Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prep Softball Sweet 16 (3.31.11)

Softball Sweet 16
Rank, School, Class, Record, Prev.
1. Lake Norman, 4A, 11-0, 1
2. Alexander Central, 4A, 8-0, 2
3. East Rowan, 3A, 6-1, 4
4. Indian Trail Porter Ridge, 4A, 8-1, 6
5. West Stanly, 2A, 10-1, 8
6. Forest City Chase, 2A, 7-0, NR
7. South Stanly, 1A, 8-0, NR
8. East Gaston, 4A, 8-0, NR
9. Northwest Cabarrus, 3A, 9-2, NR
10. Ardrey Kell, 4A, 9-4, 3
11. Harrisburg Hickory Ridge, 3A, 7-1, NR
12. Belmont South Point, 3A, 6-1, NR
13. Boiling Springs Crest, 3A, 9-2, 111
14. Marvin Ridge, 3A, 8-2, 7
15. Marshville Forest Hills, 2A, 8-3, 16
16. Butler, 4A, 6-4, 5


Anonymous said...

hey what about a team in nation ford in fort mill that is 10-1 and has beat 3 or 4 teams in your sweet 16
come check them out

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Anonymous said...

Your not very bias when it comes to teams outside of the Charlotte area. Really, how does a 6-4 team continue to stay on the list. There are other schools outside of Charlotte that can play ball!

Anonymous said...

How is North Meck not in the Sweet 16? They beat Ardrey Kell, NW Cabarrus and Butler (all 3 of whom are in the Sweet 16). They lost to number 1 Lake Norman by 1 run?? Come on Langston....

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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