Monday, October 25, 2010

Kannapolis, Unionville Piedmont join Sweet 16

After more than a month with little change, two Sweet 16 teams dropped out of the poll last week, and Unionville Piedmont and Kannapolis Brown jumped in.

Clover, No. 14 last week, lost to Rock Hill Northwestern. No. 10 Charlotte Country Day was upset by Providence Day. Both teams dropped out of the poll.

Brown is back in the poll at No. 15. The Wonders were ranked earlier this season and have won six games in a row.

Piedmont is in for the first time all season. The Panthers have won seven in a row since losing to 4A Porter Ridge 42-16 in August. Piedmont has allowed only six points in its past two games.

Read-only factbox
Rk. Team (Class) Rec. Prev.
1 Butler (4A) 9-0 1
2 Rock Hill Northwestern (4A) 9-0 2
3 Mallard Creek (4A) 9-0 3
4 West Rowan (3A) 10-0 4
5 Rock Hill South Pointe (3A) 8-1 5
6 Charlotte Catholic (3A) 10-0 6
7 Lenoir Hibriten (3A) 8-1 7
8 Indian Trail Porter Ridge (4A) 9-0 8
9 Indian Trail Sun Valley (4A) 8-1 9
10 Lawndale Burns 8-1 12
11 Newton-Conover (2A) 9-0 11
12 Charlotte Latin 8-1 12
13 Lincolnton 9-0 15
14 Berry 8-0 16
15 Kannapolis Brown 8-1 --
16 Unionville Piedmont 8-1 --

Others receiving consideration (listed alphabetically): 1A Albemarle (8-1); IND Charlotte Country Day (7-2); 4A Clover, S.C. (7-2); 3A Marvin Ridge (7-2); IND Providence Day (7-2); 2A South Iredell (9-0); 3A Weddington (8-1)


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Berry Academy continues to surprise. The big matchup this week will be Newton-Conover vs. South Iredell. It could either solidify N-C's place or get S. Iredell its spot on the list.

Anonymous said...

Time is long past to change and rearrange the whole Sweet 16 concept is dinky and meaningless anyway failing to show a broader range of football in the state(s). SC could be on a similar system but not combined with NC since there is no logic to this.

A newer better revised improved expanded polling system would help playoffs bound teams be more knowledgable as to who they may be playing.

Since the internet has existed the past 15-20 yrs it makes absolutely zero logic and negates the addage of being out of range for selling newspapers as ads are sold on the web site now for worldwide cov.

Time for the biggest media outlet in the Carolinas to ditch the small time local only ancient dumb sweet 16 concept that never was beneficial anyway.

The problem exists when these teams who make the playoffs and are completely clueless on any other schools not in the local area.

Set up a new expanded statewide system for NC and even SC with the top 20 teams in each classification that could help them when they hit the playoffs since thats the final goal anyway.

Mixing in the 4 divisions and SC is totally outdated and was totally meaningless to say the least and def of no value to future playoffs.

A new system would not only educate local yocal schools to the entire state(s) but also cultivate interest in other areas and expand the general concept and interest in high school football in both Carolinas.

Anonymous said...

The coaches know about the teams they will face in the playoffs and if they do not they will pickup film Saturday morning and learn all they need to know.

If you want a state wide poll check the AP and for their polls.

Sweet 16 is what it is and very doubtful the CO is selling much ad space in New Bern or Clayton or Teachey (Wallace-Rose Hill HS).

Anonymous said...

What is setting up to be a big game is the final game of the season where Piedmont goes to Berry. Both will likley enter the game undefeated in conference play with the winner taking the title. Piedmont's only loss was against long time rival 4-A powerhouse and fellow Sweet 16 ranked Porter Ridge. Berry looks to remain undefeated going into the matchup. Should be a great game.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip...this is the local rankings, who gives a rats behind about a team in New Bern.

There are sources for state rankings...if you are too stupid to find them, then go away.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some typical ignorant moron local yocal only interested in seeing his little schools football team is listed in the 16 and happy. What a joke. Typical small minded bumpkin uneducated short range idiot lucky to grad from high school and get a job at Bojangles.
Most films are not picked up anymore idiot but sent via the net with flash drives. Stay in your small world you peabrain.

Anonymous said...

Yea. Ditch that dumb stupid ignorant local irrelevant idiot Sweet Sixteen crap !! It sux. Go statewide.

mike said...

Do you really think people take these ratings seriously?There are teams on this list who couldn't play with Vance, Moorsville, Hopewell or WC.

Anonymous said...

Mooresville will be the surprise this year, just wait and see..They've lost to West Rowan and Mallard Creek, 2 of the best teams in the state. No one thought they'd win 2 games this year, now look..

Anonymous said...

I know for some reason as far as football is concerned the Observer thinks that varsity plays are born on Varsity. Never the less this week the 2 best
JV programs in the area will play.Davidson Day School and Charlotte Country Day

Anonymous said...

the sweet 16 is obviously for charlotte area schools... mooresville is better than people think they are(they'll beat west rowan in the next year or two), p.ridge is probably still under rated and capable of beating everybody on the list. kannapolis is over rated but will most likely play be playing in the 3rd round. why wouldnt weddington be on the list??

Anonymous said...

not sure hibriten is a charlotte area team... i guess thomasville is a greensboro area team. 6 through 16 couldnt deal with thomasville...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of J.V's the two best J.V. teams in the area will meet next Thursday when Indy plays Butler. They both have not lost a game this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm careful where I break this off. I think the top 8 could deal with Thomasville. Personally, I would like to see them ranked, but as long as this is a circulation paper, it will not go to statewide rankings. There are a lot of good schools in the Triad area that could be listed.
Hibriten is in Lenoir, the northwest corner of the circulation area. They are one of the best teams in the state, and gave Butler all they could handle.
I think the Observer could do something like a "Hot 25." This would break down the top five teams in each classification in the area, plus a top five for SC schools in the area.

Anonymous said...

I think the Observer could do something like a "Hot 25." This would break down the top five teams in each classification in the area, plus a top five for SC schools in the area.

October 27, 2010 10:31 PM

Do the 10 best in each of the 4 div with a Top 40. Polls are easy and only wins and losses anyway.

These are the best in the Triangle, Triad and coastal east and mountain west.

mcgeex said...

Statewide polls are available everywhere. They are even published on the Observer website. Follow this link, for instance:

The Sweet 16 is a ranking of the Charlotte area schools regardless of classification, and is unique to the area. Losing this ranking would be a shame, especially considering state rankings can be found anywhere.

Seems to me those of you calling for the elimination of the Sweet 16 are the ignorant can't seem to figure out how to find state rankings on your own.

Anonymous said...

WTF. The Sweet 16 sucks. Get over it. Its stupid. Smalltime. Small minded. Laughable. You need state but also nationwide polls. You blowhard hicks in Charlotte are clueless rednecks in all colors.
Go to Ohio to see real football.

Anonymous said...

Go to ohio to see real football? really because i think the charlotte area is an extremely hot recruiting bed (Number one DE and QB along with others) as well as independence, rock hill, and west rowan all of which have garnered national attention and power houses like mallard creek and Charlotte Catholic. Ohio is not everything it used to be

Anonymous said...

I actually would wager a national poll is just as error filled, if not moreso than a local Sweet 16 poll. On top of that, I'm pretty sure Ohio is a much more redneck/hick state than North Carolina.

Chris said...

Linconlton High School is the best team in the area. GO WOLVES! They deserve more respect!