Thursday, March 24, 2011

CMS All-Conference Basketball Teams Announced

Here are Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools all-conference basketball teams. The teams were voted on by the coaches in each conference.

I-MECK 4A Boys
Elliot Pope, Hopewell; Chris Patterson, Lake Norman; Jamal White, Mallard Creek; Shawn Lester, Isiah Johnson, Kendrick Johnson, Mooresville; Carlin Bremner, Jermaine Forte, Shivaughn Wiggins, North Meck; Keynan Harper, Juwan Springs, Eric Lusha, Vance; Michael Brown, Kennedy Meeks, Jacoby Davis, W. Charlotte
Player of the year: Jacoby Davis, W. Charlotte
Coach of the year: Duane Lewis, N. Mecklenburg
I-MECK 4A Girls
Anna Diggs, Hough; Marissa Riley, Landyn Mannion, Lake Norman; Hunter Meakin, Sharee’ Boyd, Hopewell; Gabrielle McClain, Rachel Porter, W. Charlotte; Tatum McKee, North Meck; Shakirah McLaughlin, Mooresville; Karmen Barringer, Vance; Somalia McKenney, Niya Phillips, Nicole Graham, Amber Neely, Mallard Creek
Coach of the year: Gary Richmond, Hopewell
Player of the year: Hannah Early, Hopewell
ME-GA 7 Girls
Ali Lane, Lizzie Henshaw, Charlotte Catholic; Shelby Winchester, Lindsey Greeson, East Gaston; Latika Harris, Briana Key, Harding; Alexius Hampton, Vanissa McMillian, Olympic; Rajsha Blackmon, Sharnesha Brently, West Meck.
Player of the year: Ali Lane, Catholic
Coach of the year: Anthony Jones, Harding
ME-GA 7 Boys
Preston Earle, Harding; Robert Champion, Catholic; Vidol Crawford, East Gaston; Reggie Arceneaux, Allerik Freeman, Josh Smith, Olympic; Terrance Williams, Julius Hamilton, Jerod Wallace, West Meck; Jarvis Haywood, Waddell
Player of the year: Reggie Arceneaux, Olympic
Coach of the year: Ty Baumgarnder, Olympic
Southwestern 4A Girls
India Timpton, Saadia Timpton, Mason Jeffries, Carly Hammack, Myers Park, Jaymee Fisher-Davis, Cierra Burdick, Butler; Oceania Anderson, Christelle Shembo, Ardrey Kell; Laquisha Taylor, Independence; Casey Reiger, Providence; Sandra Knox, E. Meck
Player of the year: Cierra Burdick, Butler
Coach of the year: Tina Lawrence, Ardrey Kell
Southwestern 4A Boys
Marcus Burton, Anthony Stitt, Zach Ferguson, Jalen White, Butler; DeQuann Simpson, Matt Ward, Rocky River; Carrington Kirkpatrick, South Meck; Brandon Davis, Independence; Clayton Massey, Myers Park; Jerrin Morrison, East Meck; Andrew Alexander, Ardrey Kell
Player of the year: Marcus Burton, Butler
Coach of the year: Kurt Wessler, Butler


Anonymous said...

Toni Thorn from west meck should be all conference led the conference in steals

Anonymous said...

Robert Champion is from Charlotte Catholic not Harding

Denny said...

someone needs to convince the powers-that-be that by the time kids reach the varsity level not everyone needs a trophy.

there are people who are marginal players on horrible teams who are listed as all-conference.

If they were all-conference caliber players, their teams wouldn't have been as horrible as they are.

the result of this BS is that it taints the award for anyone who actually does deserve recognition.

c.j. said...

Sorry you feel like that Denny. Giving young people encouragement is what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

So WC coach Baraonton Terry didn;t get coach of the year when he only lost one conference game by a lucky shot on the road, and one to a national power? Then won every playoff game by nearly 20 points a game on way to a state championship, versus a team that didn;t get out the sectional?

Anonymous said...

Where is the private schools list?

Anonymous said...

Preston Earle, Harding; Robert Champion, Catholic.....reads right to me!

Anonymous said...

Providence High doesn't have any SW4A all-conference players?

Anonymous said...

I think its bs that an OK player made it from an awful team!!!

Anonymous said...

This an individual award not a team award. Team that don't have good records still have individuals who are very talented and they should be recognized.

Anonymous said...

would love to know the the accomplishments of some of the players, as well as conference vs. conference all star games..let's make this a big deal..Mallard Creek girls had a great run, but dont know who the players, we need better coverage...

Anonymous said...

How can Coach Richmond be coach of the year? He was beaten three times by Mallard Creek. The same MC beat a VERY good Butler team. Coach Johnson should have been coach of the year.

Anonymous said...

Myron Lowery chased away his two best players who were both All Conference for Providence Day School

CEE JAY said...

Just for the record all conference and coach of the year are chosen by the coaches not the Observer staff. So you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

IMeck will give ANYBODY recognition that beats WEST CHARLOTTE...even by a last second shot! AT HOME...with I77 North's best refs(not)! NCHSAA 4A State Championship coach gets nuttin'...funny how that works. From Lake to shining, polluted Lake, I reckon!

Anonymous said...

If your team isn't good then you shouldn't be on this....if your "all conference" you will your team

Fortherecord said...

What is the criteria for all conference???? If a player's non-subjective statistics are not among the leagues best, (top 15), that designated award should not apply to them! The fact that there are so many new coaches in girls basketball highlight that they measure the game a little differently than their prior peers!

Daniel said...

Remarkable insights! I have been previously searching for something like this for a long time now. Appreciate it!