Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mallard Creek still atop Associated Press N.C. Prep Media Poll

¶   RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) _ The Associated Press state high school football poll for the week of October 18, first-place votes in parentheses, records and total points as voted upon by a statewide panel of prep sports writers:

^Class 4-A=

†1. Charlotte Mallard Creek (12)       (8-0)  129 1

†2. Greensboro Page (1)                (8-0)  112 2

†3. Matthews Butler                    (7-1)  101 3

†4. Scotland County                    (8-0)  95 4

†5. Garner                             (9-0)  73 5

†6. Winston-Salem Mt. Tabor            (8-0)  62 6

†T7.Indian Trail Porter Ridge          (8-0)  44 8

†T7.Richmond County                    (7-1)  44 7

†9. Raleigh Leesville Road             (8-0)  33 9

†10. New Bern                          (7-1)  19 10


¶   Others receiving 10 or more points: None.<

^Class 3-A=

†1. Belmont South Point (9)            (8-0)  123 1

†2. Charlotte Catholic (3)             (8-0)  119 2

†3. Havelock (1)                       (9-0)  94 3

†4. Asheville                          (8-0)  89 4

†5. Lawndale Burns                     (8-1)  74 6

†6. Fayetteville Byrd                  (9-0)  66 5

†7. Kannapolis Brown                   (8-1)  46 7

†8. Morganton Freedom                  (8-1)  38 8

†9. Hope Mills Gray's Creek            (8-1)  22 9

†10. West Rowan                        (7-2)  14 10


¶   Others receiving 10 or more points: Franklin (9-0) 11 , Wilson Hunt (8-0) 10. <

^Class 2-A=

†1. Lincolnton (10)                    (8-1)  125 1

†2. South Iredell (3)                  (9-0)  118 2

†3. Salisbury                          (8-1)  86 5

†4. East Duplin                        (8-1)  78 4

†5. Kinston                            (8-1)  74 6

†6. Burlington Cummings                (7-1)  55 7

†7. Jacksonville Northside             (9-0)  50 8

†8. High Point Andrews                 (7-1)  44 3

†9. Wilkes Central                     (8-0)  30 10

†10. Tarboro                           (6-2)  29 9


¶   Others receiving 10 or more points: None.<

^Class 1-A=

†1. Wallace-Rose Hill (12)             (8-1)  129 1

†2. Albemarle                          (8-1)  110 2

†3. Swain County (1)                   (8-1)  99 3

†4. Plymouth                           (8-0)  96 4

†5. Mitchell County                    (8-1)  74 5

†6. Ayden-Grifton                      (7-1)  61 6

†7. Manteo                             (7-1)  46 7

†8. Mt. Airy                           (7-2)  39 T8

†9. Hendersonville                     (6-2)  33 T8

†10. South Stanly                      (7-2)  18 10


¶   Others receiving 10 or more points: None.<


Anonymous said...

Langston Worst!

You still don't get it! Sure, use any other poll in order to knock the Pirates of Porter Ridge down another peg or two.

Well Langston, you are wrong...and you know it. I have the real proof; you don't. Go ahead and watch the playoffs, Langston Worst! Then, get reassigned to CharlotteMoms.com at the Charlotte Observer! You certainly aren't man enough to admit when you're wrong, so that department should be perfect for you.

Walker D Plank

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Walker Plank! Its the AP poll not Langston's! He is becoming a Pirate fan but stupid comments by you will keep him away a little longer. Maybe YOUR mom didnt treat you well when you were a babay pirate and now you're just a crusty ol' second mate!
The Pirates are the real deal just shut up and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

CRAZY!! Randleman beats HP-Andrews on the road pretty easily and did not make the 2-A poll but Andrews stayed in???

Anonymous said...

at 5:46 AM...
"Lighten up Walker Plank! Its the AP poll not Langston's! He is becoming a Pirate fan but stupid comments by you will keep him away a little longer. Maybe YOUR mom didnt treat you well when you were a babay pirate and now you're just a crusty ol' second mate!
The Pirates are the real deal just shut up and enjoy it"

ARR! Shut your piehole lass! Ye Bilge Rat knows nothing about me Pirates! Ye is probably stuck in Mecklenburg County as some little picaroon or knave. Me Porter Ridge Pirates would crush your team where ye stands!

Ye go to MaxPreps, where me Pirates are Ranked 2nd in the land of North Cackolacky and 108th in the ENTIRE United States of America. Why don't ye take those nuggets, ye strumpet, shove them down ye windpipe and marinate on thee just awhile.

Ye mind your own business and me Pirates won't introduce you to Davy Jones' locker. I don't care if you're Langston's mommie; he isn't doing his job!

Now get before I change me mind and keelhaul ye!

Walker D Plank

Anonymous said...

Plank Walker people who know football in the area appreciate PR. A win against Davie last year in the semifinals would have helped spread the word farther out.

The reason the guy rode your butt is because you jumped on Langston about this pole. It is the statewide AP voters.

Anonymous said...

YWABHey Walker whoever you are, if you only knew who this was......I guarantee you I have been a Pirate longer than you....and I guarantee you I know more about the school, personnel, players, coaches, etc than you'll ever know.
Again, shut up and enjoy the success! You're annoying and tiresome. Be humble son, if we stumble with Anson or God forbid SV you're in for a melt down!

Anonymous said...

2:32 pm

"Again, shut up and enjoy the success!"

Shut me mouth? YE rude fairy! Another dumb fargin redneck who wasn't brought up with but two teeth in his head. Look, little redneck girl, go root for another school that appreciates your southern illiteracy!

I've been here and been a Pirates fan since the school's inception, so you need take your attitude and your pickup truck and go elsewhere. Again, you couldn't possibly a Porter Ridge fan with your ignorant comments and posts.

