Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carolinas Baseball Center to help name Mid-Atlantic Teams for USA Baseball

Carolinas Baseball Center in Charlotte has been selected by USA Baseball as the Mid-Atlantic National Team Identification Series (NTIS) organization for USA Baseball.

“We are honored by this recognition and are excited to play a major role in identifying and selecting players in NC, SC, TN, GA and AL to play for NTIS Team Mid-Atlantic” said CBC Co-Founder and Director of Player Development Jeff Schaefer.

Carolinas Baseball Center (CBC) will be responsible for identifying players across the region and forming a 13U, a 15U and a 17U team through a series of ID events. These teams will then compete at the USA Baseball NTIS which will be held on September 10th, 11th and 12th in Cary, North Carolina. It is from this event that USA Baseball will be selecting a group of players to participate in Team USA Trials in 2011.

“USA Baseball is proud to have the CBC representing the Mid-Atlantic region in the NTIS.” Said Rick Riccobono, Director of the USA Baseball 18U National Team. “We are confident that they will select teams that encompass all of the Mid-Atlantic states and various club affiliations as they present the National Team opportunity to the very best players in the Mid-Atlantic region. We are very pleased to announce their inclusion in the NTIS.”

The Mid-Atlantic NTIS events leading up to Cary are set up in three stages. Stage one will consist of ten, one day Pro-Style workouts that will take CBC into each state of the Mid-Atlantic region. Stage two will be a two day Sub Regional ID/Showcase with games that will take place in NC, SC, TN, and GA. Stage three will consist of a three day format and will be held in Charlotte, NC.

Schaefer also stated, “This announcement marks a new beginning in our quest to provide the best baseball experience not only in Charlotte, but in the entire region. It is truly one of the proudest moments in our short history.”



9-May NTIS/ONE DAY Charlotte, NC
15-May NTIS/ONE DAY Charleston, SC

16-May NTIS/ONE DAY Columbia, SC

22-May NTIS/ONE DAY Birmingham, AL

23-May NTIS/ONE DAY Atlanta, GA

29-June NTIS/ONE DAY Atlanta, GA

29-June NTIS/ONE DAY Knoxville, TN

30-June NTIS/ONE DAY Charlotte, NC

30-June NTIS/ONE DAY Nashville, TN

1-July NTIS/ONE DAY Raleigh/Durham

26-July NTIS Sub Regional Atlanta, GA
27-July NTIS Sub Regional Atlanta, GA
28-July NTIS Sub Regional Wilmington, NC

29-July NTIS Sub Regional Wilmington, NC

2-August NTIS Sub Regional Charlotte, NC
2-August NTIS Sub Regional Knoxville, TN

3-August NTIS Sub Regional Charlotte, NC
3-August NTIS Sub Regional Knoxville, TN

4-August NTIS Sub Regional Charleston, SC

5-August NTIS Sub Regional Charleston, SC

13-August Mid-Atlantic Charlotte, NC

14-August Mid-Atlantic Charlotte, NC

15-August Mid-Atlantic Charlotte, NC

10-September National NTIS Cary, NC

11-September National NTIS Cary, NC

12-September National NTIS Cary, NC

-- Observer News Services