Monday, November 21, 2011

Big shift in the Observer's Sweet 16 football poll

With two weeks left in the regular season, the Sweet 16 championship is still up for grabs. One thing is for certain, however, there will be a new champion this year.

Butler has won the past two state championships in the N.C. 4AA class and won the past two Sweet 16 football championships. But the Bulldogs had two important streaks end this year. To start the season,
Butler lost 28-20 to Mallard Creek, ending a 31-game win streak.

Friday night in Greensboro, the Bulldogs blew a 26-6 lead and lost to unbeaten Greensboro Page 40-26. That ended Butler’s 12-game playoff win streak, and ended Butler’s hopes for a third straight state title, too.

Butler fell from No. 2 to No. 6 in the Sweet 16 this week, allowing Charlotte Catholic to move up a spot to No. 2.

The Cougars will try to reach the N.C. 3AA championship Friday at home against Crest, which is back in the poll this week at No. 16. Crest moved in after Myers Park dropped out, following last week’s 42-10 loss to No. 1 Mallard Creek. The Mustangs were only down four points to the nationally ranked Mavericks at halftime, but Mallard Creek scored five touchdowns in nine plays early in the second half to bust the game open.

Now, Mallard Creek will go to Greensboro Page in a battle of unbeaten teams for the right to go to the N.C. 4AA finals in Winston-Salem.

Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Pvs.
1     Mallard Creek (4A)     13-0    1
2     Charlotte Catholic (3A)    13-0    3
3     Porter Ridge (4A)    13-0    4
4     Burns (3A)    12-1    5
5      Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)     12-1    6
6     Butler (4A)    11-2    2
7     West Rowan (3A)    12-2    8
8     Mooresville (4A)    12-2    9
9     A.L. Brown (3A)    12-2    7
10     Lincolnton (2A)    13-1    11
11     Albemarle (1A)    13-1    12
12     Independence (4A)    10-3    13
13     South Point (3A)    10-1    14
14     Providence Day (IND)    10-2    15
15     Crest (3A)     10-3    NR
16     South Iredell (2A)     13-1    10

Dropped Out: Myers Park (4A, 9-5). On the bubble: Ardrey Kell (4A, 8-4); Salisbury (2A, 11-3);
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit?


Anonymous said...

Oh will never learn. Guess who....

Here Shelby is again, playing in the Western Finals again, playing Thanksgiving weekend again. We are two years into this decade and we have played in the Western Finals both years. With our previous 5 decades of success, look who is still playing....."The most successful, sustained, winning high school football program in North Carolina. The TRUE dynasty! The Shelby Golden Lions"

You have got to be the biggest Crest homer ever. How does Crest move into your Top 6 and Burns fall out? Guess who 2 of Crest's losses were to....Burns and Shelby. Guess who is still playing....Burns and Shelby. Guess who is playing in the Western Finals too...Burns and Shelby.

Guess who beat Crest and is still playing? Shelby!

An explanation here would be nice. Wait, there isn't one.

Three of Shelby's losses came to #10, #9, and #4 in your poll.

Why do you continue to show Shelby no love? I guess we should be used to it by now. We will just keep on being the the most successful, sustained, winning high school football program in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Worst or Werts or whoever he is is one of those ridiculous idiot sports writers clueless and his 16 is immature kindergarten stuff but typical. Consider the source.

Anonymous said...

IF, and it's a big if, Porter Ridge beats both Mooresville and Scotland County and gets crowned 4A champs, they better leapfrog Catholic.

Anonymous said... about a story on Duncan and the OL at Mallard Creek. Everyone says they are the best in the state.

Howard Stern said...

Gee, the Catholic fans are out...and offended! Too bad, facts are facts...or do you want me to start referencing so many articles, you'll be reading until Thanksgiving?

Have some humor in it, you sensitive rednecks! We at home would find the lines very, very humorous!

Anyways, all of you Catholics know that Porter Ridge is better than you!

Anonymous said...

Stick to the football, people. Do you really think these comments make Porter Ridge look good?

cchsol68 said...

A fan of a Union County team calling Catholic fan I've seen it all.

Anonymous said...

replying to cchsol68...

Do you ever get out? Porter Ridge and Indian Trail is primarily made up of Northerners, Doomazz! Gee, how did Indian Trail go from 2,000 residentsto 33,000 residents in less than 15 years?

