Monday, August 29, 2011

Mallard Creek, Butler still atop Sweet 16 Football Poll: 8/29/2011

Compared to last week’s Sweet 16 poll, which saw large amounts of movement and tons of new teams join, the second regular-season poll is rather boring.

No no teams joining and only a couple small ripples:

--Rock Hill Northwestern lost 16-10 to Rock Hill South Pointe in both team’s season opening games. Northwestern had a pass in the air to win or tie the game, but it was intercepted. Northwestern dropped from No. 4 to No. 7. South Pointe rose a spot to No. 6.

-- With Northwestern falling, No. 4 A.L. Brown and No. 5 South Point each moved up one spot.

-- South Point beat Lincolnton 35-21 in a matchup of top teams, and Lincolnton fell from No. 12 to 15. That allowed No. 12 Mooresville, No. 13 Berry and No. 14 Porter Ridge to each move up one spot.

To be ranked in the Observer’s Sweet 16, a team must be in the Observer’s coverage area, field football and basketball teams and not allow a student-athlete to reclass after ninth grade. For a detailed look inside the poll, including the criteria used to compile it, visit this link:

Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Prev.
1     Mallard Creek (4A)     2-0    1
2     Butler (4A)     1-1    2
3     Charlotte Catholic (3A)    2-0    3
4     A.L. Brown (3A)    2-0    5
5    South Point (3A)    2-0    6
6     Rock Hill South Pointe (3A)     1-0    7
7     Rock Hill Northwestern (4A)     0-1    4
8     Burns (3A)     2-0    8
9     West Rowan (3A)    1-1    9
10    Crest (3A)    1-1    10
11     Independence (4A)    2-0    11
12    Mooresville (4A)    2-0    13
13    Berry (3A)    2-0    14
14    Porter Ridge (4A)    2-0    15
15    Lincolnton (2A)    1-1    12
16    Vance (4A)    1-1    16
Dropped out: None
    On The Bubble: Albemarle (1A, 1-1); Charlotte Country Day (IND, 1-0); Myers Park (4A, 2-0); Salisbury (2A, 2-0); South Iredell (2A, 2-0);


Huskie Fan said...

What about Huogh... err Houhg... err Huohg... err HUFF! You always leave them out!

Anonymous said...

South Point beat Lincolnton 35-21 NOT 28-21. FYI

Go Big Red

Anonymous said...

Still not understanding how Porter Ridge is ranked so low after having won 16 of their last 17 games and continuing to crush their competition so far this season. It's not like this is a 1A school, it's 4A last time I checked.

Oh and how's that Sun Valley title prediction coming?

Anonymous said...

Langston, you can refer to me now and in the future as Walker D. Plank.

I am still encouraging you to go to your supervisor and ask to switch over to

Gee, how is is that Porter Ridge is ranked 6th in the ENTIRE state of North Carolina, which should place them 4th on YOUR list, yet YOU brainwash all of the Observer readers into believing the Pirates are not worthy of their deserved ranking? AARRRRR!

In the state of North Carolina, Mallard Creek is number 1, Butler is at 4, Burns is at 5, while the PIRATES are ranked 6th!

Also, BELOW Porter Ridge is
South Point at 7,
Mooresville 15th,
Berry 17th,
Charlotte Catholic 18th,
West Rowan 19th,
Crest 27th,
Lincolnton 31st,
A.L. Brown 33rd.

ohhhh, and let us not forget about...
Vance 56th AND
Independence 95th

So Langston, why don't you publish the REAL North Carolina rankings and adjust YOURS accordingly?

Go Pirates!

BTW-this is the updated list.

Anonymous said...

For real objectivity:

The MaxPrep NIFTY 50
NC Statewide All Classifications:

1 Mallard Creek
2 Page
3 Richmond
4 Butler
5 Burns
6 Porter Ridge
7 South Point
9 Scotland
10 Havelock
12 Northwest Guilford
13 Fuquay-Varina
14 Leesville Road
15 Mooresville
16 New Bern
17 Phillip O. Berry
18 Charlotte Catholic
19 West Rowan
20 Southern Durham
21 Carver
22 Ragsdale
23 Garner Magnet
24 Asheville
25 Mount Tabor
26 Northern Guilford
27 Crest
28 Southern Nash
29 Southeast Raleigh
30 Freedom
31 Lincolnton
32 T.W. Andrews
33 A.L. Brown
34 Weddington
35 Marvin Ridge
36 Cummings
37 East Duplin
38 Middle Creek
39 Sun Valley
40 Northeast Guilford
41 A.C. Reynolds
42 Panther Creek
43 Roanoke Rapids
44 Polk County
45 South Iredell
46 Douglas Byrd
47 Concord
48 Wallace-Rose Hill
49 Broughton
50 Charlotte Country Day

The DPS Kid said...

