Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carolina Panthers offer area high school breast cancer awareness goal post pads

The Carolina Panthers are offering area high schools, who are planning breast cancer awareness games during October,  the opportunity to use the team’s official game-used NFL breast cancer awareness goal post pads for their breast cancer benefit games.

Interested schools may contact Peter Vacho at the Carolina Panthers at 704-358-7000.

-- Panthers news release


Anonymous said...

Doesnt this violate CMeS policy just as the gift from NIKE that Indy and Butler were never able to receive?

David said...

@6:53pm- I wouldn't think this would be considered a gift since it is only to be loaned to the high school for a very specific type of game (breast cancer awareness). Granted I don't know anything about a gift from NIKE to Indy or Butler, just saying this shouldn't in any way be considered a gift.

Handy Telefonsex said...

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Anonymous said...

CMS has different policies for different schools. Indy and Butler could not take the offer from Nike to outfit the football teams but Providence can take the offer from CPA and get a score board. I guess it's all about being in the good boys club. It's all about who you know with CMS, not same rules for EVERY school.