Continue to underestimate and be uninformed. Gosh, it would be great to watch the Pirates spank the bejesus out of Charlotte Catholic.

cchsol68 said...

Ha you're funny. My cousin goes to Porter Ridge and I've met plenty of your sophisticated fans (obvious sarcasm to help you out). I know you're finally enjoying a successful program after years of great 2-8 and 0-11 seasons. Oh and how about you try and beat a little private school by more than 3 before you claim you would beat Catholic.

Howard Stern said...

Charlotte Catholic...yeah I dealt with your sissy types up north. You recruit a bunch of white boys who go start off as tight ends in football and graduate as split ends. Recruited and spoiled, you would just love to have a team like Butler or Mallard Creek lay the wood to you, although you probably think you have enough experience to take it.

What a soft and fluffy schedule you play, kind of hand-picked for the "Rocky type" fighter in you. Your football team is ranked above some much better teams than you. Do you have some dirty pictures of Langston or something?

Charlotte Catholic won't even make it past Crest, who has been tested this year. Good luck, cchsol68.

Anonymous said...

I am suprised that people get so rude and nasty on this thread! Firstly, Crest is a good team and will in fact test Catholic. That is a good thing. That is what the playoffs should be, right?
Secondly, the main 3 starters at Catholic are born and raised Catholic and have been in Catholic school most of their lives (the QB as well as Herlocker and Hood). 98% of the kids at the school are Catholic. It is not about recruiting, it is about using Catholic talent. Catholic is the only game in town for Catholic families wanting a Catholic education for their kids with athletics and fine arts opportunities in place.
Finally, Porter Ridge IS a good team. Catholic did not make the rankings so why get mad at the team and fans?
Sit back and enjoy the games people! Enough of the name calling and insults already on all sides. Geeesh!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you get the memo? Kids who go to private school can't be good at sports. Apparently that's a rule. If a kid at a private school is a good athlete, they have been recruited. I wouldn't be too worried about it though, think about who is insulting you. Some guy who went to community college up north, thinks he is touch because he finally pulled the trigger and bought that leather jacket at Sears. Not to mention he drives a Miata, and the reason he lives in Union County he thinks that's the best place to be a renter. Tough to live in the city when you get paid by the hour.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9:24, stick to football! No one wants to know about who you stalk at night! Pervert!

Be thankful we have some teams in the Charlotte area that are still playing in the playoffs.

Good luck to all the football teams in the Charlotte area.

Anonymous said...

Go Crest Chargers! Beat up on Charlotte Catholic, protect their alter boys, and check out the Cougars!

Whoa, they have Cougars at that school? Stifler's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Catholic's stengths are the weakness of Porter Ridge. Seen them both play twice against solid teams. I think I would pick Catholic. Would love to see that match up!!! btango

Anonymous said...

Regarding the WCNC Top 6. I think that is the top six teams head to head that week. Would Crest beat Shelby if they played this week? I think many people think they would. Shelby did not manhandle them in the first game so it is not a stretch to think Crest would win. btango

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Mooresville to shut up these obnoxious Porter Ridge fans. They need to know their role. They play no one and don't have the atmosphere they like to claim. There are 15-20 schools in the state that would just beat them down, including Catholic and including some teams ranked lower than them on this list like Butler.

Anonymous said...

So btango....why would he take Burns out?

Rick Thames said...

Look at Anon 7:45am...

You can root for whomever you wish, ding dong. The fact of the matter is the Porter Ridge Pirates will beat Mooresville come Friday.

Obnoxious? Look, jerk, I'm tired of the Pirates being overlooked by Langston Worst, and having it show in his pathetic Sweet 16. Everyone in the State clearly knows Porter Ridge is better than Charlotte Catholic on the gridiron, although it is a shame there won't be a matchup.

You can hope, pray, bring a Bible, whatever you wish, to the Boneyard. The Blue Dresses are still going to lose to the Pirates. Porter Ridge had a tougher matchup this past Friday against Mount Tabor.

If Langston Worst doesn't want to give the Pirates the ranking and respect it is due, I will simply take on your moronic insults and run with it. Look at the record, buttwipe; Two straight undefeated regular seasons, and Porter Ridge is back for another final 4 appearance.

Porter Ridge rocks and can be as obnoxious as it wants! You can't beat us!

Anonymous said...

