Monday, October 11, 2010

Sun Valley moves up, Marvin Ridge and Clover move down in Sweet 16

The top seven spots in the Sweet 16 remained the same for the third straight week, but Indian Trail Porter Ridge moves up three spots to No. 7 after beating rival Marvin Ridge’s Mavericks 31-13 Friday at Marvin Ridge.

The Mavericks dipped two spots to No. 8.

Moving up five spots was Indian Trail Sun Valley, another team in the same Southern Carolina conference as Porter Ridge and Marvin Ridge. Sun Valley beat Anson Senior 28-21 Friday and plays Marvin Ridge this week.

The only other move was a drop from Clover (S.C) from No. 9 to No. 14. Clover lost 41-27 to S.C. power Gaffney Friday.

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Rk. Team (Class) Rec. Prev.
1 Butler (4A) 7-0 1
2 Rock Hill Northwestern (4A) 7-0 2
3 Mallard Creek (4A) 7-0 3
4 West Rowan (3A) 8-0 4
5 Rock Hill South Pointe (3A) 6-1 5
6 Charlotte Catholic (3A) 8-0 6
7 Lenoir Hibriten (3A) 7-1 7
8 Indian Trail Porter Ridge (4A) 7-0 10
9 Indian Trail Sun Valley (4A) 6-1 14
10 Marvin Ridge (3A) 6-1 8
11 Newton-Conover (2A) 7-0 11
12 Charlotte Country Day (IND) 6-1 12
13 Charlotte Latin (IND) 6-1 13
14 Clover, S.C. (4A) 6-1 9
15 Lincolnton (2A) 7-0 15
16 Berry (2A) 7-0 16

Others receiving consideration (listed alphabetically): 1A Albemarle (6-1); 4A Hopewell (6-1); 3A Kannapolis Brown (6-1); 3A Lawndale Burns (6-1); 4A South Caldwell (7-0); 2A South Iredell (7-0)


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Burns doesn't get any love. Lincolnton beat South Point by 1 and Burns beat them by 31. Burns has played a much tougher schedule too.

Anonymous said...

Maxpreps has Burns listed 10th in the state...not jsut in the Observer area.

For the Oct. 5th week, Burns is 5th in the AP 3a State poll.

WTF Observer...WTF?

Anonymous said...

3A Weddington is undefeated and doesn't even get any votes, yet all of the other 1-loss teams in Union County are ranked.


Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Polls are kind of independent of one another. What MaxPreps does doesn't influence what we do or vice versa. Burns is a deserving team, but we have not had any openings.

We can't jump them into the poll, I wouldn't think, and take down teams who have been ranked and winning big. If teams were to win and struggle or were to lose, then there would be a spot. But just as much as Burns has an argument, so do a few non-ranked unbeatens.

As for South Point, Burns is 3A like South Point. Linc is 2A. We take that into account, too.

Langston Wertz Jr. said...

Weddington lost to Ardrey Kell early. The game was later given back to them by forfeit. They are in the discussion, rest assured.

As I said earlier, no spots have come open really of late, and everyone cannot be ranked.

And just because you're 6-0 or 5-1, doesn't necessarily mean you deserve to be ranked. Me? I don't think Alabama should be lower than 5 in the nation even with the loss and no way Boise should be ranked ahead.

Boise doesn't play back to backs like 'Bama does, or the schedule as a whole.

Same is true in preps.

Anonymous said...

I believe you need to outreach and pull in about six more voters

Anonymous said...

Polls aren't done by papers to get accurate gauges on anything. They are conversation pieces. From a news standpoint, they are worse than worthless. From a sales and public interest standpoint, they are priceless.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Lincolnton is not rated higher. They are constantly outscoring their opponents and so far have played so very well. I sometimes dislike how most of the top spots are for Mecklenburg schools.

Anonymous said...

4 of the top 7 teams aren't even from Mecklenburg. The fact is that most of these 2A and 3A public schools can't even beat the Charlotte private schools. Maybe The Observer should consider only allowing teams from Charlotte to be in the Sweet 16, and letting other schools hometown papers worry about them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster. I think the out of Charlotte schools are getting more than enough love in this poll (although some may be out of order, who knows).

The games I've been to this year: CCDS vs Catholic, CCDS vs Bluefield, Maiden vs Newton-Conover, and Latin vs. Providence Day.

I know some may hate to hear this, but there is no way a Newton Conover could ever beat a Latin, PD, CCDS, or Catholic.

No way. No how. Never. Period. It isn't even in the same ballpark.

Not complaining about the rankings (nobody can actually watch all the games to really know), just saying that there are far more underrated Charlotte teams than those in surrounding counties.

Anonymous said...

L I luv ya but no Burns on that poll is ridiculous and I'm a Catholic fan. I understand what you have explained in the past about coverage area but, IMHO, just keep the SC schools of the list period. It's a different state and does things its own way. They have their little clown papers and let them issue their own polls that only include SC programs. I don't want to see SC schools in an NC newspaper poll and neither do most folks I've spoken with. Observer is a Charlotte paper and Charlotte is in NC.

Berry is a joke too. A 3A school in a 1A/2A conference. No wonder they win all their games. Put them in MEGA-7 where they belong and they'll under .500 easy. Burns would CRUSH them. C'mon brother.

Anonymous said...

As a team they need a cheer leader... very cute... something like Colombian girls dont you think?

Anonymous said...

Weddington won again! 8-0 now....

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, pro-Weddington fan, one of the biggest reasons your team isn't on the list is because if you look at strength of schedule you really haven't played anyone. Your first two games were against teams in a 1A/2A conference and since then you've played all 3A teams except for Olympic (and we all know you really lost to AK and if it weren't for them forfeiting you would have 1 L). So, please don't whine about not being on the list until you've played some real competition. Now, if you beat Porter Ridge, Sun Valley, or Marvin Ridge then we can talk.....

Proud parent of a Spartan

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