Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two New Teams Join The Sweet 16 football poll this week

Welcome two new teams to the Sweet 16 this week.

Unbeatens Freedom and South Iredell slipped in this week after No. 16 Vance and No. 10 Crest suffered losses.

Freedom, from Morganton, is 3-0. The Patriots are averaging 36.3 points per game and play unbeaten Draughn Friday.

South Iredell, from Statesville, is 3-0 and allowing about an average of eight points per game. South Iredell has won 14 regular-season games in a row. Things could get tougher with league play ahead.

Three teams in the Vikings’ Catawba Valley conference -- Bandys, Bunker Hill and Draughn -- are all 3-0.

-- In other news: the top nine spots in the Sweet 16 remained the same, headlined by No. 1 Mallard Creek, a nationally ranked 4A team which beat Berry 42-18 at Berry Tuesday. The loss dropped the Cardinals, a 3A team, one spot to No. 14.

The Sweet 16
Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Prev.
1     Mallard Creek (4A)     3-0    1
2     Butler (4A)     1-1    2
3     Charlotte Catholic (3A)    3-0    3
4     A.L. Brown (3A)    3-0    4
5    South Point (3A)    3-0    5
6     Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)     2-0    6
7     Rock Hill Northwestern (4A)     1-1    7
8     Burns (3A)     3-0    8
9     West Rowan (3A)    2-1    9
10    Independence (4A)    3-0    11
11    Porter Ridge    3-0    14
12    Freedom (3A)    3-0    NR
13    South Iredell (2A)    3-0    NR
14    Berry (3A)    2-1    13
15    Lincolnton (2A)    2-1    15
16    Mooresville (4A)    2-1    12

Dropped out:
Crest (3A, 2-1); Vance (4A, 1-2) On The Bubble: Albemarle (1A, 2-1); Charlotte Country Day (IND, 1-1); Crest (3A, 2-1); Salisbury (2A, 2-1).
Note: To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to re-class after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit this link:


Anonymous said...

Hey Langston,

You WILL be at the Porter Ridge vs. A.L. Brown game on Friday, correct?

Look forward to it!

ARR! Walker D. Plank!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking for what happened in the South Point defeat of East Gaston, BUT as usual NO details!!! What is the deal here? A state champion from last year is 3-0 and does not even get a mention in ANY write ups for the weekend. I notice lots of info on the West Charlotte LOSS though. Is there favoritism at play in the Observer's coverage?

Anonymous said...

South Point won in 2009 not last year....

Observer Sports said...

South Point won big, 63-6. We can't cover every game every week particularly those outside of Mecklenburg where we have 12-18 games per week every week.

Anonymous said...

South Point won big, 63-6. We can't cover every game every week particularly those outside of Mecklenburg where we have 12-18 games per week every week"......I would suggest getting innovative on your coverage then. You choose to put up a Sweet 16 ranking so the teams in those rankings need to be covered well. Otherwise put most of the coverage with the top 5if you can't cover them all completely. Just a thought.

Trojan Fan said...

You guys need to keep an eye on the Bandys Trojans. Those boys can play. They've started the season 3-0 and just beat East Lincoln in their own house. The Bandys - South Iredell game on Oct. 14th is going to be a burner. Go Trojans!

Anonymous said...

I don't see why you have Mallard Creek #1, they aren't impressive at all. They beat a Berry team that was just outcoached, Berry has way too talent to be used to poorly. A decent defense would make Mallard Creek look like a JV team. I'm not a fan of any high school here but I can bet Indy will be back before MC win anything.

Anonymous said...

"I would suggest getting innovative on your coverage then. You choose to put up a Sweet 16 ranking so the teams in those rankings need to be covered well. Otherwise put most of the coverage with the top 5if you can't cover them all completely. Just a thought."

Those team have their own local newspapers. Sorry they might not be the big city, but that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Anonymous said...

"Those team have their own local newspapers."
Well, It's funny how the Observer salesperson that hangs out at Concord Mills never mentions that! They say that the Observer wants to become "our" paper and replace the local paper as our daily news source.

The big thing is how the sweet 16 poll USED to be pretty indicative of how the HS teams in the coverage stack up. It has become so biased towards Char/Meck teams that is now a farce. At least least Vance finally got pulled from the poll.

The next time the Observer tries to hustle me into subscribing to the observer at Concord mills, in Cabarrus County, I will tell him that the Observer Sports Department says that WE already have a local paper!

Anonymous said...

You ever thought that maybe the teams in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are just better than whatever county you live in. Ask Crest and Northwestern, they haven't been able to beat Charlotte private school teams over the past several years.

Anonymous said...

Indy getting back before MC wins??? How about telling Geiler to play somebody first. He dropped MC from his schedule and Southpoint and added Hough and North Meck . MC played flat and put up 42 on Berry! "Come on Man".

Observer Sports said...

@Concord Mills statement.....We cannot cover every South Point game the way Gaston Gazette does. But GG never covers West Charlotte. I understand the papers have different missions. A subscription to the Charlotte Observer will bring you the kind of news coverage you cannot get from smaller papers, in depth and scope, particularly on regional or national news and sports issues.

