Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Football Preview: Southlake Christian

Three seasons ago, Rich Landis and the SouthLake Christian football team seemed to be on the verge of something big. After going 9-3 overall, winning the Carolina Piedmont conference, SouthLake got to the NCISAA 2A state semifinals in only their third year as an 11-man football program.

But after two subpar seasons in which the Eagles went 6-14, including 1-11 in conference play, SouthLake is looking to return to championship form this season.

"A lot of our players remember that 2007 team, and they are hungry to get back to that level of success," said SouthLake Christian football coach Rich Landis, who has coached the Eagles for all eight years of the program's existence.

"The last two years, we have spent a lot of time building the team back up. Now, we are ready to be a contender.

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Anonymous said...

Problem is they have to play First Assembly and the last 2 years its been complete blowouts and this year will be no different. FAC graduated a bunch of players but by the looks of it they have replaced them and some. Southlake unfortunately has become irrelevant in sports

Anonymous said...

What a difference one year makes. No one will play FA in their own conference because of charges of "recruiting" and SouthLake is ranked #2 in the state. I would say SL is relevant once more.