WOW,I am really disappointed in the comments coming from my fellow Porter Ridge fans. Our boys and coaches have worked SO hard to bring our program from a door mat to respectability in such a short time. They do so with class and respect for each and everyone their opponents. They don't talk trash, they prove their worth on the field each week. Y'all need to show some class too and stop embarassing our players, coaches and school. GO PIRATES!!!

Marilyn Manson said...

What are you, some proper southerner? No, this is about bragging rights, holding your chest out and shoving it in the naysayers face. The Pirates have been disrespected and underestimated for the past two years. If you want to be some gentle southerner, be my guest. This is football, not chess. This is about testosterone, so don't bring your estrogen here.

The Pirates are going to smack talk, are going to taunt, and are going to you that it's time to recognize. You dopes can keep saying that other teams can beat Porter Ridge, but I don't see any losses in the past two seasons, do you?

Please forgive the wimpy, sensitive southern Pirate apologists; they don't know the first thing about reaching this level of dominance. It takes "Real Pirate Fans" to know what is going on here!

This post isn't a Hallmark post! So either grow a pair or go back to reading

Football opponents: Prepare to leave your Carcass at The Boneyard!

Baffled said...

Hey Marilyn,,,,,,,, I'll bet you have no stake in the development of this program, know or have any relationship with any of our players. Nor do you know the pride they have in the way they represent themselves, their families, their school or their community. You are probably one of those "fair weather" fans that have not been to any of the last three games because it was "too cold" Our Team does their talking on the field, something that you are probably not familiar with. GO PIRATES

Marilyn Manson said...

Hey Baffled, my son lives in the Porter Ridge district and isn't old enough to go to High School. That does not mean we are not huge Pirate fans. We have friends and neighbors who do have their kids participating with the band, with cheer leading team, and on the football team. We have friends who are part of the Porter Ridge HS faculty, so shut your piehole!

More sensitive southern bunk from people trying to be politically correct. Screw you, this is a football game and the Port Ridge football team has been slighted and laughed at in the Charlotte area for years.

Do you see the posts NOW? No one believes the Pirates are any good, even after all of our victories. Yet, you make comments like some coward who is used to taking it up the wazoo! Well, not me buddy!
These people who want to post are gonna hear it from TRUE Pirate fans, not wussies like you.

Baffled, man up; You are an embarrassment to the Porter Ridge community. I do have my roots here and have been a resident for almost 2 decades; you're the imposter!

Oprah said...

Baffled, if you’re having relationships with the Porter Ridge football players, I think it’s something we might want to discuss. It appears as if there is more than one Jerry Sandusky running around these locker rooms.
Please stay away from the Porter Ridge football players, Baffled. It sounds as if you’re a bit too close for comfort!

Go Pirates!

Baffled said...

It's a shame nether of you get it. Meet me at Keith's grill in the Boneyard on Friday night and we can discuss this in whatever fashion you would like. This is not the place ... and by the way; I am far from a southern gentleman.

Anonymous said...

The same guy keeps posting from like 8 different names. I'm surprised he hasn't post from his WalkerDPlank name here, but I guess he's trying to keep it fresh. Notice his son lives in the district, and not him. I find it really hard to believe that a guy, who clearly has so much going for him, is either divorced or had his kids removed from him.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Go Crest Chargers! Beat up on Charlotte Catholic, protect their alter boys, and check out the Cougars!
Whoa, they have Cougars at that school? Stifler's Mom!".
Real classless post. Not at all informative nor filled with football detail to help match up the game. Don't be a hater. You embarass yourself.
On the Catholic side, we will simply say good luck and we hope ALL the boys (Catholic's AND Crest's)play hard, well and injury free.
May the best team win!

Baffled said...

At the end of the day,,we have busted our butts for the last 7 years to build a program that his son, and kids his age will be proud to be a part of. It's parents like him that are the problem with youth sports.

Marilyn Manson said...

HA HA, it's Anonymous funny man! I am happily married and my son does live with me. Attempt to slander me all you like. I show my Porter Ridge pride, spirit, and fandom, while you buttheads attempt to threaten me, censor me, and attack my family. What a bunch of losers.

I'll give it to you straight...I live in Lake Park, I've lived here for almost 20 years, own a beautiful home, surrounded by other intelligent northerners, have earned multiple college degrees that you couldn't even possibly come close to earning, and I even own a dog!