Was I ever talking to you, tiny member? No. My conversation has been with Langston Worst since the get-go. You know the players, coaching staff, etc. because you keep failing the 12th grade.

Go get a life, fairy. Hope I don't see you at the Boneyard or I'll place you on the opposing teams bus. Everyone can see your Hoo Ha, you little girl.

Go Pirates!

Anonymous said...

Walker you're an idiot. Just because your son hasn't played much football since Pop Warner probably and has only made the team because Balir doesn't cut does not make you the number one fan. What are you going to do when your little ego graduates? pull for some fantasy college team you wish your little star was playing for? Im sure you're welcome in the boneyard!! Do you even get to eat?? I bet you mooch off all the other real pirate fans and neevr bring anything to put on the grill. Please move across 74 to THAT side of town; you'd probably be President of the booster club over there!!

Anonymous said...

5:37 AM
"Just because your son hasn't played much football since Pop Warner probably and has only made the team because Balir doesn't cut does not make you the number one fan."

Hey, forever High School reject, my son is in Elementary School. Don't worry, you'll still be there when he reaches 9th Grade.

You're constant debate with me is fruitless, uneducated one. Go take your southern, redneck azz to Anson County; The Northerners run this area! Also, learn how to spell "Blair." I'm not Porter Ridge's number one fan; I am simply aware that Langston Worst is biased towards city schools and is dismissing the greatness of Porter Ridge's Varsity football team.
The Pirates would certainly offer up a terrific game against Butler, and I have no idea how they match up against Mallard Creek. I will tell you that the Pirates can beat anyone else on the Langston Worst list.

You might want to channel your attention of graduating High School and cheering for the same team I do. Your pathetic "shut ups," only support your youthful immaturity. Only little kids use the words "Shut up." Finish school, little boy; I am old enough to be your father and you're costing me money in tax dollars!

Go Pirates! Walker D Plank

Anonymous said...

Hey Jersey Shore, 'nough said. Its all crystal clear now you're a big mouth yankee transplant who thinks he runs IT. Now I KNOW you're an idiot! You're right it's fruitless, and I've had fun showing everyone that reads these posts just how big an idiot you really are! You're through, you're a laughing stock and a joke. Your big play was to point out a typo on the spelling of Blair's name. I guess you graduated from an Ivy league school, thanks for helping me. Do us ALL a favor, SHUT UP and please move back home to your brethern up north!! I won't waste another minute on you!

Anonymous said...


Hey Redneck Pirate fan...go move your parents house; it's double-parked! What a tool. You know, Joe Bob, you might want to look around you again. Did you ever notice you and your little southern buddies were outnumbered in this area of Union County? I would recommend you have your parents drive you through Bonterra and Lake Park; you're the minority here, boy. There aren't too many natives in this area.
I wonder how Indian Trail went from 2,000 residents to 33,000 residents in 15 years? Do you know who calls the shots in Indian Trail? Why do you think the test scores are so much higher here in this area? It is certainly not because of the inbreds like yourself; it's in spite of you.

Again, I would move to Anson County or South Cackolacky...you know some place that takes in low IQ's like you. We don't need any retards needing the short bus here at Porter Ridge. Now, stay off the computer before I have to obtain your IP Address and tell your mommy that you're using her computer.

Go Porter Ridge!

Walker D Plank

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor Yankee, PLEASE obtain my IP address, then PLEASE obtain my physical address, then PLEASE come see me.......I'd reccommend having your life insurance up to date. You're the reason we HATE transplants! I hope you find out who this is. There is lots of open space around PR let me know if you want to meet down by the creek or in the woods and get to know each other a little better! Oh and thanks for making IT the laughing stock of local government!! You pompas egotistical northern pukes have just about ruined this town. Good job.

Anonymous said...

5:33 Am

Hey Rebel Redneck...you already lost one war. Wasn't that enough? Bo you 75 and below IQ's just don't get it. Rebel, you need to understand that you are the minority and you are keeping the test scores down, adversely affecting the other kids understanding and proper use of the English language, as well as forcing the teachers to slow up because the "No Child Left Behind" process involves you natives.

You're slowing things up here, Joe Bob. Don't even try to tell me different because A) I've taught in the school systems down here, B) I know the IQ and eduction levels of different areas throughout the region, especially around Union County (boy are you rednecks dumb), and C) I see that the children are only as smart as their parents.

So Joe Bob, do you live in Bonterra or Lake Park? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I know I do. You need to relocate to somewhere that better fits your redneck kind. You know you don't fit with the rest of us at Porter Ridge. While we're talking about our College Alma Maters, you're talking about the latest tractor-pull.

Oh no...Indian Trail has been recognized by Magazines, Newspapers and Media throughout the Nation because of its progress. It's a beautiful thing that all Pirate fans appreciate...except the rednecks, of course.

I'm so impressed by your use of force and violence. Typical Rebel response; you'll just lose again. Save it for the field, Pirate fan. You're such a stupid pu$$y.

Go Porter Ridge!

Anonymous said...

Walker that pretty much sums you up in a nut shell. You really are an idiot. Sorry, but I have wasted way too much time on you. Its painfully obvious from your retort that you are truly a moron.

Do yourself a favor STFU!!!!

Have a nice day my man.

Anonymous said...

Lick my big hanging footballs, my man! You need to STFU, take your John Deere tractor and find another redneck place to live. Oh, and you can roll your house along highway and take it with you, too!

Happy trails, rebel! We've Won again!

Go Pirates!!!!

Anonymous said...

Walker first off why do you care what langston thinks? Second are you really complaining about being ranked 7th in the state wow and third its not halloween yet you dont have to talk like a pirate ha

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