Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rocky River all-conference basketball team

2010 Rocky River Conference

Boy’s Basketball All-Conference Team


Dajuan Graf – Berry

Jaquantus Pinder – Berry

Mike Cuthbertson – Cuthbertson

Cody Esser – Cuthbertson

Dre Huntley – Forest Hills

Markell Lotharp – Forest Hills

Jamison Crowder – Monroe

Issac Blakeney – Monroe

Qwadarius Duboise – Monroe

Chris Edwards – North Stanly

Cameron Leviner – Piedmont

Andrew Wilson – West Stanly

Honorable Mention

Rickey Perry – Berry

Matthew Bartley – CATA

Emmitt Afam – Cuthbertson

Brandon Glenn – Forest Hills

Quontez Threatt – Monroe

Alex Russell – North Stanly

Ross Rushing – Piedmont

Justin Gibson – Union Academy

Jace Whitley – West Stanly

Player of the Year – Jamison Crowder

Coach of the Year – Johnny Sowell


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