Therefore, you can go to your redneck grill (Keith's?) and go wank off. I attend the game with my family, cheer quite loudly, call the ref plenty of four-letter words, and have a super time hanging out with friends and neighbors, too. I don't need to be buddies with the coach, or the Jerry Sandusky of the team.

I simply need to be a Porter Ridge Pirate fan and supporter, getting the word out across the Charlotte MSA that the Pirates are the best football team in the area. Langston Worst fails to recognize this, other people from across the area don't believe it...and then I have fools like you working against me. Hey Baffled, please at least admit you are a redneck. I don't like rednecks and I can't speak your language, anyways. They haven't created a Rosetta Stone yet to help me translate.

Excuse me while my son gets ready to come home from school with his AIG homework. I have a Thanksgiving dinner to prepare, so that I can enjoy watching my hometown Lions make cheese whiz of the fudgePackers! You enjoy frying your entire meal!

Go Pirates and Go Lions!

Anonymous said...

Re: Real classless post. Not at all informative nor filled with football detail to help match up the game. Don't be a hater. You embarass yourself.
On the Catholic side, we will simply say good luck and we hope ALL the boys (Catholic's AND Crest's)play hard, well and injury free.
May the best team win!

We're from Crest. I thought your team was Charlotte Catholic. You know Catholic? I mean, you have Priests in the school and at the football game, right? Do the priests make all the football players play center? Hey, we Crest players never went to a Catholic school, so we're just asking.
Go luck on Friday...and no illegal use of hands!

Go Chargers Go!

Baffled said...

Hey Marilyn (appropriate name by the way)you are one paraniod dude. And by the way, I moved here from the Bronx 14 years ago so I guess you would still need a Rossetta Stone course to speak face to face with a real man,,,,,,,,enough said,,,you're wasting everyboy's time.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't somebody with so many degrees be at work? And shouldn't somebody with so many degrees know the difference between slander and how libel? And shouldn't somebody with so many degrees understand what constitutes libel or slander? Oh, wait, they're associate's degrees. Nevermind then.

Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge fans are terrible. The stands were half-full last week for a state quarterfinal game. There might have been more Mount Tabor fans (from Winston-Salem) than there were Porter Ridge. Yet we keep hearing about how intimidating the Boneyard is...yet nobody bothers to go their games, especially not that pitifully empty student section.

Baffled said...

No arguement here. The turnout the last three weeks has been very frustrating. Typically it is standing room only. That is why I referenced "fair weather fans" in my earlier comment to Ms. Marilyn. Lord only knows what we'll see this week with school being out and all the folks traveling this Holiday weekend. Although at the end of the day we know our TEAM will definitely show up.

Anonymous said...

The Sweet 16 Championship???

How Funny

Anonymous said...

When Mooresville spanks PR this week anyone want to bet we wont see the likes of Marilyn Manson coming here to congratulate them?
Of course not, with all his Kaplan College degrees and self-aggrandizing he wouldn't dare show up to admit he was talking smack and didn't even have the stones to show up to the game (Too cold, possibility of rain).

Oh and Marilyn, while you are in the kitchen cooking dinner, make me a sandwich. Also, my lawn needs to be mowed, will you be showing up early again this week?

Marilyn Manson said...

RE:Shouldn't somebody with so many degrees be at work? And shouldn't somebody with so many degrees know the difference between slander and how libel? And shouldn't somebody with so many degrees understand what constitutes libel or slander? Oh, wait, they're associate's degrees. Nevermind then.

Shouldn't somebody know that this is a post? Shouldn't somebody know that rednecks like you are ultra-sensitive? My verbiage doesn't rankle those from up the Midwest, the North, The Northwest, California, or the Southwest. It just bothers YOU! You, You, You! It's like taking my fingers down a chalkboard when I write and having you trapped in a room! Oh, and my Bachelor's degrees are in English, Social Science, and El Ed; my Associates is in Broadcast Communications. I have written for multiple small newspapers and my writing style have been applauded and awarded...oh, and I have the week off to spend with my son!

Are you writing a book, Anon 1:08?

Slander and anonymous? Yeah, who did I slander, the Priests? I think they took care of that all by themselves! Good luck, Gump, because you don't the first thing about being litigious. Try growing up in a Jewish area, rather than a Catholic one, when I bury you in Court!

Stay focused on football and away from my personal life, Priest!

The Pirates will destroy Mooresville and the Blue Dresses!

Marilyn Manson said...

