Saturday, February 26, 2011

Butler basketball coach Kurt Wessler resigns

            After leading his team to an unbeaten run through the Southwestern 4A regular-season and conference tournament, Bulldogs boys basketball coach Kurt Wessler told the Observer he was resigning Saturday.
            Wessler, who won a state title in 2003 at Vance, just finished his 14th season as a head coach. In his 20-year career, his teams have been to five sectional finals and made three Western regional appearances. He said he will continue to teach history at Butler.
            “What a thrilling way to go out,” said Wessler, whose team lost in overtime to Winston-Salem Mount Tabor in Friday’s sectional championship. “I wanted another state championship.”
            He said he almost made this decision last spring.
            I have preached a philosophy that focuses on faith, family, academics and basketball,” Wessler said. “It is the cornerstone of all that I do and the basis for the decisions that I make.
October of 2009, my Dad died. He had a rough few last years. However, when I was a child he traveled as a salesman. Never missed a game though, not basketball or baseball. Coached me in AAU, coached me in Little League. What did I learn? Put your family first. He never said it. He just did it. It left quite an impression.”
            Wessler and his wife Colleen have two young children who play softball and baseball and take piano lessons. He said he wants to coach them and spend more time with them.
           “I will be there for them in whatever endeavors they undertake,” he said. “I am unbelievably blessed and have had an incredible career that I never envisioned. My good friend and former (South Mecklenburg) coach Carey Clark asked me in 2003 why I didn't retire after winning the states that year. My daughter was almost two and my son was on the way. I had no idea what being an attentive father was to mean. I wasn't ready then. Now is the time. My administration and my parents want me to stay. This is on my often do we really get to say that in life?”


Anonymous said...

Another BHS staff/coach bites the dust. I guess that he knew the hammer was coming down on him next, first the AD then girls basketball coach, next star quarterback the principal, Vicki Hamilton and Joel Ritchie will be gone in June (about time) and now Wessler. Next is the current AD for allowing all the cheating this year boys/girls soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 8:46

You forgot to mention the football coach Newsome. If your info is correct and Ritchie will be gone then Newsome's lifeline will be cut off and he will not get away with all that he has in the past years.
It sounds like the stuff is hitting the fan.
It's now Mallard Creek's time to shine.

Mark Mennitt said...

I have known and respected Kurt Wessler for over 15 years. He is one of the "classest" coaches I know. He is also an exceptional teacher, an incredible father and dedicated husband. The previous two posts have no place here.

Anonymous said...

Wessler is a super role model.He has his priorities in the right order. CMS is losing a class individual in the coaching profession.Congratulations on a job well done!

mike said...

Really knock the negative stuff off this guy sounds like a real class act.congrats!!

Chandler said...

Anybody that presses when up more than 20 in the 2nd half deserves to be lashed. I'm sure there is more to the story.

Meck Coach said...

Actually chandler there is nothing more here tham a father wanting to spend more time with his kids, if you guys are too hard headed to see that, also its called making your team better most colleges don't stop pressing no matter the score til 2 minutes left, learn something about basketball before you say wessler is a great person and teacher and I wish him the best

Anonymous said...

What cheating are you talking about????

Anonymous said...

To Mike at 7:22
You are correct. Coach Wessler is a class guy. The sad part is that he left Vance and climbed in that cesspool in Matthews. So now instead of being celebrated (as he should be)he is associated with that trash and the stink is on him too.
As for Anon @12:18, you are kidding...right.

Anonymous said...

No I'm not kidding please give me examples of what cheating you people act like butlers paying kids to play for them, butlers a great school and kids want to go there get over it! And plz don't mention coach butler because how can u not be allowed to talk to girls who are coming to ur school anyway...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57
Now I understand your comment.
We live in a society that won't allow you to fire a woman OR a minority (Coach Butler is both) without 5 lawyers showing up at your door. Our County Manager just gives away 10's of thousands of dollars to people who have been fired just so they won't file a frivolous wrongful termination lawsuit. Nobody has heard squat out of Coach Butler about her termination as coach but YOU don't want to talk about her. She is the most blatant example of the dozen or so that have come out of that dump and YOU don't think she was wrong. If she doesn't fit YOUR definition of a cheat than why would you want to hear of any other examples. As far as kids wanting to go there, I can see why. Sex, drugs, alcohol, no parental or staff control and NO consequences for poor actions.

