Monday, September 12, 2011

Two teams make noise in an otherwise quiet Sweet 16 football poll week

In a pretty dull week in the Sweet 16 rankings overall, in terms of team movement, two schools made news this week:

-- Sweet 16 No. 1 Mallard Creek zoomed up Sports Illustrated’s national poll to land at a school-best No. 13. Only three Mecklenburg County teams have ever been ranked higher nationally: West Charlotte, Independence and Butler.

Mallard Creek is the only Carolinas’ team in the top 15. The Mavericks are ranked No. 33 by ESPN (Butler is No. 43)

-- The other team making news this week is No. 4 Porter Ridge, which zoomed from 11th to fourth in the Sweet 16 after dominating A.L. Brown 41-13 Friday, despite missing six starters. The game left new Wonders coach Mike Newsome saying that the Pirates are one of the two best teams he’s seen since the start of the 2009 season.

-- A.L. Brown fell from No. 4 to No. 11.

-- No. 6 Rock Hill South Pointe beat West Rowan 23-9 Saturday on the road. West Rowan, which entered the season with a 46-game win streak, is now 2-2 with losses to South Pointe and No. 15 Mooresville.

The Sweet 16
Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Prev.
1     Mallard Creek (4A)     3-0    1
2     Butler (4A)     2-1    2
3     Charlotte Catholic (3A)    4-0    3
4     Porter Ridge (4A)    4-0    11
5    South Point (3A)    4-0    5
6     Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)     3-0    6
7     Rock Hill Northwestern (4A)     2-1    7
8     Burns (3A)     3-1    8
9     Independence (4A)    4-0    10
10    South Iredell (2A)    4-0    13
11    A.L. Brown (3A)    3-1    4
12    Freedom (3A)    4-0    12
13    Berry (3A)    3-1    14
14    Lincolnton    3-1    15
15    Mooresville (4A)    3-1    16
16    West Rowan (3A)    2-2    9

Dropped out: None On The Bubble: Albemarle (1A, 3-1); Charlotte Country Day (IND, 2-1); Salisbury (2A, 3-1).
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit this link:


Anonymous said...

You've kept South Point Red Raiders at 5 now for three weeks or so but then have Porter Ridge jump them from 11th to 4th as well as keeping homer favorite Butler with a loss at 2. Really? 11th to 4th for Porter Ridge? SP is undefeated 4-0 and coming off a big OT win over your 8th ranked Burns last week. SP should have been moved up to 4th at worst case with the last win or more appropriately 3rd with Butler sliding to 4th or 5th. Thanks.

Observer Sports said...

I hear you. Polls tend to be subjective at the end of the day. Butler lost to the No. 2 team in a tight game. Notice that Burns didn't move down after losing a tight game to the No. 5 team.

Porter Ridge was very impressive and moved up. There'll be more shakeups later which could be good or bad for the Red Bone.

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought for sure Country Day would be ranked. I mean, isn't FACS a state powerhouse? I could have sworn I read that somewhere...

And no, I don't know if Country Day should be ranked, I just wanted to point out the huge difference in big level and low level private schools, especially when the one bringing in stud athletes is the team that got smoked.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows you have to be a Charlotte school to get the best rankings and the way South Point defense played they should have dropped a few spots.

Anonymous said...

Who in the last ten years was better than Independence, Butler or Mallard Creek in their respective years? Hardly anybody in the country, let alone some team from rural North Carolina. You guys have stuff you're good at too. I bet your school has a better baseball team a lot of Charlotte schools. You probably also have more white kids with mustaches and earrings than Charlotte schools do.

Anonymous said...

No Myers Park? Will be after friday

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty good to me.. I might move Lincolnton up a few spots considering they are beating the snot out of teams and good ones at that but other than that.. GOOD JOB!

Anonymous said...

If your going to have rules that you go by to come up with the sweet 16 then atleast stick by them. Posting how you come up with the rankings then completely going away from them makes no sense. Then when you post examples of how it should work and then completely do a 180 when the very same situation becomes reality takes away from your creditablitly. While I agree that Porter Ridge deserves to be in the poll I dont think that you can jump them over 7 teams simple by beating a team ahead of them and if im correct you used the same logic that I just described for the reason Mooresville wouldnt jump ahead of West Rowan even though they beat them.

For the record im not a fan of either of the schools mentioned here. Im just someone who noticed that you say one thing then do another.

Anonymous said...

Best thing that could have happened to PR was playing and squashing overrated AL Brown.....always an Observer favorite and always a post season failure living off the glory of season's long, long past.

Guess the Brownies believe they're unstoppable now since they emptied the coffers hiring Butler's head coach but the sad truth remains that a choke party by third round(home or away) from a program that rests on its laurels without reservation is all that's in the cards for WONDERLAND and the mill house drunks puking over one another under the neon "K" in ClownTown.

Try a defensive interior that doesn't look like you robbed a middle school team while you're at it Kannapolis......hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Langston says he does not do more on South Point because they have a LOCAL paper-the Gastonia Gazette. I thought Rock HIll also had a local paper, but he rants about South Pointe on a regular basis. There is NO credibility when he states there is no bias against the kids from an old lint head town. Also Belmont is closer to Charlotte by FAR than Gastonia is when you talk city limits.

Anonymous said...

gaffney is ranked 4 in the nation

Anonymous said...

These Rankins in the "16" have always been garbage. If your team wins that is all that should matter. Don't look at the rankings, look at the score board.

Anonymous said...

Over rated A.L. Brown??? Sounds like you took a couple butt whippings from them if you asked me. How many times???

Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge....impressive? Perhaps at first glance. Play some 4A teams then come back and see

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Langston!

As for the rest of you Mouthy Posters, especially the girlie Anonymous 3:45pm on 9/14, we Pirates will play ye scallywags anytime ye want and we'll keehaul every last one of ye.

Porter Ridge destroyed the number 4 ranked team and deservedly earned their place. South Point has an argument, although why whine between 4 and 5.

The Pirates are the real deal. The rest of you girls who question it are welcome to come to the Boneyard and watch Porter Ridge leave their next opponent in the hempen halter.

ARRR! Walker D. Plank

ARRR! Walker.D.Plank

Anonymous said...

It's about time Langston, you're off my s*** list and are welcome to the Boneyard...for now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

porter ridge is good and so is South Point but Butler or Mallard Creek would embarrass both of them