Thursday, January 6, 2011

Larry McNulty to return as football coach at Charlotte Latin

Charlotte Latin football coach Larry McNulty said he's not ready for retirement after all.

Just a few weeks after announcing that his 25th season at Charlotte Latin would his last, McNulty has decided to come back. He'll coach the Hawks in 2011.

McNulty has coached Latin to appearances in the past eight N.C Independent Schools' state championship games. His teams, overall, have won 11 football and five track championships.

“I began coaching straight out of college because I am committed to the development of young people and to the success, both on and off the field and track, of student athletes," McNulty said. "After reflecting upon my initial decision, I determined that I simply am not ready to end my coaching career, and I am truly grateful that the Charlotte Latin community supports this change of heart."

Latin Headmaster Arch McIntosh was happy McNulty decided to return.

“As a school leader for more than thirty years, I have learned that the key to providing an excellent education for students is to ensure that their teachers and coaches are outstanding in their disciplines and committed to each child in their charge," McIntosh said. "Coach McNulty is one of the finest educators, not to mention coaches, who I have had the privilege of working with on my faculty. I endorse his decision and am pleased that our athletic program will continue to benefit from his leadership, dedication and commitment.”


Clay said...

Good call coach Mac. He sure whooped my behind into shape and we won the NCISAA state track championship in '93 by the most points in history. Great coach with a talent for molding young athletes.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get the Panthers job?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Coach Mac!!!!