Now, if Kurt was doing the things that the others are doing, I would be shocked. I actually hope that someday in the future he comes back to coaching because you can just see it in his kids that he has made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Dozen or so...hahaha you weaseled ur way out that question but I'm just curious to know what okther allegations are out there besides coach butler, and I guess the address thing in which cms visited apartments 2-3 times to ensure everything was done according to the rules, but it doesn't matter once you get it in your head that the only way for a school to be good at sports is to cheat, you act like coach newsome is buying kids cars and paying their parent morgages to get them at butler, don't believe every bad thing u hear especially from people who have no idea what goes on in butler athletics

Anonymous said...

I will give you 3 because I don't have the time or energy to explain everything to you. Particularly when even when CMS fires someone for cheating you still don't think the person could have done anything wrong.
1. CMS knew about the Sombo rape arrest 3 days befeore Butler traveled to Mt. Tabor. Butler allowed him to play anyway. (I know it was a bogus charge but it was still an arrest and he shouldn't have played.)
2. EM goes up one with 9 seconds to play at Butler last year in a girls BB game. Butler calls timeout and during the timeout the Butler clock operator added 9 seconds for a total of 18. Clair Watkins missed a shot at the buzzer and EM won by one. (It is all on film and the officials never approached the clock operator.) Clock operator was caught during the boys game trying to switch the possession arrow back in favor of Butler without there being a held ball.
3. They dismissed two cheerleaders this year for falsifying their address.

Remember, just because Joel Ritchie won't hold Butler accountable does not mean it isn't cheating. This isn't NASCAR we are talking about.

The list goes on and on but I am done.

(You kids dream of a ring is in jeopardy right now.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:25

What about the football player whose dad is a preacher and is lying about their address. Using an address in matthews that by the way is in foreclosure while still living in mint hill. Family filmed in mint hill home for a sports show that aired on dec.4th. but cms won't touch that family because older brother got the boot and cms is afraid of a lawsuit. hopefully with vicki gone as of yesterday things will change. also follow the girls soccer player home that lives in olde sycamore but is lying about an apartment in matthews or the lacrosse player who should be at rocky river but is using grandmas address. is this enough for you.

Anonymous said...

And that's not even the non-athlete's,there are plenty that live in Mint Hill, that have been allowed to stay at Butler under false addresses and false guardianship papers.

Anonymous said...

And no other school has any of that going on lol all of y'all argueing is funny, also did I see that guy referring to cheerleaders as cheating hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53
Only so many kids make the cheerleading squad. So lets say that the spots that the 2 cheaters took knocked out 2 young ladies that really belonged at the school. Now they cannot participate because 2 people cheated. Same thing with the girls BB team. (You know, the all-star team that got beat tonight because their all-american point guard is banned from ever playing in the state of NC again. BTW, the cops in Grayson County, Va at Oak Hill will stomp the crap out of her Dad AND her if they pull that crap up there)You have kids that belong at Butler that get cut to make room on the roster for the recruits from the tri-county area. You ignorant fools in Matthews think it is always about being better than the other schools when the things you allow to go on are hurting your own kids.

Anonymous said...

why is there a video on this blog? also about comment you know kids falsify and address thats the parent and has nothing to do with the school

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20 You can't fix stupid.

sonny said...

I taught and coached under Coach Wessler while at Vance High School in my first years in the profession. His words about faith, family, education and basketball are honest and true. I left Vance in 2002 (oops) to return to the New Hanover County Schools (where the favorite son of the county has open enrollment, there are presses when up by 40, and all kinds of shifty residence papers-none of which have anything to do with Coach).

He really evinced his philosophy and I sought to follow in the path laid down. The workload required to really, as he used to say, "bring the heat" on a level required of an AP class and still keep the hours of a state title contending basketball program and a real, honest father is something that is impressive to say the least. As I grew our own AP Language and Composition class, the workload between it and basketball (not too mention the absurd and dangerous practice of coaches driving the bus) became awesome. Then my daughter was born. I coached another year or two to see my freshman graduate and resigned even as doors I had waited so long for began to open. Why? Because Coach Wessler is right. You can't be a very attentive father to your own family while being an attentive teacher to 95 students and a father and coach to 14-15 young men, which a good coach is and a great coach like Wessler lived and breathed. Family was next in line of importance.

I miss it even now coach. But I also don't. I have time to take the kids to the beach, time with my wife, I can get my class papers graded with detail and "bring the heat" everyday; I even (gasp) do a little fishing myself. If you want to come out this way we can go try and catch a few.

Someday when my kids are grown I may seek another time on the sideline. If Coach has returned and has a position open, it would be the first place I would look. Thank you Coach. Thank you.