Monday, December 13, 2010

North Meck boys zoom into Sweet 16, face rival W. Charlotte

Olympic’s boys have moved into the No. 1 spot in the Sweet 16.

The Trojans (7-0) moved up when preseason No. 1 Charlotte Christian (8-1) lost Saturday to Gonzaga (D.C.) College Prep 54-49 at the Gonzaga Classic.

Christian dropped to No. 2. The Knights are ranked No. 18 in the southeast region by ESPN Rise (Gonzaga is No. 11).

-- Berry’s girls (5-0) are up four spots to No. 7 after Friday’s 56-32 win over Unionville Piedmont. North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell attended the game.

-- North Meck’s boys, off to a 7-0 start, zoom to No. 8 in the poll. The Vikings were unranked last week. The Vikings play at No. 3 West Charlotte Tuesday night.

--  Three new teams join the girls poll: 5-1 Olympic, 3-0 Newton Foard and 5-0 Belmont South Point.

-- Providence Day’s girls (4-2) hold onto the No. 4 spot despite losing 63-57 to Abbotsleigh (Australia) last week. The Chargers also lost 68-61 to Virginia power Oak Hill last month.

-- NOTE: This is the last Sweet 16 poll of the year. The poll will pick up when schools return from Christmas Break in January.


Rk.     Team (Class)     Rec.    Pv
1     Olympic (4A)     7-0    2
2     Charlotte Christian (IND)     8-1    1
3     W. Charlotte (4A)     6-1    3
4     Concord (3A)     3-1    3
5     W. Meck (4A)     3-2    5
6     Monroe (1A)     1-1    6
7     Vance (4A)     5-1    13
8     North Mecklenburg (4A)     7-0    --
9     Hickory (3A)     4-1    8
10     Fort Mill (3A)     6-1    10
11     Hunter Huss (3A)     5-1    11
12     Lancaster, SC (4A)     7-1    12
13     Salisbury (2A)     2-1    7
14     Cherryville (1A)     2-1    9
15    Berry (2A)     5-1    15
16    Mooresville (4A)     5-1    --

Girls Poll
Rk     Team (Class)     Rec.    Prv
1     Butler (4A)     6-0    1
2     Salisbury (2A)     3-1    2
3     Hopewell (4A)     6-0    3
4     Prov. idence Day (Ind)     4-2    4
5     N. Iredell (3A)     5-1    5
6     Hickory (3A) 4-1 8
7     Berry (2A)     5-0    11
8     Newton-Conover 3-1 6
9     Mallard Creek (4A)     6-1    7
10     Indian Trail Porter Ridge (4A)     4-0    10
11     W. Rowan (3A)     4-0    13
12     S. Caldwell (4A)     6-0    15
13     Olympic (4A)     5-1    --
14     Newton Foard (3A)     3-0    --
15     Belmont South Point (3A)    5-0    --
16     Lake Norman (4A)     4-2    14


Anonymous said...

Again no love for East Rutherford? Undefeated. Whip Cherryville at home. D-1 commit. Should be atleast number 10.

Anonymous said...

RS Central's girls beat powerhouse McDowell 2x already and are undefeated. Does the writer of this poll watch games or just throw teams down on paper and call it an article?

Heisreal2me said...

Okay, let me get this straight. Charlotte Christian is ranked #18 by ESPN Rise in the Southeast, looses to #11 ranked Gonzaga and drops from the #1 spot in the Sweet 16? Does that really make any sense at all? Where does ESPN have Olympic ranked? Who have they played? I love my city of Charlotte, however, the competition that Christian faced this past weekend in D.C. was brutal. But then again, this is Charlotte doing the ranking.

Anonymous said...

How bout them Butler boys

Anonymous said...

haha is this poll a joke? Olympic would not stand a chance with Christian or any of the teams in the Gonzaga tournament that Christian just played in. Christian beat 2 teams before losing that would run Olympic off the court. Olympic is 7-0 beating unstoppable Charlotte Catholic, Myers Park, and oh-no, Rocky River! That's some tough competition that deserves a #1 ranking. While Olympic was playing these "tough" opponents, Christian was facing and BEATING national powerhouses from Baltimore and The Bronx. So Charlotte, we can all see how Olympic deserves the #1 spot.

Anonymous said...

How about Waddell? Their only two losses were to 2 4A-level private schools that featured top Division 1 talent (Bernard Sullivan (Clemson) of Davidson Day and Dominique Pointer (St. John's) of Quality Education). After those 2 lossess, Waddell came back a few days later and beat Sweet 16-ranked Berry. Waddell hasn't closed YET.

Anonymous said...

Would The Charlotte Observer please quit referring to Fred T. Foard High School as Newton Foard?

Anonymous said...

You should let me help you with the sweet 16. I go to games and see who plays who and how teams look. I could create a 16 that would be accurate

Anonymous said...

Wondering why Monroe is ranked???

Anonymous said...

does anyone watch shelby high school girls.5-0 and average about 70 points per game and only giving up about reason why they shouldn"t be in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Harding Girls DOMINATE

Anonymous said...

Typical comments from charlotte christian lets that Christian shine through. I havn't seen olympic play, but a I know a D1 recruiter said their team play long & with unmatched speed. Besides, this is just an early season ranking, go get some help Christians

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Christian is in the same tournament with United Faith right now. Charlotte Christian lost to Benectdine by 12, then United Faith beats Benectdine by 10 and still no love for the falcons