Wednesday, December 1, 2010

N.C. State Semifinal Playoff Pairings

Pairings for Friday's N.C. High School Athletic Association regional championship football games (7:30 p.m.):

4AA: Cary Panther Creek (13-1) at Wake Forest-Rolesville (13-1)
4A: New Bern (14-0) at Durham Hillside (14-0)
3AA: Northern Guilford (12-2) at Wilson Hunt (12-2)
3A: Eastern Alamance (12-2) at Havelock (11-3)
2AA: Cedar Ridge (12-2) at Northeastern (12-2)
2A: East Bladen (11-3) at Tarboro (14-0)
1AA: Pender (11-2) at Southwest Onslow (13-1)
1A: Plymouth (13-1) at Wallace-Rose Hill (14-0)

4AA: Vance (11-3) at Butler (14-0)
4A: Davie County (8-6) at Porter Ridge (13-1)
3AA: Boiling Springs Crest (10-3) at Charlotte Catholic (14-0)
3A: Hibriten (12-2) at West Rowan (14-0)
2AA: Shelby (9-5) at Salisbury (11-3)
2A: Winston-Salem (12-2) at Lincolnton (14-0)
1AA: Mitchell (8-6) at Albemarle (10-4)
1A: Hobbton (10-4) at Murphy (12-2)


Anonymous said...

Expecting to see all of the home teams win in the west maybe with the exception of Shelby winning

Anonymous said...

Dang. How did Butler get so far w/o their great wonderful star QB from last yr? U mean there are actually others on the team? Wow.

ps Vance would have won Fri even if Williams played but what was the real reason he was out?

Anonymous said...

Of course there are others on the team. Who do you think the QB threw the ball to? The sophmore has stepped up and done a great job. Don't think Vance would have won if Williams was able to use his running ability efficiently, Vance's coach even said that was huge not having to defend that. The real reason he was out was because he sprained his ankle. To think anything else would be ignorant, what kid would not want to play for a chance to go to the state semifinals and possibly the state championship?

Anonymous said...

so if a young soph leads butler to win it all how will u of ga react to signing u know who skipped out so arrogantly?

ever heard of an ankle brace?

Anonymous said...

Over the long term, 50 years or so, no question Char Catholic is the #1 HS football team in the hist of Meck even better than Indy. Unparalleled in consistency.

Anonymous said...

Don't really know what you're trying to say there at 1:03 (skipped out so arrogantly?)....but I don't know how UGA will react, don't really care, I think they know they got a good talent in Lemay. Sure I've heard of an ankle brace but surely you have heard of an ankle thats sprained so badly a person just can't handle the stress of cutting and running around on it. Every ankle sprain is different and we don't know how severe it is.

Rulon said...

I assume the Butler game will be at the school, and not at Memorial?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that has already been reported Rulon.