Otherwise, it would have been a totally different game.

Anonymous said...

It should also be pointed out that even with South Points "great quarterback" Weddington was still holding them first quarter when South Pointe had their QB. And the one pass that the South Pointe QB did throw it was intercepted by a weddington safety. And honestly, Weddington is the step child of the system... Sure everyone thinks union county has no talent when it comes to football but on the news when they do show union county Marvin Ridge is the one school from the county that they show the highlights of every week no matter if they win or lose.

Rick Thames said...

To 5:20pm Anonymous...

Could have, would have, should have...

South Point LOST! Own up to it!

Weddington came with their "A" Game, which was indeed needed to beat
a dominant team like Belmont South Point. Yet, don't waste anyone's time by giving excuses, just because you now have nothing else to do. Sorry, your season is OVER, South Point.

The Southern Carolina Conference has been SOOO overlooked by Langston Wertz this year, that it illustrates his bias toward Meck County. Unfortunately, it also reflects upon Langston's credibility.

Well Langston, with Marvin Ridge, Weddington, Sun Valley, and Porter Ridge all showing their muscle last Friday, it will be interesting to see if your beloved A.L. Brown and Charlotte Catholic make it past this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Langston Burns is 11-1 not 10-1

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of talent in Union County....It is a shame they do not come out and cover the kids more often. Get over the Weddington/Marvin Ridge bias. Both school's have a proud tradition of Athletics and we have seen some great kids go thru both systems. If you would have told people in the beginning of the season that SV,PR,Wedd,MR would still in the playoff's, nobody would have believed you. Hat's off to all of the programs.

Anonymous said...

South Point -- you are still CHAMPS as went undefeated the whole season and stats show how much better you played than Weddington. Congrats to being your division champ!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any other conference in the state went 4-0 on the first weekend like the Southern Carolina Conference? Includes 3 comfortable wins and a close upset over an undefeated team. BTW, Union County as a whole went 9-1 over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

It appears as both Catholic and Brown will make it past tonight... rather easily!!