Thursday, November 25, 2010

Richmond Sr. coach: We're better on offense than in first Butler game

Richmond Senior coach Paul Hoggard said his team has improved offensively from the bunch that only scored a touchdown in a loss against Butler in September.

“We’ve really started jelling offensively,” Hogard said. “We’ve just gotten better at what we’re doing.”

Walter Ellerbe leads the Raiders in rushing, with 208 carries for 1,870 yards and 22 touchdowns. Steve Houston has rushed 49 times for 636 yards and 8 touchdowns. Quarterback LaRon Ellerbe has rushed for 538 yards and four scores and throw thrown for 1,229 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Hoggard said it usually takes option offenses, like Richmond, a little time to get going.

“It’s about timing and finesse and it takes awhile to get it clicking,” Hoggard said. “This year took a lot longer.”


Anonymous said...

zzzzzzz...Whatever, Butler as usual!

Anonymous said...

Regarding, renting residences for better school assignments, who can blame them? It's not all about the athletic programs. CMS has destroyed the neighborhood concept in favor of social engineering to appease people of non-caucasian decent. The current rules offer the opportunity to have a permanent, albeit temporary abode in the chose district to attend. There would be more people skirting around the CMS assignments if they had the opportunity. Some percieve Butler as being a better environment than Indy, or Rocky River, wonder why??