Friday, April 16, 2010

Previous All-Meck basketball winners

We printed our All-Mecklenburg basketball team for the 2009-10 season today. Here are the previous winners.
Boys player; coach

2008-09: Ian Miller (United Faith); Eric Davis (Hopewell)
2007-08: Malik Stith (East Meck); Jason Grube (East Meck)
2006-07: Demontez Stitt (Butler) and Brendan McKillop (Charlotte Catholic); Will Robinson (Vance)
2005-06: Jeremy Goode (Providence Day); Duane Lewis (North Meck)
2004-05: Jamie Skeen (North Meck); Gosnell White (W. Charlotte)
2003-04: Anthony Morrow (Char. Latin); James Davis (Garinger)
2002-03: Anthony Morrow (Char. Latin); Kurt Wessler (Vance)
2001-02: Curtis Withers (West Charlotte); Gosnell White (West Charlotte)
2000-01: Curtis Withers (West Charlotte); Larry Dixon (Garinger)
1999-00: Reggie Love (Providence Day) and Chris Meeks (Charlotte Christian); Gosnell White (W. Charlotte)
1998-99: Jason Parker (West Charlotte): Carey Clarke (South Mecklenburg)
1997-98: Jason Parker (West Charlotte); Gosnell White (West Charlotte)
1996-97: Keith Matkins (West Charlotte); Tony Huggins (Independence)
1995-96: Terence Tyler (South Mecklenburg); Dean Dreibelbis (Independence)
1994-95: Antawn Jamison (Providence); Gosnell White (Harding)
1993-94: Antawn Jamison (Providence); Leroy Holden (North Mecklenburg)
1992-93: Thad Bonaparte (West Charlotte) and DeMarco Johnson (North Mecklenburg); Herb Davis (South Mecklenburg)
1991-92: Thad Bonaparte (West Charlotte) and Todd Fuller (Charlotte Christian); John Reisterer (East Mecklenburg)
1990-91: Andre Davis (Independence); Charles McCullough (West Charlotte)
1989-90: Junior Burrough (West Charlotte); Jim Davis (West Mecklenburg)
1988-89: Thomas Holst (Charlotte Catholic); Bruce Kreutzer (Garinger)
1987-88: Kenny Wylie (North Mecklenburg); Charles McCullough (West Charlotte)
1986-87: Terry Massey (Myers Park); Leroy Holden (North Mecklenburg)
1985-86: Kevin Reid (West Charlotte); Dave Christenberry (Independence)
2008-09: Christal Caldwell (West Charlotte); Reggie Mobley (West Charlotte)
2007-08: Christal Caldwell (West Charlotte); Reggie Mobley (West Charlotte)
2006-07: Pip Woodson (Providence Day); Barbara Nelson (Providence Day)
2005-06: Joy Cheek (South Meck); Troy Gaston (South Meck)
2004-05: Joy Cheek (South Meck); Marcus Talley (Harding)
2003-04: Kyria Buford (Victory Christian); Elmore Brown (Garinger)
2002-03: Keisha Brown (Char. Christian); Gary Richmond (Vance)
2001-02: Kisha Granberry (West Charlotte); Becky McDonald (Butler)
2000-01: Natasha Brackett (Providence Day); Barbara Nelson (Providence Day)
1999-00: Natasha Brackett (Providence Day); Bob Angley (Charlotte Christian)
1998-99: Natasha Brackett (Providence Day); Sonya McRoberts (West Charlotte)
1997-98: Natasha Brackett (Providence Day); Barbara Nelson (Providence Day)
1996-97: Tonya Phifer (Charlotte Latin); Angie Seifert (East Mecklenburg)
1995-96: Nikki Herron (West Mecklenburg); Angie Seifert (East Mecklenburg)
1994-95: Tamika Mackey (West Mecklenburg); Becky McDonald (West Mecklenburg)
1993-94: Tiffani Johnson (Garinger); Barbara Nelson (Providence Day)
1992-93: Konecka Drakeford (Providence Day); Barbara Nelson (Providence Day)
1991-92: Tiffani Johnson (Garinger); James Davis (West Charlotte)
1990-91: Konecka Drakeford (Providence Day); Robert Miller (Providence)
1989-90: Konecka Drakeford (Providence Day); James Davis (W. Charlotte)
1988-89: Lori Eichler (Harding); Becky McDonald (West Mecklenburg)
1987-88: Aimee Sockwell (West Charlotte); Gary Finger (West Charlotte)
1986-87: Andrea Stinson (North Mecklenburg); Carroll Mizelle (North Mecklenburg)
1985-86: Andrea Stinson (North Mecklenburg); Harry Johnston (Myers Park)