Thursday, May 27, 2010

All-state football star transferring to Independence

Hickory Grove all-state lineman Drew Morgan, a 6-foot-1, 245-pound sophomore lineman, is transferring to Independence next fall, his father Jeff said.

Independence is Morgan's home school.

Morgan has attended private Hickory Grove since kindergarten. His father said his son was moving to his home public school for better competition and to maximize his chances of playing in college. Morgan has been working with former West Charlotte, Florida Gator and Oakland Raider Mo Collins, training to improve his game.

Here's a video of Morgan in action.


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Anonymous said...

I know an All-State receiver that transferred there a couple of years ago and never even sniffed the practice field. He quit halfway throught the season and ending up with no scholarships. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Who was the all state receiver that transferred and what high school did he come from.

Indy needs line help so he will most likely play. It's not like the early part of the decade when Hakeem Nicks was a backup as a junior.

Anonymous said...

How did Coach Newsome from Butler let this happen? He could have lined this kids family up with a good apartment in the Butler zone like he did for Ozzie Sombo from EM.

Anonymous said...

Newsome is 10 times more crooked than the girls basketball coach. Anything that happens in the 2010 season will have an asterisk because of the apartment scandal. I'll add new names. The Ferguson brothers were zoned to Indy but Newsome got busy. CMS is going to hammer him soon or other tips will be coming..

Anonymous said...

Newsome will never get caught. His father-in-law Joel Ritchie is now over the East Learning Center and will never let anything happen to Newson or Butler football. CMS and Gorman made a HUGE mistake when they moved Ritchie to the East Learning Center. It's call a conflict of interest.