Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clearing up confusion on county championship proposal

Apparently my column last week about the city/county championship left a few people confused. Sorry about that.

Basically, I think Mecklenburg County should follow Union County's lead and have a county championship during Christmas break.

Some public school coaches aren't interested in playing with private schools who don't follow the eight-semester rule (meaning you can't repeat a grade in high school and maintain eligibility). Counting those teams, you have a perfect 32-team field. But since there is some opposition, I have a new option:

We take the 19 CMS schools and add the five privates who do play by the eight-semester rule: Charlotte Catholic, Charlotte Latin, Country Day, Charlotte Christian and Providence Day.

Then, I think we should have two fields: a 16-team county championship field and an 8-team open field. Think of it like the NCAA and NIT. Who picks the teams? Assuming the Charlotte Regional Sports Commission runs the event, as it did the Bojangles' Shootout last month, it would.

I think the open field gives two more teams (one boys and one girls) a shot at a title it might not normally get.

This would be a four-day event for the 16-team field and games could be played in two sites each day. I would peg some proceeds to go towards CMS' athletic department and I think we could jam some big crowds into the right venues around town.


otispowell said...

I think CMS should do a County Championship at the middle school level...I am a parent of a middle school student and would pay to see my son or his school in something like this...CMS should start middle football at the same time as High school football to get this done and play middle school games at High School site!!! what do you think!!!!

Anonymous said...

Queens Grant HS should be added to that mix

Anonymous said...

no one gives a hoot about middle schoolers playing're talking crazy talk

Anonymous said...

Queens Grant allows repeats don't they? Can't be in. L Dub luv the idea. Hope miss Vicky Hamilton will read this and help make it happen

Anonymous said...

Middle School sports are a joke! Most of the coaches do not know the sport that they are coaching and is only doing it for the money. They do not even have real tryouts!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Lanston... curious to know what needs to happen now for this idea to ever materialize?