Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Sports Previews kick off today

Today, we kick off spring sports previews.

We know, basketball season is about to hit the playoffs and wrestling regionals are this weekend, but the spring sports are starting for some schools next week. Most everyone gets going March 1.


Enjoy. Drop your suggestions here in the comments section for story ideas and coverage.


Vikki B said...

Thanks for at least mentioning that 2 of the BEST LNHS players are also Coaches' Daughters - it's an issue . . . it will be the camel's back again this year . . . you won't find the straw until their gone!!!!

Also, really, 16 out of 18 are going to play college (and some ACC) soccer . . . I believe signing day just passed. So where are the seniors headed too??? Come on whoever wrote this story, this is some serious puffery, let's just wait & see how quickly the venom gets distributed, it's gonna be a LONG season for this team!!!

Anonymous said...

We know that wrestling regionals are this weekend.....WOW....but how come those wrestlers are never written up or talked about.....I know every once in a while a wrestler is picked to write a story about.....but no coverage on the various boys who made it to states from the area.....what an accomplishment for those 40 wrestlers from the area....congratulations and good luck to YOU ALL!