Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts from Berry, Butler, Concord, Olympic scrimmage today

Click here for a video from the event

Four high schools met on Olympic's gorgeous field this morning for a scrimmage under gray skies and relatively cool temperatures.

What did I see?

-- A whole lot of fans playing hooky from work on a Thursday morning.

-- Berry's 6-8 QB Kenny Patterson (yes I said 6-8) towering over his line (and everybody else's too). Patterson ran well and threw well, too. He reminded me of a taller and thinner Marquise Williams from Mallard Creek and Patterson's top target, Germone Hopper, is out recovering from knee surgery. Berry coach Andrew Howard said he expects Hopper back for the start of the season and that's great news for Berry as I think Hopper is one of the best juniors in North Carolina.

-- Olympic's Raheim Jennings looking quite dangerous as a receiver or a running back. He constantly got behind the defense and made spectacular catches and moves. Olympic's offensive line was big and gave two guys battling for the starting job time to throw.

-- Concord's 6-5 sophomore QB B.J. Beecher looked pretty polished for an opening scrimmage and Concord hit hard and made some good plays on defense.

-- Butler looked scary on defense, guys flying all over the field. Butler's offense started slow but then got rolling. New QB Riley Ferguson threw several pretty slants and threw over the top well. He looked fairly comfortable, and he's got oh so many weapons.

Read more about the scrimmage in tomorrow's Observer.


Anonymous said...

B.J. Beecher is the QB from Concord.

Anonymous said...

If Butler is going to use players renting apartments for eligibilty then everyone should boycott playing them. The new principle needs to get control of athletics there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a parent from Butler who's son plays football. I know of 3 families that have moved. It is allowed & people have been doing it at CMS for years. Also the correct spelling is principal not principle.

Anonymous said...

It is the rights of all parents to make sacrifices for their children. If that means moving to keep their children together in school then that is their right. As our President has told everyone...FREEDOM for all. That means as long as they move in the home zone of the school they want to attend there is noting illegal about it. Butler is a GREAT school... academically and athletically...It's time for the 'haters' to stop and realize that parents are doing the same thing that has been done for years in CMS only now THEY ARE ACTUALLY moving into the school zone. I've been in Charlotte my entire life and I know in my own high school years the school to go to was Independence and parents would use any method they could for their kids to go there. Things have not changed just the school

Anonymous said...

I played professionally and at the D1 Level. Many parents and so called coaches, are looking at the wrong picture, MONEY! What ever happened to Education? Coming up a coach was part of the church, community, etc..and we played for the love of the game. Because of this many of us went D1 out the gate! Today, you have teachers that have been in school for 1 year and are coaches? Please. Many are looking at the wrong picture. Also everyone can't play D1 or professionally. Ball should also be used as a stepping stone into life itself. There is nothing wrong with applying what you've learned in sports and starting your own business, working for a reputable company, working at the Boys and Girls Club ( that's were you are going to find raw and honest talent). I feel bad for the kids at Butler because the adults are leading them in the wrong direction for their personal glory. Players ask your self this. If you have nothing and are crippled who will care and love you?...............GOD First!
Again I played and went to one of the top 2 D1 schools in the what! Money comes and goes, but real family and GOD are Key. PS, like Biggie said "Mo Money, More Problems! Smile.

Anonymous said...

Poster above me,
Do you know any of the Butler coaches? They are all qualified to be educators if they are employed by the school as teachers. The guys that help out coaching and aren't teaching at the school are still qualified for coaching and working with kids. Just because a school has success in any facet doesn't mean they used ill-gotten gains to get there. The coaching staff at Butler, and really the entirety of the school staff has done a fantastic job of creating a great institution of public education in Charlotte. Lastly, I just want to know what your smoking in that pipe of yours because if you haven't noticed its high school athletics, and no one is getting paid to play or coach for that matter. Coaches should get paid a great deal more than they do for the amount of time they spend developing these boys into men.