Thursday, July 28, 2011

Former Butler girls basketball coach at Southern Illinois

Former Butler girls basketball coach Stephanie Butler is now an assistant with Southern Illinois. Butler led the Bulldogs to a 121-26 record from 2006-10 and won the 2010 N.C. 4A state title. She was fired by CMS over recruiting violations in the spring of 2010.

Butler has previous coacing experience. She served as the recruiting coordinator and assistant camp director at Division II Lander University for one season after serving two seasons as the assistant women’s basketball coach and camp director at Division I Presbyterian College.

She also coached at three S.C. high schools -- Gaffney, Byrnes and Westside -- after a successful playing career at Southern Wesleyan, where she was a four-year starter and two-year captain.

“Stephanie is a championship level coach. She is a tireless worker and is willing to work to help make our program successful,” Southern Illinois women’s basketball coach Missy Tiber said. “Her many years of experience in coaching young women both at the high school and college level will be a tremendous asset to our program. Stephanie has many connections in the south that will assist in our recruiting and she is widely known as an excellent floor coach.”


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Stephanie Butler! You're on such a better career track then in this CMS dump!

You'll eventually get your chance to shine as a head coach with a small college program and you'll be so much happier...and you'll make more money, too!

Anonymous said...

Im so happy to hear of this opportunity and knew that God had a bigger and better plan for you. You will do GREAT and I wish you much success. A sad lost for CMS but a GREAT win for you. CONGRATS!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, now you can recruit legally!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you much success. A sad lost for CMS but a GREAT win for you.

Anonymous said...

"A sad lost for you CMS"...come on man! Sad "lost"'s LOSS...she probably tried to recruit you! And to the rest of you, if she were so good, why didn't she go to the college level before she got fired!?! Seek truth, demand justice!

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