Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Has Mallard Creek been tested enough? Players say they're ready

Mallard Creek will host Ardrey Kell (8-4) on Friday in a second-round playoff. While teams such as Butler and Richmond Senior have played each other and some top-notch competition, the Mavericks' schedule hasn't included many heavyweights.

Mavericks QB Marquise Williams said Mallard Creek fans needn't worry.

"Everybody talks about our schedule," he said. "We don't control what goes on with that. Our coach ( Mike Palmieiri) has been trying to schedule other teams but hasn't gotten answers from anybody. We play who's on our schedule.
"It doesn't worry us. We have been tested before. We will be ready. Chester was a good football team and they are a powerhouse in South Carolina, and they could compete with some of the teams up here. Like I said, we are ready. We are just coming to play."

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