MAXPREPS is a joke just like their poll. Page before Butler and Richmond.....bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha. Someones been nipping granny's jug.

Catholic is top ten in anyone's poll that's actually done by someone knows what they are doing or in this case posting.

Dream on junior.

Anonymous said...

"Still not understanding how Porter Ridge is ranked so low after having won 16 of their last 17 games and continuing to crush their competition so far this season. It's not like this is a 1A school, it's 4A last time I checked."

Woo a 4a school crushing a 1A school and a 2a school woo big wins.... not really maybe if they played real competition and not low level mediocre teams they would earn some respect.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if The DPS Kid has his feelings hurt. How about we send Porter Ridge over to make the rest of you and your team hurt? Your team is ranked 18th in the state, little boy. You're ranked only 785th Nationally, while the Pirates are ranked 395th in the Country.

It sounds to me like your little 3A school is a lot of talk and no action. You know you're not as good as Porter just keep taking Langston out to dinner and sucking up to him.

Anonymous said...

"Woo a 4a school crushing a 1A school and a 2a school woo big wins.... not really maybe if they played real competition and not low level mediocre teams they would earn some respect."

Porter Ridge didn't lose a game last year until they were Upset in the State Semifinals, genius. Also, we don't play 2A and 1A schools.
I'm sorry, are the 4A Pirates ranked higher, Nationally, than your school? See, unless you are from..1 Mallard Creek
2 Page
3 Richmond
4 Butler OR
5 Burns

we are ranked higher than you, NATIONALLY! I don't need Langston's approval, but maybe you do, along with some tissues. Sorry, Porter Ridge earns their respect on the field.

I'm just pointing out the FACTS to Langston.

Anonymous said...,football&page=1&state=NC&sectionid=-Select-&teamsize=11

The DPS Kid said...

Don't get so bent out of shape Mr. Sensitive. I happen to think quite a lot of PR and I hope they put the wood on that sorry overrated AL Brown next Friday. We've taken the Wonders to the woodshed so many times I've lost count. They aren't that good and think they're unstoppable. We're their reality check almost every year.

I went to the PR/SV season finale last year and it's one of the BEST games I have ever seen, bar none. No question PR has been dissed on these polls and I will be at the game against Brown on 9/2. Just don't shoot down my boys. Got a LOT more respect for Pirates than overrated Kannapolis. You shred them good. It is fun too.

Anonymous said...

To whoever said Porter Ridge doesn't play anyone, you do realize they scheduled out-of-conference AL Brown in 2 weeks right?

Anonymous said...

Butler and Richmond gonna SUCK in 20110

Dats the Word mofo

yo mama

Anonymous said...

"Also, we don't play 2A and 1A schools."

PR wins are over 1A Monroe and 2A Piedmont.

Anonymous said...

Hough???? You can't be serious...hahahaha!

Observer Sports said...

Anonyous Porter Ridge fan:

I love your fight and spirit, but pointing out that your team is ranked in one poll differently than another only proves that it's ranked higher in one poll over the other. Doesn't mean one is more right -- or wrong -- but it does mean that in the poll your team is ranked higher in, well, that's the poll you think is the whole truth and nothing but.

We judge our poll over what we see around here with our own eyes. I feel we have a better grasp on our area that a national or even regional outfit. We still get some wrong, and as I always say, by about Week 4, the poll will be about where it should be.

Anonymous said...

I go to games when I can. PR has talent but they are weak at inside linebacker. A good coach will scheme against that front 4 and I don't think they will have an answer.

Anonymous said...

A.L.Brown is over- rated?? based on what? who is our reality check?? the private school with greater southwestern NC roster?? catholic shouldnt even be considered with the public schools. im sure we would fare better if we could sign up some of those kids from richmond county or charlotte. turns out we can only play with kids from kannapolis. i think we've done a pretty good job of that for the last 33 yrs... check the numbers. the winningest program in the state since 1980, still the highest nationally ranked team ever from NC #2 1981. the lowest ranked team to ever win a state championship #13 in the 90's when catholic, west rowan, and concord never stood a chance of winning it...

Lenwood B said...

Please check the record books--I saw Butler score 42 unanswered points against Olympic in the FIRST quarter.

Anonymous said...

