Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ardrey Kell, East Meck to forfeit games for using ineligible players

One Mecklenburg County football team and one county soccer team have forfeited games after each used an ineligible player.

 Ardrey Kell’s football team inadvertently used a player whose physical had expired in a 32-17 non-conference win over Weddington Sept. 11.

The Knights record will drop from 3-1 to 2-2. Weddington’s record will improve from 4-1 to 5-0.

 East Mecklenburg’s soccer team inadvertently used a player who had not attended school on the day of a 1-0 Southwestern 4A conference win over Independence Sept. 14.

The Eagles record will drop to 2-7 overall and 0-2 in conference play. Independence is now 3-4-1, 1-1.

Both schools immediately self-reported to local and state offices. Each will pay a $500 fine to the N.C. High School Athletic Association.

Ardrey Kell athletics director Cheryl Feeney said the Knights football player, who is a reserve and doesn’t play much, dressed for the Weddington game after not being at practice for two days.

“Everybody was excited about the game,” Feeney said. “He was excited and he told coach (Adam Hastings) he was good. But his physical had expired.”

Feeney said her school does all it can to verify eligibility and would make further changes to ward off any future issues.

“It’s tough,” she said, “because all of the ADs and coaches work very hard to ensure we have everything we need.”

East Meck principal Rick Parker said his soccer coach does not work at the school and did not know the player did not attend school the day of the Independence game. Rules require at least a half-day’s attendance to participate in games.

“The next day, when (the student) came to school, we found out and self-reported,” Parker said. “We’ve got to do the right thing. He shouldn’t have played but he did. I spoke to the principal at Independence. It was nothing intentional. (The coach) didn’t realize the boy was not in school.”


Anonymous said...

I bet there are more teams that are in violation. I hope it is uncovered.

Anonymous said...

Ok...So now CMS=NCAA...Stop it!!!

Anonymous said...

All the crap going on in CMS athletics and this is what they come up with? What a joke!

Ghoul said...

So you cannot use a player whose physical has expired, or missed school that day, but its OK to use a player who was arrested for rape?

Utoh, now you will have to close these comments.

Anonymous said...

Only in CMS can you not play in a game when not in school that day but you can lie about where you live and still play with the coaches knowledge of where you live. It will catch up to you and then you will sit for 365 and then wonder why my child. CMS needs to do their jobs and investigate all schools.

Anonymous said...

so these teams violate a rule, self report it and pay the fine. But, Garinger's coach Liggin "inadvertently" violated a rule, and CMS suspends him for 365 days to avoid a fine. Sounds prejudice to me...Some one should investigate why the huge discrepency in 1st time violations

Anonymous said...

ATTN: UNC athletics

This is how its done.

That is all....

Anonymous said...

You all need to think before you post stupid comments because you sound so ignorant. With all the serious non-athletic problems in CMS this should be the last thing making headlines. Segregated schools, high dropout rates, wasteful spending, overpaid adminstrators. Theses are just a few things that are truly important.

tcwm4 said...

Just FYI...the kid at AK did not actually play in the game....just dressed out

Anonymous said...

Watch how this morphs into EM, Harding, Garinger, Waddell getting nit-picked to death. But the biggest cheater of all, Joel Richie's Butler, will skate. They already have a kid that has been deamed ineligible on their football team (lives behind EM) but it will be the kids fault and not the school. I am sure Newsome would like to do the right thing but he is waiting on the smoke signal notification.

Anonymous said...

No issue with the Myers Park soccer twins having played professional soccer last year?

No issue with Butler's "little LeMay" living with an uncle in the Butler zone?

It seems that SELF REPORTING is the only way CMS ever finds out anything.