Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mint Hill softball team wins national title

The Carolina Curve softball team out of Mint Hill won the ASA Southern National “A” Division Championship in Raleigh Sunday. Jeff Fain was the head coach.

From Top Left To Right :

Nathan Stokes ( Asst. Coach ) , #2 Mellena Helms (CENTRAL CABARRUS HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC) , #15 Jordan Critcher (TC ROBERSON HIGH SCHOOL, Asheville ,NC), #4 Casey Shue (CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC), #22 Kaitlin Thompson ( ASHEBORO HIGH SCHOOL , Asheboro ,NC), #27 Lindsey Russell (HOPEWELL HIGH SCHOOL, Huntersville, NC), #8 Megan Hillard (MOORESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, Mooresville, NC), #17 Katie Carnes (CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, Pageland, SC), Jeff Fain ( Head Coach )

From Bottom Left To Right:

#24 Lexi Shubert (FRED T. FOARD HIGH SCHOOL, Hickory, NC), #3 Lex Bruce (CENTRAL CABARRUS HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC), #1 Kendall Settlemyre (FRED T. FOARD HIGH SCHOOL, Hickory, NC), #9 Lindsey Brown (CENTRAL CABARRUS HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC), #6 Rebekah Reaves (PIEDMONT HIGH SCHOOL, UNIONVILLE,NC)

Players / Coaches Not Shown:

#12 Taylor Fain (CENTRAL CABARRUS HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC), #14 Kayla Kindley (CENTRAL CABARRUS HIGH SCHOOL , Concord ,NC), #10 Makenzie Barbor (NATION FORD HIGH SCHOOL, Fort Mill ,SC ) & Bart Tolson ( Asst. Coach ), Ken Barbor ( Asst. Coach )


Anonymous said...

Not one girl is even from Mint Butler, Indy, Porter Ridge, etc players...


You tell me one travel team where all the kids are from the same point of origin?? Why does that matter anyways ?? The girls won it and that settles it !! I think I know who this is please give it a rest !!!

Softball Dad

Anonymous said...

some of these travel teams are for player development. Others change players each year(pick up some better ones...lose the lesser ones)and are strickly about winning. In some locales...the best players from these teams say...let's all get together and go to_______(fill in a high school name)and kick everybody's butt. Remember it's about winning...nothing about playing for the HOME team! Dad who has seen a lot of this.