Alot of you guys talk about 4A teams stepping back to play 2A and 1A teams.Hopewell which was on the bubble in the poll last week may rethink that before next year.East Lincoln 39 Hopewell 24 with the last Hopewell TD scored after East removed all the starters on D.GO MUSTANGS!!!

cchsol68 said...

Why is everyone getting so upset about rankings??? This is high school football not the BCS. Save the heat for November.

Anonymous said...

wow yall are freaking out about a HIGH SCHOOL football poll.....its high school football get a job dude

Anonymous said...

woa - what's up with the Spider bashing? Concord won two state titles - so AL Brown fan you can shut it. what is a Green Wonder anyway?????? Some kind of Smurf like cartoon character?

Anonymous said...

A Wonder is what has beat the spiders like a drum for the last 30 years enough said!!!

Anonymous said...

concord fans... just like we rowan fans. how many state titles were you piling up before they split the bracket into a tradional power bracket and a bracket of teams who had never won it??? the proof that bracket is weak is concord and west rowans domination of it. neither one of you could beat catholic. and not many teams in the nation could have beat the dudlet team in 07 08 or whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

Porter Ridge fans, you need to play someone. You had every opportunity to schedule Richmond, Mallard or Butler but insist on playing smaller teams...whether it be Monroe, Piedmont, or Brown. Just ask Sun Valley if the competition is the same....p.s. the Indy 2004 team's closest game was a 28 point spread and they had two guys go on to the pros and 14 go on to d-1 ball.

ashcroft said...

Head to head matchups must mean nothing

Anonymous said...

porter ridge folks calm down you will have your shot at proving yourself who cares where your ranked right now its the end of the season that matterw

Anonymous said...

Lay off the Ktown little wonders. Times are tough. Its still in mourning over Earnhardt (Jr) plus they sold off the mega cotten mill way back & tore it down & 99% of the joint became welfare addicts.
Take away football & they got nuttin.
Some team(s)feel bad & let them win a few but thats a closely guarded secret so try to go ez on the x-lintheads.

Anonymous said...

^^^We have us a spider fan!!^^^

Anonymous said...

How can these Porter Ridge fans be so upset? How long have you had a football team 2 year? And can the spider fans grow up a little with the comments...GO FALCONS!!

Anonymous said...

a little wonders worst nitemare

Anonymous said...

Top 50 ranked schools nationally

1 Don Bosco Prep Ramsey NJ
2 De La Salle Concord CA
3 Allen Allen TX
4 St. Thomas Aquinas FLauder
5 Armwood Seffner FL
6 Prattville Prattville AL
7 Trinity Louisville KY
8 Harrison Farmington Hills MI
9 Colerain Cincinnati OH
10 Bishop Gorman Las Vegas NV
11 Warren Central Indianapolis
12 Trinity Euless TX
13 Camden County Kingsland GA
14 Katy Katy TX
15 St. Xavier Cincinnati OH
16 Columbus Miami FL
17 Miami Norland Miami FL
18 Byrnes Duncan SC
19 Buford Buford GA 2
20 Sandy Creek Tyrone GA
21 Mallard Creek Charlotte NC
22 Pleasant Grove Elk Grove CA
23 Bentonville Bentonville AR
24 Moeller Cincinnati OH
25 Longview Longview TX
26 Lowndes Valdosta GA
27 Good Counsel Olney MD
28 Central Catholic Pittsburgh
29 Grayson Loganville GA
30 Hamilton Chandler AZ
31 Union Tulsa OK
32 Daphne Daphne AL
33 Bellarmine Prep San Jose CA
34 Centennial Corona CA
35 Oaks Christian Westlake CA
36 Bellevue Bellevue WA
37 Lafayette Oxford MS
38 Gilman School Baltimore MD
39 Miramar Miramar FL
40 Cocoa Cocoa FL
41 Lincoln Tallahassee FL
42 Mullen Denver CO
43 Maine South Park Ridge IL
44 Lexington Lexington SC
45 Gaffney Gaffney SC
46 St. Bonaventure Ventura CA
47 Lake Travis Austin TX
48 Pearland Pearland TX
49 Hoover Hoover AL
50 West Monroe West Monroe LA
51 Solon Solon OH

Anonymous said...

yea im sure WR has let us win 16 out of 17. and concord has let us win 8 of the last 11. the (K)ing is awake!!! deal with it

Anonymous said...

The King is DEAD.

Uhhh.. 17 of 30 crackhead. Dead Elvis knows who always had the best athletes.

ondyan said...

Hopewell which was on the bubble in the poll last week may rethink that before next year.East Lincoln 39 Hopewell 24 with the last Hopewell TD

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