Thursday, June 3, 2010

South Meck recognizes largest college class in school history

South Mecklenburg had the largest ever recognition of college athletics signees in the history of the school yesterday. The 18 student-athletes were honored in the mall area of the school surrounded by family and friends.

School officials congratulated the athletes and recognized their hard work and great achievement. Please acknowledge this tremendous achievement by listing the student-athletes along with this picture.

Photo courtesy of Kerrie Neumann NEU-Pix Photography
The recognized Sabres:

Michael Atz-baseball/University of South Carolina at Sumter
Caleb Cunningham-baseball/Surry College
Harrison Hood-baseball/Francis Marion University
Trevor Hovis-baseball/Francis Marion University
Deuce Wright-baseball/Spartanburg Methodist
Josh Bruch-football/Wingate University
Shane Hummer-football/Wingate University
Larry Kennedy III-football/Un. of Charleston-WV
Curtis Martin-football/NC State
Tim Berens-swimming/University of South Carolina
Walker Knop-swimming/University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Andreas Nilsson-swimming/Georgia Tech
Josh Campbell-men's lacrosse/Stevenson University
Shea Fadel II-men's lacrosse/Catawba College
Alex Leonard-Men's soccer/Un. of North Carolina-Wilmington
Michael Nelli-men's soccer/Wingate University
Cameron Wells-men's track &field/ Coastal Carolina


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