Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Butler QB LeMay says Tar Heels not on his list

Butler High quarterback Christian LeMay has updated his top 10 list of college favorites - and that list no longer includes North Carolina.

LeMay, who was named MaxPreps national junior offensive player of the year, has 26 official college offers. His father, Stacey, told the Observer that his son's top 10 schools are: Florida, Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, Miami, Texas A&M, LSU, Notre Dame, Auburn and Tennessee. LeMay was scheduled to appear on ESPNU Wednesday afternoon to discuss his recruitment.

Stacey LeMay said the decision to remove North Carolina from the top 10 had nothing to do with the Tar Heels getting a commitment from another top national quarterback, Everett Golson of Myrtle Beach.

Stacey LeMay said his son planned to narrow his list from 10 to five by June, then from five to three by July. He said Christian would likely name an overall leader before the 2010 high school season began. He would then make an official commitment after the college season regular-season ends.

"All things being equal," Stacey LeMay said, "the leader (named this fall) will be the selection as long as all things remain the same."

- Langston Wertz Jr.


Anonymous said...

And you THINK Klempsun, texas A+M and Miami are major players? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Better do some more home work big dog.

Anonymous said...

What a great kid and player! Got to see him play this year! Here's some advice for dad: "WE ARE very tired of the LIST and where teams rank on it!" Take care of your business out of the paper. Lemay this, Lemay that, IT GETS old! Unfortunately, we have to deal with this for at least 5 more years til your youngest graduates high school. Spare us your "newspaper glory!"

Anonymous said...

Wow I think we are ALL on the same page/ ENOUGH ALREADY DAD!!!! I as well am soo sick of hearing EVERY move about this kid FROM DAD. What time is his next bathroom break? Its really old. Dad please stop calling the newspaper with his every move. It looks so desperate. And isn't dad a

Anonymous said...

As a dad whose son was a Division 1 qb recruit and signee, I offer a couple of suggestions:

You have a great opportunity to let your son mature from this experience....letting him do the talking is just one way to accomplish this.

Try to avoid saying negative things about any of the programs recruiting your son.....beyond simply being in poor taste, it's just a sign of disrespect to the coaches and programs who have worked to put their best foot forward in recruiting your son.

Remember, it's 99% hype.

Enjoy the process. Go out of your way to be humble.

I cringe everytime I see a "quote " from a father....your intentions may be honorable but it makes you look like a "handler". It is simply about him. Not you. Not his coach.

And you probably have already figured this one out....say no to all the camps, combines, QB schools and challenges, etc. With his offer list, he obviously doesn't need them.

And finally, remember once he sign's, it back to the end of the line.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post at 10:32 AM.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on this young mans progress. He handled himself very well on ESPNU last Night. He is a class act and so is the family. Any Father would love to have such a quality young man. Keep setting the example LeMay's. You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should be mad at his dad,,he is just calling LW and telling him whats going on,,,its LW who is putting it in the paper, so lets call it like it is, LW has nothing better to do, he is terrible,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Stacey Lemay should be hired by the Observer to provide hourly reports on his son. Stacey, your son is one awkward hit from not being a player anymore. Stop being the little league parent from h-e-double hockey sticks. And LW, stop being used by this guy and remember you work for a major newspaper, not the Lemay family newsletter.