RE: Oh and Marilyn, while you are in the kitchen cooking dinner, make me a sandwich. Also, my lawn needs to be mowed, will you be showing up early again this week?

This is the best you could come up with?...And how is it that everyone wants the story of my life? I went to a Mid American Conference you want my Soc, as well?

I've been there at all the Pirate games, southern it shows fandom anyways. I don't judge people like you dumb rednecks do, when it comes to showing up. You do the same thing about church, which is the most idiotic thing I can think of.

No, I'm not going to make my wife and son sit through lousy weather, but I was there. I'll be there Friday to watch your Blue Dresses get their panties dirty. Dude, you have NO CHANCE, so tell the Mooresville bus driver to not even waste her time showing up.

As for food...A sandwich for you and a footlong for your wife! Oh, and I'll take the time to trim up and around her bush(es) when I get to your house, as well.
Anything I can do to please!

Go Pirates!

Anonymous said...

See, this is how dumb you are. You said you were being slandered. Nobody said anything about you slandering anybody. I would think an award winning journalist know that you can't slander when your write, only libel.

So you have an associate's degree as I figured, followed by three degrees which rank somewhere between basket-weaving a Parks and Rec in terms of difficulty and prestige. I thought you said you had tough degrees.

Marilyn Manson said...

Duh huh...thanks Joe Bob!

Yur a hoot, too! Your college degrees are from? Dropout U? Rebel Redneck State? You can't even keep the topic on football. Are you bringin' yur double wide to the game, too? If you don't want to even talk football, go douche!

McNeill will have a monster game against the weaker Mooresville team.

Go Pirates!

Anonymous said...

For someone who took "vacation" to spend time with their "son", you sure spending an awful lot of time on the computer. Also, can't you think of any new insults? Redneck and double wide aren't unique. While I don't have that fancy community college degree you do, I do have a real degree from a liberal arts school that is actually not in the South. Sorry to blow up your theory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:38...your posts have nothing to do with football. You are a troll! Go away.

This post is here so that we can discuss the high school playoffs.


and please don't be a Charlotte Catholic Cougar fan because we don't need trolls like you!

Anonymous said...

As a PR senior (who happens to date one of the captains) I am ashamed of our adult fans. I thought our empty student section sucked, but this is ridiculous. Do I think Porter Ridge has been consistently underranked in the Sweet Sixteen? Yes, anyone who has seen the Pirates play does. But fighting amongst Pirate fans on a blog does nothing but make you look stupid. The Pirates have worked their way to the top with a clean program-the players didn't sink to the levels of the Sun Valley players in a very emotional, high stakes game, so adults acting like misbehaving teenagers is ludicrously immature.

On a more positive note, the Pirates are a great team and have consistently been ranked high in the state AP and Maxpreps polls, both of which have significantly more credibility than Langston's sweet sixteen. We still have a lot of work to do to win the state championship, but we are more than capable if we don't let pride get in the way.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the PR senior.....Well said!

Walker D Plank said...

Well Blimey, me Pirate fans have been hard at work! We even have a little lass posting here on the Langston Distuber, aye. Well lassie, no need to get your undies in a bundle, as all of this press is good for Porter Ridge. See, now we have everyone's attention and all the people posting are focused on me Pirates...which is the way it should have been all year long. The back and forth is simply Jibber Jabber and nothing to take seriously. Ye landlubbers seem way too uptight.

I look forward to taking ye Mooresville Blue Gills out and introducing them to me hempen halter. Sorry to break it you, Blue Gills, but we spare No Quarter here at the Boneyard, so Friday is the date where me Pirates keelhaul ye.

After that, it's time to get loaded to the gunwalls and crack Jenny's Tea Cup! We're going to the State Finals!

See ye at the game! Hang out with Walker D. Plank...all Strumpets are welcomed to sit by me!

Me Pirates are off to the State Finals!!

Anonymous said...

Hey's Disturber!
Spell check is there for a reason.

Porter Ridge Pirates rule!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Walker....I think you should sign your next post " Sybil" may not be able to spell, but you crack me up..

Anonymous said...

Ok when the pirates kill the blue girls tonite, Lee McNeil throws for 400 yards and chris duffy runs for 200 i will prove langston werts and the rest of the news clowns from the disturber wrong. The should move past a 3A catholic and will definatly beat the rich catholic kids. Pirates should finish the season as 4A state champs and should be 1 or 2 on the sweet sixteen especially if mallard creek and catholic loose tonight