The Sweet 16 is a tool we use to try to give some love to teams we can't get to every week.

We've never covered the out-of-Charlotte schools the way we do in town. West Meck doesn't have another local newspaper. We have to take care of them.

We've written about South Point, both this year and years past. I have been down there to do stories on players and to do a Sweet 16 video with coach Devine. You want us to cover them or mention them every week, according to your posts on this blog. While I appreciate the desire, I also have to be mindful of the other 95 or so teams we cover outside Charlotte. I can't get all red and white and run the Red bone all the time.

As for the poll being biased towards Charlotte teams, I'd disagree. For years and years, Charlotte teams could barely crack the poll. We started in 1984 and didn't have a local winner until 2000. Last week, of 16 teams, we had Mallard Creek No. 1, Butler 2, Catholic 3.

Mallard is nationally ranked. Butler was. CC is No. 1 in the state 3A poll.

We had Indy at 11, Berry at 13 and Vance at 16.

Six of 16 teams.

I think that's about right. Some folks may've argued about Vance, but Indy is unbeaten, Berry just lost to the top ranked team.

Who of those five should we drop out of the poll?

And consider that Charlotte teams have dominated 4AA play of late and Catholic's been to four 2A or 3AA championship games since 2004, Berry was one game away last year (with a big halftime lead on the eventual state champ) and I'd say Charlotte football is a whole lot stronger than it's ever been, and getting better, and the poll -- which would regularly feature maybe two local teams -- is simply reflective of the times.

Anonymous said...

Please Trojan fan....The Sweet 16 is for the "Big Boys"....Sorry but Bandys couldn't beat a weak West Charlotte, Garinger, or North Meck team in Charlotte...Stick to your weaka@@ conference and match for REAL talent....

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would take for Freedom to get into the Sweet 16. They are greatly improved over last year, and they weren't bad then.
Bandys is improved as well, and did beat a good East Lincoln team. Don't sell them short, although that was the only quality win so far.
I am surprised to see the Observer responding to posts now! Wow- it is welcome, but I must say: when you post a poll of the region's best teams, expect the fans of those schools ranked to have you cover those teams, and to be disappointed when you don't. That's where all the animosity comes from, and the feeling that you don't give everyone a fair shake.
(That also leads to narrow-minded comments like those Langston made at the start of the 3-A & 3-AA playoffs last year...)

Observer Sports said...

Anonymous, yes, I will respond when I can.

Freedom was a team we were watching. Curious to see how they do during the year, but I'm glad they got in this week.

Agree with on Bandys.

When we post a poll of the region's best teams, expect the fans of those schools ranked to want us to cover those teams? Well, them being in the poll means we are covering them.

We can't go cover the Sweet 16 teams every week. How is that fair to the 111 who aren't ranked? Or to the 32 Meck County teams not ranked this week that depend on us to be the local paper for them? That's just short sighted.

That you feel it creates animosity is, to me, a little strange, and as for my predictions, well, I make them every year, some are right and some are wrong. But my 3A pick won and my 3AA pick lost in the semifinals. So I wasn't too far off.

Year prior I did same thing, calling South Point and West Rowan and that didn't work out too poorly.

It's just having fun, man. I want to try to make the job fun and hopefully make you guys reading and watching on TV fun, too.

-- LW.

Anonymous said...

September 7, 2011 8:04 PM

You have no daily paper. It runs 2-3 days a week only and Media General in Richmond who owns it could close it.

Theres word Sacramentos McClatchey who owns the bigger papers will cut back on the Observer from 7 to 5 days soon.

Anonymous said...

Too many whining fans on here trying to lobby for their teams. Of course there are several good teams in this area who can make a case for their name being on the Sweet 16 list. But the fact is that there are far too many schools between the different class of A's. This poll will always be subjective. There is no computer model with a set formula.

Make it easy. Go undefeated and if your team is not on the list then you complain. Even if you don't make the list then, a state championship ring says more than this poll can begin to say.

High School Sports Fan

Julian Cuthbertson said...

Good job LW. Appreciate your coveraage. You just will never be able to make everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Cougars have something real special goin on over there at Catholic. Im a Country Day parent but that team is HUGE.

shane said...

i went to south point and i follow their football team every week. i think this poll is fun. to be compaired to teams out of charlotte i think is a credit to the raiders success over the past few years.being #5 is nice.. that said i do think south point is better then a.l. brown ....just saying...

Anonymous said...

Mallard is nationally ranked. Butler was. CC is No. 1 in the state 3A poll.

Yo dummy. ALL high schools in the state and in America and now ranked. LOL.

Luvallareateams said...

Observer please forgive my brethern @ Belmont Southpoint, they think everything in the world should revolve around there heavily recruited football team here in Gaston County. YES Charlotte schools are better in football right now. No Southpoint should not be ranked any higher than they are now. Great JOB observer and LW. Most of Gaston County Loves the coverage! except the Belmont area!

Anonymous said...

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