Thursday, June 10, 2010

Division I recruit Bernard Sullivan transfers from North Meck to Davidson Day

Bernard Sullivan, a 6-foot-8 rising senior basketball player, is leaving North Mecklenburg and will enroll at private Davidson Day, his father told the Observer.

“Bernard is more comfortable with it,” his father, Bernard Sr., said. “We thought it was good for Bernard at this time.”

Sullivan will join Keith Belfield, a 6-6 wing guard who transferred from Concord Cannon. Belfield has offers from Charlotte, Furman, Liberty, Presbyterian and Richmond plus interest from Appalachian State, Davidson, Georgia, Virginia Tech and William & Mary.

Sullivan was a three-time all-conference player at North Mecklenburg and he made three straight Charlotte Observer All-Mecklenburg teams. Sullivan has serious interest from Charlotte, Clemson, Davidson, Georgia, Harvard, Penn State, South Carolina, South Florida, Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth.

Two weeks ago, Sullivan made the 17U All-Tournament team at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in Chapel Hill, playing against some of the best players in the nation. Sullivan averaged 22.5 points during the tournament.

“Hands down, he’s definitely a better ballplayer than he was during the high school season,” said Sullivan's AAU coach, Kevin Ligon of Team Charlotte. “His ability to be more physical and dominating in the paint has dispelled rumors he was only interested on playing on the perimeter, but his ballhandling has improved drastically. He looks more natural facing the basket, but he’s definitely a force on the block now. He goes to meet the rim with bad intentions.”

At Davidson Day, Sullivan will join a team that was 22-7 and reached the N.C. 1A state quarterfinals before losing to eventual state champion United Faith.


Anonymous said...


I'd wish Davidson Day would lose every game they play next season, but I don't have to.

They already have.

It's a shame good kids get swindled by fast-talking, selfish adults who use them just to get ahead.

There's a word for what's going on... Cheating.

If Davidson Day has to play a schedule of other teams in the area who play by the same set of rules, they might be able to find one game...

Let's play the game right now: Davidson Day vs. United Faith. One time. One game. Let every AAU coach in America show up and swap stories with each other about how good a coaches (or, should I say talent thieves) they are.

Sad, sad, sad.

Sullivan, after two years of wanting to be a jump shooter learned to play with his back to the basket this year at North Meck. He became a much better player. He also needed to handle the ball extensively because North Meck lacked a true point guard.

It's funny how coaches can actually say things publicly implying they have taught him how to do things in two weeks that someone else spent 2 1/2 years instilling in the kid.

Poor Bernard.


Anonymous said...

North Meck lacked a true point guard? haha that must be a joke, Sullivan played with State Champion and pure point guard Kevin Canevari his freshman year and then standout pg Carlin Bremner these past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Kids should have to sit one year when changing schools. If private schools were really in it for the kids they would do what Catholic does. Make them sit a year when they transfer from high schools. Public school coaches are being punished because of private schools. Where is the loyalty any more????

Anonymous said...

As a very interested observer whose daughter currently plays private school basketball in Charlotte, I am appalled at the negative views that people have about kids transfering to private schools. Last year, West Charlotte picked up a couple of tranfer kids, and Lake Norman picked up a group of transfers a few years back that led them to a state title this past season. It seems to happen every year in the public schools and for some reason, there isn't the same level of rage. My daughter is a division 1 basketball prospect and the decision by my wife and I to have her transfer had to do with better preparing her academically for college, offering a different social experience, and, yes, moving her to what we felt was a higher level of basketball preparation. If we felt that all three of those areas were up to par at her assigned public school, we would have remained. I say before anyone condems all private schools, they should probably do a little research. Though private school education is not for everyone, it works well for some families.

Anonymous said...

Bremner is not a point guard. Ask him. He's a 2 guard, and a very good one. But he's no point guard. If he was a point guard, NM would have contended in the I-Meck.

The one thing the contenders had that NM didn't was a good point guard.

If Canevari had stayed at North Meck instead of transferring, the fortunes of the two teams -- Lake Norman and North Meck might have been reversed.

As for Lake Norman benefiting from transfers: Yes, very true.

And yes, something needs to be done with the rules. As someone on this board suggested, making a kid sit a year when he transfers would end kids rushing to those who are wooing them and make them stay put. These poor kids have scheisters taking advantage of them and the kids don't even know it.

Shame on these AAU and private school coaches for being so classless. People need to get their heads out of the sand. They're just being manipulated.

As for the private school parent: Hate to burst your bubble, but every private school or AAU coach is going to tell you your kid is a Division I prospect. The research that needs to be done is by the parents being courted by these selfish adults.

They play by a different set of rules. They can openly recruit kids. They aren't teachers or coaches. They're meat market peddlers.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Before its too late.

Every public school should refuse to play any school that doesn't have to abide by the same set of rules.

Anonymous said...

Sullivan, is indeed a wing player. Actually a combo forward. He didn't just learn to play with his back to the basket, he was just able to showcase talent already there. Maybe you missed the highlights that were posted. He shot behind the arc with a nice jumper. By going private school he will be against better talent. Great decision.

Anonymous said...

bernard made a good decision to leave. the coach at NM is a hoot and deserves to lose every game. NM was 2-7 (i think) in the conference. better for him to be on a team with an ounce of talent to help him